Favorite Gift Ideas For Women + a $150 BODEN Gift Card Giveaway

Boden giveaway and coupon code

Putting together the gift ideas for women section of the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide was incredibly fun because, well, it's a lot of things that I just personally love. Or love giving as gifts, I almost always shop DaySpring's black friday week sale for gifts for my girlfriends because they have such cute things under $10. AND it's reader appreciation week and for the third giveaway I partnered with Boden to offer an exclusive promo code and give away a $150 gift card! Keep reading to learn how to enter to win! (some links are affiliates) Retro Candy Box | Day Spring Letterpress Wall Art (30% off the entire store with code 30FRIDAY14) … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Tablescapes and Mini Mason Jar Caramel Apple Pies

Cute Thanksgiving Dessert - Caramel Apple Pie in a mason jar!

This #CollectiveBias shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions and images are mine alone. I don't ever get asked to bring actual food to our Thanksgiving celebrations on account of how that one time I tried to make the Christmas ham and thought that when the recipe called for cinnamon and cloves it meant "garlic cloves." It was just as bad as you're thinking. But I really love entertaining and baking so when Kraft's Cooking Up Good asked me if I wanted to share my Thanksgiving celebration decor and create a fun way to incorporate Mrs. Smith's Pie and Cool Whip into our dessert plans, I was totally … [Read more...]

Things I Did Not Know I Said Until I Had A Kid #stuffscarlettesays


Sometimes Scarlette says something and I think to myself "Self, wherever did she hear such a thing?" and then later I'll catch myself using the same phrasing and be like "Oh right, it's totally from me." Like the other day she said "Mommy I fink I am going to paint just a little bit on this wall right here. Do you fink dat will be just fine?" I  wondered where she had heard that phrase and then laughed because she sounded so grown-up and also because of the way she phrased that request, like maybe if she just acted super casual about it I would be all "Sure, painting on the wall is a fantastic idea." (And then later I was on a phone … [Read more...]

2014 Holiday Gift Guide For The Whole Family + 6 Amazing Giveaways

This Holiday Gift Guide has some cute and creative ideas for the whole family plus giveaways from Pottery Barn Kids, Land of Nod, Boden and more! Love it!

Every year I take a week in November to designate as my Reader Appreciation Week, because I really do want y'all to know how much I value the time you spend visiting and reading here. Seriously, just this week you were so kind to share our story on World Prematurity Day that it was picked up by The Huffington Post. I was so touched to read through the hundreds of comments on their facebook page from other preemie parents and grateful to all of you for championing our story like that. Anyhow, every year I ask a few of my favorite brands to partner with me and offer some great discounts and giveaways just for y'all! This year I decided … [Read more...]

The Surprising Thing That I Learned From Having A Micropreemie | World Prematurity Day

25 weeks preemie, world prematurity day

The day that my daughter was born was the worst day of my entire life. I know that I am not supposed to say such things, that in polite company I should keep that sentiment completely under wraps because it makes other people feel uncomfortable to hear that sort of declaration spoken about your child's birthday and all. But my memories of that day are not comprised of happy tears and counting little bitty fingers and toes. They are of clutching bedrails, gritting my teeth and trying to reverse a contraction because a nurse was telling me not to push, not under any circumstances. The baby was breech but that wasn't why they were … [Read more...]

40 Weeks – The Film & Twitter Party (I am totally not pregnant)


So we all know that birth didn't exactly go as expected for me. But pregnancy, I loved that. I mean, I did not love how well acquainted I became with my bathroom floor on account of how I basically camped out there for 20 weeks because of hyperemesis gravidarum. But I loved being pregnant, maybe because I had waited to long for it. I watched a lot of documentaries about pregnancy while I was pregnant, mostly because bedrest means that you watch a lot of television. I also watched the entire series of Gilmore Girls from start to finish. (TEAM LOGAN) (Don't even try to make me be Team Dean. I can not and will not do it.) (Okay, maybe … [Read more...]

Why I Use ePantry + A FREE $10 Credit AND Method Body Wash For You!

How ePantry Works And Why I Love It - Plus a $10 Credit and Free Method Body Wash Gift

My friends Jessica and Amy introduced me to ePantry a couple of months ago but I was really hesitant to try it out. For one thing I already used The Honest Company's subscription service for some household items and really liked it. For another, I just didn't think that it would be less expensive than buying items like paper towels and toothpaste and stuff that I needed at the store. But then Amy gave me an ePantry promo code for free $10 credit to try it out and I am all about trying things for free and since they offered all-natural brands that I like to use I signed up.  I figured I was at least going to get $10 of free household … [Read more...]

Written In The Stars: A $50 Everlasting Light Collection Giveaway

I LOVE these letterpress words from Dayspring!

Every year I partner with DaySpring to offer a big giveaway and some special coupon codes before the holiday season. This year they are premiering the new Everlasting Light Collection and y'all, it is beautiful AND I have a $50 credit to give away! Links are affiliates. My favorite of the classic paintings is Van Gogh's Starry Night. I mean, I know technically it is not "classic" but "post-impressionist" and all that but I mean in general, it is my favorite of the paintings of great artists that you study in school. Which is a bit cliche of a choice probably, however, I distinctly remember enjoying the lesson on pointillism and being … [Read more...]

#stuffscarlettesays | When The Village Kind Of Backfires


I am one of those people who sort of walks around the house aimlessly while I talk on the telephone. Last night I was on the phone with my mother when Scarlette snuck stealthily up behind me and switched all the lights off, plunging us into total darkness. She continued to do that at random until I told her to go play in her room while I finished my conversation. When I hung up I walked into the hallway to find her lying in the middle of the floor tucked completely inside of her pillow case with every bit of the bedding in our house strewn around here. I asked her what she was doing and she casually replied "Oh, I just habing a little … [Read more...]