Tuesday Morning

I wanted to write a post today but it sort of hurts to type on account of how I might have burnt my fingers trying to frantically hot glue sequined circles onto a white shirt in order to make Scarlette a cow costume for today. Because, you know, ChickFilA Cow Appreciation Day. Which, apparently, Scarlette confused with the story of… Read More

Motivational Moments with Scarlette (& Vanna White)

You know that motivational video where Shia LeBeouf is just standing there yelling “JUST DO IT!” over and over again? THAT is what it is like to watch Wheel of Fortune with Scarlette. I’ll give you a minute to soak that in. Here’s the story: We watch Wheel of Fortune almost every night. J and I have been doing this… Read More

The True Meaning Of Forgiveness (According To Scarlette)

It’s been a bit of a long week over here and when Scarlette woke up she climbed in my lap, put her little hands on my cheeks and said very seriously “Mommy? Why does your face look like that?” I didn’t sleep too well the past couple of nights thanks to neighbors who think the recent legality of fireworks in Georgia means… Read More