That Time I Killed Scarlette’s Foot Dead

Scarlette and I went to the grocery store. She was dressed in her minion pajamas, with a large bandage wrapped around her foot. She showed her bandage to everyone that we passed. “See my new band-aid? It is SO BIG!” she told people. “What happened to your foot?” the lady in the bakery asked her. “Oh,” Scarlette responded seriously, “my… Read More

Say My Name, Say My Name

Growing up I didn’t know too many other Kaylas. In fact, until late junior high I was always the only Kayla in my entire school. So I realize that it wasn’t an incredibly popular name but I never thought that it was a very unique name or anything. Aimee is my middle name, one that was bestowed upon me under… Read More

Stuff Scarlette Says | “I Gettin Dis Knife”

It’s Throwback Thursday and we’re revisiting this post, which is one of the first times I started writing down all of Scarlette’s funny little sayings. It was originally published on October 21, 2013.  Welcome to another installment of Stuff Scarlette Says, which I seriously needed to get a new notebook for this week because now that she is talking all… Read More

Christmas In July & My Professional Face

Today is Amazon Prime Day, which is basically Amazon’s version of Black Friday in celebration of their 20th anniversary. They have a ton of amazing deals right now (I saw $199 laptops advertised but haven’t seen them yet) and are announcing new ones every 10 minutes. They are also inviting everyone to try Prime free for 30 days so that… Read More

Tuesday Morning

I wanted to write a post today but it sort of hurts to type on account of how I might have burnt my fingers trying to frantically hot glue sequined circles onto a white shirt in order to make Scarlette a cow costume for today. Because, you know, ChickFilA Cow Appreciation Day. Which, apparently, Scarlette confused with the story of… Read More