Grab Your Passport And My Hand


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Groupon Getaways. All opinions are 100% mine. The other night J and I went to have passport photos made, which was a bit of an experience on account of how I am very, very pale and so the first set of photos they took of me came out with just a white blur where my face is supposed to be. I LITERALLY DID NOT SHOW UP ON FILM. Like a vampire. I am not even exaggerating when I tell you that they reprinted my passport photos SEVEN TIMES in order to darken them enough to be able to make out my facial features. And then they snapped J's picture and it just printed out perfectly on … [Read more...]

Nice To Meet You, Where You Been

Kayla Aimee Blog

A couple of months ago I filmed this little video (with the help of my new friends Crystal & Monique) to serve as an introduction on the homepage of this site. You know, so that in the future if people stop by I can be all "Nice to meet you, where you been, I can show you some fairly average things." ;) (And also so that in the coming months as I start to gear up for the release of my first book I have something to show people when they are like "who are you?") I intended to put it up in the new year, marking my intentional, goal-oriented entrance into 2015. And then Scarlette came down with a seven week run of bronchiolitis and now … [Read more...]

#stuffscarlettesays : Mama Bear


I missed the last two months of posting my Stuff Scarlette Says series so here is an update on some of the things my precocious girl has been saying and doing lately.  Scarlette used to just call every child who's name she did not know "Larry." Now that she is older and more mature she has naturally outgrown this little quirk. And so she just refers to them all as "Rudolph." We were at the park the other day and she made friends with an older little girl and kept saying "Let's go play over here Rudolph!" And the little girl was all "My name is MADISON." And Scarlette looked at her and said "Yeah, okay Rudolph, it's your turn to … [Read more...]

The Art of Breaking Bread

how to make homemade honey white bread

It is #throwbackthursday so I'm sharing an older post, originally written February of 2009, as well as a current update at the end. It's like my own little then & now version of "On This Day In History." "The Rest Of My Life." It's a phrase that Jeff has taken up. As in, he shakes his head at me while saying "the rest of my life." This tends to occur after I do things that are not particularly bright. (I am not sure if this is funny or disturbing.) But last night, it was a phrase that I head uttered a lot as we were in the middle of clearing all the smoke out of the kitchen. I think it might have been in reference to … [Read more...]

Why Text Messaging Is My Kryptonite

Cell Phone

Confession: I hate text messaging. I realize that I am supposed to be of the generation that is all about that text but y'all, I just can't. I prefer talking on the phone, mostly because I like to hear people's voices but also because I know exactly when a phone conversation is over on account of how both parties say "goodbye" and then definitively hang up the phone. I NEVER KNOW WHEN A TEXT MESSAGE CONVERSATION IS OVER. Like, no one says goodbye on a text message so that means all these words are just sitting there with no conclusive ending and it makes me feel like I'm living in the middle of one giant, awkward, conversation … [Read more...]

The Beauty Of Grace (I’m Kind Of In This Book, Y’all!)

The Beauty Of Grace by Dawn Camp

Last year I was asked to contribute a piece that I wrote to a book called The Beauty of Grace by Dawn Camp. I didn't know who the other contributors were, I was just honored to be able to include a small piece of writing that meant a lot to me personally and have it be in a real, live, actual book. I love books and I love Dawn's writing and her photography and was thrilled to be able to share a bit of my story in her pages. Then I got the book and I was like "Wait just a minute, self. I think you are in a book with Ann Voskamp." And then I had maybe a tiny panic attack as I continued to read the names of the other contributors … [Read more...]

The Struggle Is Real

Hearts and Cookies

I bought two dozen of these cookies because I wanted to take some Valentine's Day themed pictures on account of how my latest hobby is practicing my photography skills via still lifes. Even better if still life object is edible and covered in copious amounts of frosting. This is an excellent litmus test for choosing a hobby, by the way. Ask yourself "Self? Can I cover this in sprinkles and eat it with a glass of milk?" And if the answer is yes then you, my friend, have got yourself a good hobby. (Also inanimate objects stay where you put them for photographic purposes, unlike a certain four year old I could mention.) Anyhow, my … [Read more...]

Hips Don’t Lie: Buying A Grownup Mattress | intelliBED

Why I LOVE our intelliBED mattress (also, so does my dog, apparently)

So here's a little follow up on our new bed from yesterday's post about our master bedroom makeover. The opportunity arose for me to partner with intelliBED® and after learning more about the company I was stoked to work with them. I realize that stoked is probably a very teenager word but I will continue to use it because I love it. Also, if I were a teenager I would say very hip things like "Dat bed, doe." Except I'm in my thirties now and so when I say hip things about my new bed, I literally mean as in MY HIPS because mattress support. (On the plus side, my hips don't lie.) In December we started shopping for a new mattress … [Read more...]

Chalkboard Art: Perhaps This Is The Moment For Which You Were Created

Inspirational bible verse chalk art

"Perhaps this is the moment for which you were created" - Esther 4:14 I've been playing around with chalkboard art, changing up the quote on the chalkboard in our kitchen each Sunday to an inspirational scripture or saying that I want to reflect on that week. This month I've been reading in the book of Esther and I love this verse, the way it is filled with a symphony of strength and hope in a simple sentence. Fun fact: Esther is also the name of my car, which I have had since the year 2000. Also, I wish blogs had some sort of feature so that you could be reading and then a random, semi-related bit of trivia would pop up much like … [Read more...]

A Prematurity Update, Age Four: Her Hands


In November I sat in a blue pleather waiting room chair and filled out a questionnaire designed to determine my daughter's developmental stage. The language portion I was not worried about, despite the fact that a fairly prominent lisp and tinny, high-pitched voice that came as a result of vocal cord trauma keeps us firmly on the speech therapy lists. Question #4 was "Ask your child to describe an object in the room and write down their response." It gave me one line. "Scarlette, can you tell Mommy about that ball?" I asked her. "WELL SURE I CAN! Dat is a bouncy ball. I hab a ball too but my ball is not wike dat ball because dat ball … [Read more...]