Dear Scarlette | @ 25 Months


Dear Scarlette, You're killin' me, smalls. The other day I had you by the ankle, dangling upside over the edge of the bed. We were all tucked in together when you suddenly decided to show us your somersaults, which really are very impressive if you don't take off points for things like "depth perception." Yesterday I caught you just as you started to flip head over feet out of your crib. Because of your daredevil tendencies, I've picked up both some amazing reflexes and an increase in raised eyebrows from strangers as they "tut-tut" over your latest black eye. Plus, I don't even want to talk about how it's time to move you to a toddler bed. … [Read more...]

Brave Little Girl


Over the past couple of weeks we've been dealing with some health issues, nothing huge, just some prematurity complications that I had thought we had under control. I won't go into specific details here because it involves things like G.I. specialists and one day Scarlette will be a teenager and I don't want her being all "MOTHER! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WROTE ABOUT THIS ON THE INTERNET WHEN I WAS TWO!" I sat in another doctor's office on Friday morning and after holding her down for an uncomfortable exam, I held her to me as I wished away all of her pain. I thought about all of the times she's been stung by needles and held down for exams and … [Read more...]

Happy 2nd Birthday Scarlette!

Dear Scarlette, Today you turn two years old. When I asked you how old you are, you put you chin in your hand, wrinkled your nose in thought and then said "Um...A!" Sure thing, sweet girl. You are growing up so fast and it's the most bittersweet thing I've ever experienced. There is such joy in seeing you just accomplish every day life because this is what I prayed for, for you to live and to thrive and to grow. Mostly just for you to live. But a faded typeset inked on thin gold-rimmed pages reads "I have come so that they may have life and have it abundantly." And it is abundant indeed. From my 1 pound 8 and a half ounce baby to my … [Read more...]

Dear Scarlette | @ 21 Months


Dear Scarlette, Let's talk about how crazy you are. Like how you've learned to do somersaults because obviously you want to be a gymnast like your mommy (I know your daddy insists that you are going to be a professional tennis player but he is wrong.) And about how you've learned to climb up your slide and go down it all by yourself. And so for some reason, in your little head this translated to "I know! I'll do a somersault DOWN THE SLIDE! It will be the best somersault ever and I most certainly won't break my neck!" This is the part where I tell you that maybe I should think about taking up hurdles and trying out for the 2016 Olympic … [Read more...]

Like Mother, Like Daughter | Baby Doll Edition


KA and baby doll circa 1985: "Um, y'all? I don't want a little sister, bribing me with this baby boy doll dressed up in girl clothes is totally not working."  Scarlette and baby doll circa 2012: "Y'all! This baby doll has a weenis!" . Every now and then I like to refresh your memory of my creepy anatomically correct baby doll. You know, just in case the horrifying image has slowly faded from your mind. Then I'm like "BAM! HERE'S MY BABY DOLL WITH A WEENIS!*" (If you missed this story, you're going to want to read this. But not while you're drinking anything.) Scarlette has gotten really attached to this doll, who I've taken to calling "Baby … [Read more...]

Scarlette Sunday Snapshot | 8.1.12


This is life right now: Scarlette is either reading a book, asking me to read her a book, repeatedly saying the word "book" or she's running around laughing to herself, probably about something she saw in a book. Her hair? We call that the "someone just gave the baby peanut butter" look. Scarlette apparently thinks that peanut butter is akin to hair gel. Also, how in the world do I get that child in focus? She's a constant blur in my camera. I will give you one batrillion dollars if you can tell me how to fix this. Note: I won't actually give you one batrillion dollars. Andplusalso, I found that old quilt stashed away in my basement. … [Read more...]

Go For The Gold | Olympics, Baby

Scarlette's Olympic Crafts

I'm a total Olympic fan-girl. I don't even know what comes over me but every four years I get completely obsessive about the summer games. I rarely watch sports on television and then when it's Olympic season I'm all "Oh! It's synchronized diving! I LOVE synchronized diving!" It's the only time Jeff will acquiesce to watch gymnastics with me and he always has a lot of questions. Sort of like how when I watch basketball with him I'm all "So was that a touchdown? What inning is this?" Apparently, Jeff doesn't think the balance beam looks that hard. I KNOW, RIGHT?! So as the former gymnast in this house, I took it upon myself to demonstrate a … [Read more...]

Dear Scarlette | @ 20 Months

Dear Scarlette, 20 months is ridiculous. First of all, let's talk about how you're almost two. Actually, no. Let's totally not talk about that. It seems so trite and cliche to repeatedly mention how quickly time is passing, how you're growing up so fast. But it echos through my heart all throughout the day and I'm trying so hard to remember to stop, collaborate and listen. Oh wait no, that's not me. That's Vanilla Ice. I do have a constant refrain in my mind telling me to stop. To lift my hands from the keyboard and turn the pages of your book to read yet another story because I don't want to miss a thing. Obviously I have a lot in common … [Read more...]

Sweet Scarlette | Then and Now


When Jeff and I were first married I worked at a photography studio. I fell in love with the very classic style of children's portraiture and we've stayed friends with my boss's family so a couple of times a year I make the drive to have Sherri photograph Scarlette. The first picture is from her 12 month session. LOOK AT MY BABY! I put her in the same dress for a few of her 19 month photos to show off her growth. That dress is a size 6 months so basically? Scarlette is just growing straight up. I can NOT find dresses long enough for her. In the first photo she is sitting on my wedding dress. In the last she is carrying around the purse that … [Read more...]

Scarlette Says: Happy Canada Day, Y'all!


While I'm a southern girl through and through, part of my heart remains in British Columbia where I lived for a time in college. Some of our friends there keep Scarlette's wardrobe stocked with Canadian pride. Obviously she is very excited to show it off. It's possible that she's less excited about the fact that it's related to Canada as she is that it's pink seeing as she stood in front of the mirror for a full three minutes this morning turning from side to side and saying "ih-ee, ih-ee" which is Scarlette speak for "pretty." And to get these pictures, I kept saying "Show Mommy your pretties" so there's that. But she's still a pretty … [Read more...]