Skin Testing & Scarlette Shenanigans


After having to push it back because Scarlette was sick, we had her skin testing done this week and as it turns out, she tested negative for everything! The allergist told us that he thinks Scarlette is the sort of kid who gets severe hives within a few days after or prior to having a very high fever. And that it looked like an allergic reaction to her pediatrician because of her breathing/blood pressure being on the cusp but was really an indicator of how sick she was going to get a few days later. Does this happen to anyone else? This was all great news for us because in addition to not being allergic to the foods she ate that day, she … [Read more...]

Halloween 2013: Scarlette's (Super Easy) Super Why Costume

DIY Super Why Costume

Y'ALL. This is about to get so cute: Scarlette told me that she wanted to be Super Why for Halloween this year, thus destroying all of my cute plans for dressing her up in something super sweet, like her cute friend Cora's Madeline costume. (Although if we were going with book characters, Scarlette would be Eloise. OBVIOUSLY.) Scarlette loves Super Why, y'all. Every night she sings "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" with me at bedtime only on the last line she sings "Scarlette fwies ober da wainbow wif her fwiend Shuper Why!" I told you it was cute. I didn't want to buy a Super Why costume mostly because I'm cheap and also because no one makes … [Read more...]

A Day In The Life | October 2013, Week One


I've been wanting to join in A Day In The Life for awhile to document some of our daily life but hadn't really found the time. Anyhow, I decided that instead of taking photos all day, I would just do it vlog style and record bits of the day with my phone. Next week I plan to film a little bit every day to capture a Week In The Life. I love having family movies from when my sister and I were little and since I already  take a ton of photos I thought this would be a fun change in documenting our life. Basically the best part of this video is listening to Scarlette say the word "kindle." Or hearing her sing "Somewhere Over The … [Read more...]

Forever Overflowing


 Hi, we're back from the beach. Oh, I didn't mention that we went to the beach? That's because I subscribe to that whole theory about not telling the internet when you leave your house empty except for your mother and your tiny dog. And because I recently read The Unwired Mom by Sarah Mae and decided not to instagram/facebook/twitter while we were gone and to just spend time with my little family. (I did coerce Jeff into letting me take some pictures with my nice camera on the beach though.) This was our first vacation since we've got married over six years ago. Besides trips to visit family, the last time we went on vacation was our … [Read more...]

How Does Your Garden Grow?

toddler gardening

My gardener is THE CUTEST. She's also quite contrary, so that's fitting. Scarlette is two and so she has two chores: making her bed (which consists of neatly placing haphazardly throwing her blankets over her bedrail) and watering the plants on the back porch. She loves watering the flowers and we're currently working on not drowning them because if she had her way, she would water them ALL DAY LONG. "Da fwowersh tirshty! Da fwowersh need da wahder! Pwease da wahdur? OH NO! A MESSH!" This is one of my favorite things right now, our mornings on the porch tending to the plants. "The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord - Psalm … [Read more...]

The Sword In The Stone (aka The Paintbrush In The Porch)

the sword and the stone

Scarlette spends a half an hour every day sitting on our back porch, painting with watercolors. I spend a half an hour every day sitting on our back porch drinking another cup of chai tea and assuring her that yes, that definitely DOES look just like Bob The Tomato. (It looks nothing like Bob The Tomato.) (But it is a circle and that, y'all, is genius.) At some point when I had my back turned, my tiny little twenty three pound two year old daughter took her plastic paintbrush and jammed it into the slats of the porch. That is where it remains today, because NONE OF US CAN GET IT OUT. Seriously, it's been there for weeks and every single … [Read more...]

Ice Cream And Potty Training And A Book About Jesus


(This is what it is like to live in my house, y'all.) I decided that I wouldn't write about what I lovingly refer to as "adventures in potty training" here lest I embarrass the future Scarlette who reads this blog. That being said, I'm totally fine with sharing things that are embarrassing for me.  Like the fact that I myself have used a teeny, tiny little princess potty WAY MORE TIMES than any adult woman should ever sit on a toddler potty, ever. I'M REALLY TRYING TO MAKE THIS APPEALING, Y'ALL. Although I have to say that I am a big fan of the fact that our potty cheers for us after we do our business. I appreciate validation. And when I … [Read more...]

Little Bits of Beautiful Crazy

The other day I was convinced I heard a rattlesnake in my house, and then I discovered that it was just the wrapper of a Hershey's Kiss stuck to my foot. Also, I tried cleaning my glasses three times before I realized that the lenses were NOT severely smudged, I just already had my contacts in. That's why Jeff is glad is he married to me, because I'm so logical and clear-headed and not the sort of person who jumps on the couch and yells "OMG RATTLESNAKE!" when there has never even been a snake in her house and also rattlesnakes sound nothing like tiny tin foil wrappers. Scarlette has started talking more and more, which leaves Jeff and I … [Read more...]

"She fell down and broke her crown"

before the incident, my feisty girl

I had another post planned for today. But then my two year old went and split her head open and I decided to write about that instead because SERIOUSLY, SCARLETTE?! SERIOUSLY?! The Lord has blessed me with a child and that child is trying to put me in an early grave. She weighed less than two pounds and was bound up in a bundle of wires that snaked along her isolette and ended in the continued beeping coming from a screen that told us she was breathing erratically. But when the nurse moved to put a stethoscope to her tiny chest, she reached out with her fist, smaller than a quarter, and smashed it repeatedly into the nurse's arm. It felt … [Read more...]

Scarlette's Birthday Bookworm Party

book birthday party

(That is so Scarlette, losing a shoe in the middle of the festivities.) Since Scarlette is in love with books, I decided to have a book-themed birthday party. Plus, I figured it would make for some cheap decorating if I just put a bunch of books everywhere. I thought this was a totally fun/unique idea until I looked on Pinterest, where I found tons of book-themed birthday parties. Warning: this post is photo heavy. That's because I didn't want to be behind the camera during the party so I asked my BFF's husband, who happens to be a photographer, to take some photos for me. That's why they look better than all the pictures you typically see … [Read more...]