Decorate My House: Master Bedroom Before & After

Master Bedroom Makeover

So we finally got around to giving the master bedroom a much-needed makeover. Actually, in the past month I have repainted and rearranged all three bedrooms in our house. I like to call this flu-season induced frenzy of redecorating "cabin fever." (And also Target and Pottery Barn are having major sales in their home and bedding departments.) (I had our initials monogrammed on our new bedding. I am very southern.) We got a new mattress as part of a blog partnership (more on that another day) and as I was chatting with their business development director about everything he offered to upgrade us to a king sized mattress. At first I … [Read more...]

Home Tour: Living Room Makeover Before & After Update

Living Room After

Here's a little peek at our living room makeover. This house needed a lot of love when we first moved in five years ago and we spent a lot of time patching and painting and ripping out floors. Then I got pregnant and then we had a preemie so our budget for home improvements was basically totally shot. It's just been this past year that I've been able to slowly start really working on the house again and home decor has been a really fun way for me to partner with brands and also honestly just incredibly helpful to my otherwise super meager decorating budget. So here is what our living room looked like before: And here it is … [Read more...]

Scarlette’s Big Girl Room

Toddler Room, minted family tree art

I definitely did not dust before I took some of these photos, which probably I should have done but you know, real life. I also have never properly hemmed those curtains. Because I still haven't learned to hem stuff in a straight line. This is why I don't try to be a professional home decor blogger, on account of the lack of skills and also all the housekeeping that I would have to do. (I almost didn't post these pictures because of that, feeling like it isn't a pinterest-y enough room since I'm not a home decor guru but then I got over that because I remembered that my life is not my blog, my blog is a reflection of my life. Besides I love … [Read more...]

Home Before & After | Our Budget Basement Makeover

DIY Basement Renovation After

So earlier this fall my mother moved in with us. And while our guest room is pretty darn cute, we decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to finish out our basement. If you've been reading here for a few years then you know that our homebuying process was filled with crazy and two houses that we loved.  In the end we chose our current home because it had a full basement that was already studded/drywalled/piped for two rooms and a bathroom. This house needed a lot (A LOT) of work but finishing the basement meant it would almost double the living space. So with less than a month before my mother's lease was up and a really tiny … [Read more...]

Welcome To Scarlette's Room

Pink Toddler/Baby Room w/ Target Tulip Bedding

It only took me nineteen months but welcome to the tour of Miss Scarlette's room  (in case you want a reminder of how it looked before, here is what it used to look like!) Watch out for board books, spilled cheerios and magic wands, which she's taken to throwing like ninja stars. There are lots of photos so please click "Continue Reading" to see more … [Read more...]

The Office Makeover (Finally!)

office makeover

As I like to say to Scarlette while using jazz hands "All Done!"  It took me forever (and by forever I mean "since we moved in two years ago") because I'm all cheap  and saved up lots of birthday/holiday gift cards and freebies for everything I needed wanted. The wallflowers were a gift from Megan of Lilac Saloon. They are one of my favorite things about the space because with the oversize pillows they act as a substitute headboard. And also? They are awesome. What you don't see in these pictures are the millions of toys strewn about the floor.  The space is tiny and definitely more functional than catalog worthy - a filing cabinet serves … [Read more...]

Office Makeover Peek + Giveaway!

So I decided to go with options B & C because while making a headboard would be awesome, I'm trying this new thing called "being realistic." I'll let you know how that works for me. I've been saving up gift cards for about 4.3 years and finally used them on the daily system from Pottery Barn. Because I decided it would be useful to own a calendar after I kept scheduling Scarlette's different doctors appointments on the same day. At the same time. Because I'm insane. Remember how I mentioned the private shopping event at Homegoods, where I was able to get out of the house for the first time in three weeks take … [Read more...]

Decorate My House : The Office/Guest Room

My mother and sister got me this bedding set for Mother's Day. I love it so much. Not so much that I've taken the time to iron it, but I mean, one day I'll get around to that. Like say, when I don't have a two and a half six month old wanting to eat every second of the day. Iron? Who has time for ironing? Besides, I still have an aversion to ironing from the that time my iron was invaded by killer ants. Well, just regular ants but still. Creepy. Anyhow, I am really pleased with the bedding because do you know how hard it is to find bedding that works with dark blue walls? Note to self: randomly choosing paint colors based on … [Read more...]

Scarlette's Room | Sneak Peek

For the past few weekends we've been spending Saturday working on Scarlette's room and bathroom and then going to the hopsital at night for bathtime/storytime/bedtime. I wanted to share a peek at the progress with you. It just needs some finishing touches and...a crib, lol. It's kind of hard to tell but three of the walls are a very pale pink. That was the previous color of the room when it used to be my scrapbooking space. Let me tell you how the bright pink wall came about. Scarlette had just been born and Jeff rushed over to see her. Then he came back and was holding my hand and showing me the photos he took of her. At this … [Read more...]

Decorate My House + Before & After | The Kitchen

Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes!We finally finished the living room and I should have photos to share with you this week with my NEW CAMERA! Y'all are probably thinking to yourself "Self, can this girl NOT make a design decision on her own?" and the answer to that is no, I can not.   (click to see the pictures bigger) I bought this table for practically nothing before we got married just for the chairs. Now it's moving to it's new home as Tiffani's sewing table and we're putting a high pub table in it's place. That's why the shelf is so high, because I was thinking ahead.My problem is, I … [Read more...]