25 Awesome DIY Kitchen Organization Tips & Tricks

25 kitchen organization tips, DIY Kitchen Organization
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We’re knee deep in our kitchen makeover right now. I would like to tell you that hanging plate rail is not nearly as easy as it looks on the internet, thankyouverymuch. I figure that since everything is pulled out of the cabinets while we paint them (ALSO NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS ON THE INTERNET) then we may as well organize it all before we put it back in and although I am terribly undomestic, I really love organizing things.

So here are 25 fun and useful ideas for organizing your kitchen. Like PUT A TURN TABLE IN THE FRIDGE. Why have I never thought of this before? So in between waiting for coats of paint to dry, I’m basically consolidation our spices and sticking chalkboard labels on just about EVERYTHING, y’all.

25 DIY Kitchen Organization Tips & Tricks

1. Organize Your Pantry
2. Double Duty Organizers
3. Under the Stove Storage
4. Organize Cleaning Supplies
5. Wire and Nail Hanging Spice Holders
6. Kitchen Door Organizer
7. Cast Iron Skillet Memo Board
8. Free Printable Kitchen Labels
9. Washi Tape Herb Tags
10. DIY Calendar
11. DIY Soap Dispensers
12.  DIY Color BlockRecipe Box
13. DIY Chalkboard Spice Jar Labels
14. Cake Stand Kitchen Organizer
15. How to Sew Eyelets to Hang Dish Towels
16. DIY Mini Herb Garden to Save Space
17. Upcycled Space Saving Pasta Containers
18. Spice Cabinet DIY
19. Organizing Gluten Free Flours
20. Put a Turn Table in the Fridge
21. Organize Under the Sink
22. Measurement Conversion Chart
23. Inside Cabinet Chalkboard
24. Hidden Storage Solutions
25. Drawer Storage

(If you’ve have a great tip or have written a post on getting your kitchen uber organized, feel free to leave it in the comments!)


  1. says

    The chalkboard inside the cabinets is one of the best DIY ideas I have seen. It makes it much easier to remember certain things like food items to buy and recipes to use.

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