Saturday Snapshot: My favorite links/loves this week

favorite blog posts

A few bloggers that I read do a weekly wrap-up featuring their favorite posts + finds from around the web that week. I put it on my to-do list for 2014 because I am so encouraged and inspired by the time I spend online and I want to pass that along. Here’s what I think you should check out this week (*some links are affiliates, thank you!)

What I’m Reading

Gracelaced – my BFF introduced me to this blog and I’m smitten with it.

“When Haste Makes Waste” via Jessica Turner– I just liked everything about this.

“Moving On From 20” via Andrea Levendusky – I sat in one of Andrea’s sessions on writing at a conference this year and just liked everything about her. So I started stalking her website, obviously. And I love this article because, well, thirty is awesome.

The Circle by Dave Eggers – I picked this up on a recommendation. I read that it was like a modern day 1984, which intrigued me because that is one of my favorite books. It really enjoyed it, I thought that the premise was intriguing and that it was very well written. I appreciated the plot twists and found the entire thing incredibly thought provoking. My one con was that there was a bit more adult language/behavior than I was expecting, I suppose because I’ve spent the last year reading YA fiction, lol.

What I’m Pinning

This assortment of 25 unique printable Valentine’s Day Cards (which I added to my Valentine’s board) because we’re going to make a few for family members. I’m still looking for DIY Buzz Lightyear Valentine’s Day cards.

This copy of Pippi Longstockings with a beautiful cover. I’m a sucker for classics with gorgeous cover art and I want this one for Scarlette’s collection.

All sorts of information on the essential oils I’ve been using to make homemade bath & body products. I’ll have a tutorial for all-natural homemade febreze up later this week because I MADE MY OWN FEBREZE, Y’ALL!

What I’m Doing

Instagramming, I bought the photo editing app from A Beautiful Mess and it’s possible that I might be a little obsessed with it (I realized that I am way behind the times here and that this was trendy like, 6 months ago but I have an android, y’all. We don’t get the cool apps right away.)

Going to the circus. Well, not the big circus because I’m sort of against things like “Keeping Elephants In Cages” (I really love Dumbo, y’all) but we’re taking Scarlette to the Big Apple Circus this week (if you’re near Atlanta, here is a promo code for you.) Since we’re trying to avoid big crowds this cold/flu season, I’m really thankful they invited us to a more intimate press show so that we can do something like that with her.

Happy weekend!


  1. Fee K. says

    some cute DIY ideas here:

    and (wonder if my teens or preteen will want me to do a buzz lightyear party LOL- these are CUTE ideas!)

    and since you were looking for this before..and I found some here is a pixar pack of undies for GIRLS with toy story undies (jessie and bullseye)

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