Cable Guy

I’m posting content from my archives on Throwback Thursday, so please enjoy this story from 2008, when I was trying to get cable set-up in our new Tennessee apartment as a tornado rolled into the area. I didn’t hear the Cable Guy knocking the first time because I was busy dragging a mattress into my bathroom. I’ve gotten quite adept… Read More

Making My Own Decisions

We signed Scarlette up to play soccer and we took her to practice, just the three of us, on the field. J told her to run with the ball towards the goal and she kicked it repeatedly in the opposite direction. “Towards the goal, Scarlette! Towards the goal!” he encouraged her And she turned, put her hands on her hips… Read More

Do You Think You Can Handle That?

On Wednesday morning the sun hovered just over the horizon as I sipped the first cup of coffee and pondered the question that had been plaguing me since I awoke. “What in the world was I going to do with Scarlette?”  I realize this seems trivial but she had spent the day before basically scaling the walls. And I mean… Read More

The Three Musketeers Of Mischief

Scarlette looked at us during dinner the other night and said “Hey, did you know there are THREE kids in our family?” And we did know that, because Scarlette has invented herself a brother and a sister. The first time I learned this was on the way to her grandparents house. Scarlette: “My brother is SO ‘cited to go to… Read More

My Front Porch & How I Spend My Fringe Hours

For my birthday this year my dad got me this set of teal rocking chairs that had been made over by a little secondhand store I love to visit. Many of our mornings are spent on the front porch, where I sip coffee and work while Scarlette plays with her blocks or paints. I don’t make her wear my sun… Read More

That Time I Killed Scarlette’s Foot Dead

Scarlette and I went to the grocery store. She was dressed in her minion pajamas, with a large bandage wrapped around her foot. She showed her bandage to everyone that we passed. “See my new band-aid? It is SO BIG!” she told people. “What happened to your foot?” the lady in the bakery asked her. “Oh,” Scarlette responded seriously, “my… Read More