How To Wrap The Perfect Present (Without Wasting Paper)

I used to work as a gift wrapper during Christmas season at the mall and turns out, there are all sorts of secret gift wrapping tips and tricks. Like how to make the tape not show or how to make the tissue paper line up pretty or how not to have lots of randomly long, left over pieces of wrapping… Read More

Free Printable Colorful Christmas Gift Tags

Click here to download the printable PDF-> Free Printable Holiday Tags PDF It’s been a crazy couple of weeks around here. Normally I make free printable christmas gift tags every year but this year my time was stretched really thin so I asked my talented friend Kristina to make some for me! I bought some brightly colored gift wrap last year… Read More

A DIY Holiday: 10+ Unique Gift In A Jar Ideas

I’m enjoying Thanksgiving week with my family which means that Scarlette and I are decorating the house and preparing to get our craft on! Thanks to my love affair with Pinterest, here are some of my favorite DIY Gift In A Jar ideas for the holiday season! I plan on making the cinnamon honey butter because my friend Tiff made… Read More