Dear Scarlette | @ 25 Months

Dear Scarlette, You’re killin’ me, smalls. The other day I had you by the ankle, dangling upside over the edge of the bed. We were all tucked in together when you suddenly decided to show us your somersaults, which really are very impressive if you don’t take off points for things like “depth perception.” Yesterday I caught you just as… Read More

Brave Little Girl

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been dealing with some health issues, nothing huge, just some prematurity complications that I had thought we had under control. I won’t go into specific details here because it involves things like G.I. specialists and one day Scarlette will be a teenager and I don’t want her being all “MOTHER! I CAN’T BELIEVE… Read More

Happy 2nd Birthday Scarlette!

Dear Scarlette, Today you turn two years old. When I asked you how old you are, you put you chin in your hand, wrinkled your nose in thought and then said “Um…A!” Sure thing, sweet girl. You are growing up so fast and it’s the most bittersweet thing I’ve ever experienced. There is such joy in seeing you just accomplish… Read More

Dear Scarlette | @ 21 Months

Dear Scarlette, Let’s talk about how crazy you are. Like how you’ve learned to do somersaults because obviously you want to be a gymnast like your mommy (I know your daddy insists that you are going to be a professional tennis player but he is wrong.) And about how you’ve learned to climb up your slide and go down it… Read More

Scarlette Sunday Snapshot | 8.1.12

This is life right now: Scarlette is either reading a book, asking me to read her a book, repeatedly saying the word “book” or she’s running around laughing to herself, probably about something she saw in a book. Her hair? We call that the “someone just gave the baby peanut butter” look. Scarlette apparently thinks that peanut butter is akin… Read More