Scarlette Shenanigans, Sleepwalking and The Weirdest Week

It’s been a weird week.  For one thing, I’ve spent most of the week doing shots. Of Nyquil. I’m not even being facetious about that, I’ve been very sick and I literally lost the dosing cup because who can even keep up with those things? And just so you know, half of a shot glass is almost the same thing… Read More

A Light In The Darkness

I know. You thought this was going to be a touching, heartfelt story about how God lights a path for us in the darkness. I understand that, given the title and all.     But, no. This is a story about that time Scarlette stole my flashlight. I mean, that is true of God but it is also true that I… Read More

The Redaction

I know I said I was going to write a funny story about Scarlette today. And I did, I wrote it all down and it was really funny. But then I read it over again and decided that it was the sort of funny story that should stay in the family album instead of on the internet. That offline book is… Read More