"She fell down and broke her crown"

before the incident, my feisty girl

I had another post planned for today. But then my two year old went and split her head open and I decided to write about that instead because SERIOUSLY, SCARLETTE?! SERIOUSLY?! The Lord has blessed me with a child and that child is trying to put me in an early grave. She weighed less than two pounds and was bound up in a bundle of wires that snaked along her isolette and ended in the continued beeping coming from a screen that told us she was breathing erratically. But when the nurse moved to put a stethoscope to her tiny chest, she reached out with her fist, smaller than a quarter, and smashed it repeatedly into the nurse's arm. It felt … [Read more...]

Dear Scarlette @ 23 Months


Dear Scarlette (or as you like to call yourself "Gar-Yick") 23 months might be my favorite age. It's so much fun but you're not two yet so you're still technically a baby. This time two years ago I had just learned that I was having a little girl. This time last year you had just learned to crawl. And now you are running across the floor, calling over your shoulder "Mama! Go! Go go go! Cookie!" as you anxiously anticipate a trip to the grocery store. You have a whole language of your own and it's just the sweetest. For some reason when you say "pumpkin" it sounds like "monkey" and I have no idea how your daddy and I understand you but we … [Read more...]

Like Mother, Like Daughter | Baby Doll Edition


KA and baby doll circa 1985: "Um, y'all? I don't want a little sister, bribing me with this baby boy doll dressed up in girl clothes is totally not working."  Scarlette and baby doll circa 2012: "Y'all! This baby doll has a weenis!" . Every now and then I like to refresh your memory of my creepy anatomically correct baby doll. You know, just in case the horrifying image has slowly faded from your mind. Then I'm like "BAM! HERE'S MY BABY DOLL WITH A WEENIS!*" (If you missed this story, you're going to want to read this. But not while you're drinking anything.) Scarlette has gotten really attached to this doll, who I've taken to calling "Baby … [Read more...]

Dear Scarlette | @ 20 Months

Dear Scarlette, 20 months is ridiculous. First of all, let's talk about how you're almost two. Actually, no. Let's totally not talk about that. It seems so trite and cliche to repeatedly mention how quickly time is passing, how you're growing up so fast. But it echos through my heart all throughout the day and I'm trying so hard to remember to stop, collaborate and listen. Oh wait no, that's not me. That's Vanilla Ice. I do have a constant refrain in my mind telling me to stop. To lift my hands from the keyboard and turn the pages of your book to read yet another story because I don't want to miss a thing. Obviously I have a lot in common … [Read more...]

Sweet Scarlette | Then and Now


When Jeff and I were first married I worked at a photography studio. I fell in love with the very classic style of children's portraiture and we've stayed friends with my boss's family so a couple of times a year I make the drive to have Sherri photograph Scarlette. The first picture is from her 12 month session. LOOK AT MY BABY! I put her in the same dress for a few of her 19 month photos to show off her growth. That dress is a size 6 months so basically? Scarlette is just growing straight up. I can NOT find dresses long enough for her. In the first photo she is sitting on my wedding dress. In the last she is carrying around the purse that … [Read more...]

That's Not A Headband


My child is obsessed with headbands. People are always asking me how I get her to keep them on and I'm like "Seriously, the real question here is how to get her to take them OFF." If you follow me on instagram then you've seen plenty of evidence of this. She loves to put them on, although she hasn't quite mastered "fine motor skills" so she sort of sits them on top of her head like a tiara. Obviously Scarlette has been paying attention to my love of all things Princess Kate. She recently learned how to say headband. I mean, it sounds more like "hay-bay-un" because maybe she's a little bit country. And she's a bit confused as to what is and … [Read more...]

She loves Jesus and America too

scarlette fourth of july

When I was a little girl we put our hands on our hearts and said the Pledge of Allegiance each morning in rhythm with the booming voice that came over loud speaker. And before we sat down we sang out in little voices"Oh beautiful for heroes proved in liberating strife, who more than self their country loved and mercy more than life. America, America God shed His grace on thee, and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea." This morning Scarlette and I sang "This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is My Land" because even though you no longer have to stand for the pledge and the songs are not sung it's important to me that she grows … [Read more...]

More Motherhood Confessions


My baby went to bed in a swim diaper last night. I was in the middle of washing the cloth diapers and realized that I was out of the disposables I keep on hand for moments such as these. You can imagine what I woke up to, right? I may as well have put the child to bed nekkid. You can give me that mother of the year award any time y'all. Nothing makes you feel more like a mom than facebook broadcasting to your entire friends list that you are currently listening to "Veggie Tales : The Belly Button Song" on Spotify. Personally I feel closest to the Lord when I hear Bob The Tomato singing "strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord." No I … [Read more...]

Tiny Babies At The Georgia Aquarium

georgia aquarium

On Saturday I met up with some friends from my preemie-mom support group for a trip to the Georgia Aquarium. There aren't a lot of local resources for micro-preemie mamas so we're spread out among the southeast and this was the first time some of us had met in person. We were like "I just met you, and this is crazy but here's my number, I had a tiny baby" The six of us had eight babies in strollers. People at the crowded aquarium on a Saturday in the summertime loved us. No seriously, have you ever seen eight premature toddlers together? It's like, the epitome of cuteness. People totally forgive you for taking up an entire aisle because they … [Read more...]

A "Seriously, Scarlette?!" Moment, Brought To You By Dove


Want to know a great way to start your morning? Calling poison control because your baby, you know the one who has two different feeding therapists because OH MY GOSH SHE NEVER PUTS ANYTHING IN HER MOUTH EVER, that baby? Ate deodorant. Apparently french toast does nothing for her but Dove Anti-Antiperspirant in Lilac looks delicious. Seriously Scarlette?! Seriously?! *this post isn't actually brought to you by Dove. It's brought to you by me and a cute toddler with very fresh smelling breath. … [Read more...]