Skin Testing & Scarlette Shenanigans

After having to push it back because Scarlette was sick, we had her skin testing done this week and as it turns out, she tested negative for everything! The allergist told us that he thinks Scarlette is the sort of kid who gets severe hives within a few days after or prior to having a very high fever. And that it looked… Read More

A Day In The Life | October 2013, Week One

I’ve been wanting to join in A Day In The Life for awhile to document some of our daily life but hadn’t really found the time. Anyhow, I decided that instead of taking photos all day, I would just do it vlog style and record bits of the day with my phone. Next week I plan to film a little… Read More

Forever Overflowing

 Hi, we’re back from the beach. Oh, I didn’t mention that we went to the beach? That’s because I subscribe to that whole theory about not telling the internet when you leave your house empty except for your mother and your tiny dog. And because I recently read The Unwired Mom by Sarah Mae and decided not to instagram/facebook/twitter while… Read More

How Does Your Garden Grow?

My gardener is THE CUTEST. She’s also quite contrary, so that’s fitting. Scarlette is two and so she has two chores: making her bed (which consists of neatly placing haphazardly throwing her blankets over her bedrail) and watering the plants on the back porch. She loves watering the flowers and we’re currently working on not drowning them because if she had… Read More