An Interview With Scarlette: 20 Questions With My Four Year Old


Every six months or so I ask Scarlette the same set of 20 questions. It's so much fun to see how she answers them as she gets older. (Here are her answers at two years old and three years old!) 1) What is something that Mommy says to you? Don't let the pigeon drive the bus!  You needa eat your begetables cause dose are a healfy food. 2) What makes you happy? You take pictures of me Mommy! I wike you take my picture. I take your picture now! CLICK CLICK. 3. What makes you sad? When I habba go in time out. 4. What makes you laugh? When Daddy tickles me! And one time I put your camera in my closet and dat was so funny. (This is brand … [Read more...]

Snacktime: Nailed It.


One morning last week Scarlette asked me for a snack so I put some pretzels in a bowl and pulled out a carton of orange juice. I don't know if you know this about me but I am pretty amazing at making pinterest-worthy snacks. Except the opposite of that. I sat it all out on the table and then went back in the kitchen to make myself some more coffee because Scarlette had been up all night long and I was the kind of tired where the coffee can not brew fast enough. Not even a Keurig can keep up with the need for caffeine on those days. Scarlette came wandering back into the kitchen and planted her hands on her hips as she said "Um Mommy? … [Read more...]

Airing My Dirty Laundry: Reasons I’ll Never Be Fashionably In Style


So Yahoo asked me to try out their style guides and then share my opinion. And it always makes me laugh a bit when people ask me to write about style because I don't consider myself stylish, really. I mean, in sixth grade I wore a catsuit to school. Unironically. And basically I just wear the same thing every day. Tee-shirt, cardigan, jeans, ballet flats. Or if it's cold outside, tee-shirt, sweater, jeans, boots. Anyhow, while I was reading through their style section I came across this article called #StyleHack: How To Break Your Jeans In The Proper Way. This is why I am not fashionably inclined, I had no idea there was a proper way. I … [Read more...]

Give The Gift Of Time: Creative Groupon Experience Gift Giving Ideas


This post brought to you by Groupon Gift Shop. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Kayla Aimee Writes. When I think back on my childhood the memories that I cherish most are always experiences, like when my grandmother surprised me and pulled me out of school to go shopping or when my dad and I would ride bikes along the river. So every year when the holidays roll around I try to make sure that a few of the gifts we give involve the gift of family time, of going on an adventure and creating new memories together. Since I am a huge proponent of giving experience-based gifts AND I love wrapping presents, this holiday … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Candy Cane Striped Peppermint Bath Salts Gift (+ Enter To Win a Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit)

Such a cute and easy gift idea! DIY Candy Cane Striped Peppermint Bath Salts

  Every year I make a set of homemade gifts for friends and family and this year I decided to do bath salts. Mostly because my friend Kristen sent me some and I discovered that apparently, I LOVE using bath salts. So now I feel as though everyone needs them. I've seen several versions of these around the web but they all seemed to use food coloring to tint the salt and I didn't want to use any dyes. But we use this pink himalayan salt and I thought it would be a nice, natural alternative. It's a little bit lighter in color but it gives the same striped effect and looks so cute! Here is how to make it! *some affiliate links How … [Read more...]

That time everything shattered. Literally.

shattered glass

So the other day I was standing in the bathroom with Scarlette when all of the sudden a lightbulb exploded and glass shattered down on us. Or me, actually, because at first I didn't exactly know what was happening and so I just picked Scarlette up real quick and threw her into the bedroom to get her out of the way. Which was an extraordinarily courageous act of motherhood if you ask me but according to Scarlette it scarred her for life. I know this because she has told everyone since "My mommy FROWED me and it is NOT NICE TO FROW PEOPLE." (Thanks for THAT life lesson, Frozen.) Anyhow, later that night around ten o'clock J and I both … [Read more...]

The Twelve Days Of Christmas Shipping, Holiday Happiness & a $50 Gift Card Giveaway!)


There are twelve shipping days left until Christmas. I know, I felt slightly panicked as I read that too. Because I am awful at mailing things. Honestly, just awful at it. And I really dislike going to the post office, for no other reason than I have to make a lot of left hand turns across traffic to get there. I do not like making left hand turns. Like Derek Zoolander, I am not an ambiturner. There is a UPS Store fairly close to my house though. I actually have to drive past the post office to get to it but this holiday season The UPS Store is offering this super cute free video app service you can add to your packages and that plus the … [Read more...]

In Defense Of The Handwritten Holiday Card

Writing Holiday Cards

After my grandmother passed away I inherited a portion of her large collection of books. Sometimes I'll open one and trace my fingers over her name where she wrote it just inside the front cover. I don't know what it is about a simple marking that evokes such strong emotions but seeing it written there in her hand, the same name that I gave my daughter, it makes me feel connected to her. I'm writing over at Mothers of Daughters today about Christmas and cards and putting pen to paper. I'd love to invite you to click here to read it. (Also, those are not my hands in that picture. My nails never look that pretty. My nails are a hot mess on … [Read more...]

Faux Gingerbread Houses and (Real) Dark Chocolate Peppermint Graham Bars

Super easy holiday recipe! Dark Chocolate Peppermint Graham Bars!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PBandG #CollectiveBias So gingerbread houses, I can't make them. Y'all, I can't. I hot glued the last one together. And then when Honey Maid asked me if I would share a holiday baking coupon and a holiday dessert recipe using their graham crackers, I was all "Sure! Then I can make some cute mini faux gingerbread houses with Scarlette with the leftover graham crackers! It will be so fun and crafty!" Because I was overconfident, that's why. We made gingerbread house TENTS. Because I could not get the walls to stay up any other … [Read more...]

Creative Christmas Gift Giving Ideas for Groupons and Gift Cards (Game Surprise Edition)

Creative Christmas Gift Giving Ideas for Groupons and Gift Cards - A Clue game for a murder mystery dinner theater groupon - so cute!_

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Groupon Gift Shop for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. I mentioned in this post that Groupon asked me to share some creative ideas for giving experience gifts. This year we chose to give both my parents and my in-laws tickets to a murder mystery dinner theater, which is something that they had mentioned wanting to do. Actually, it is something that I really want to do. J and I had planned on doing one in October and we had to change our plans at the last minute, which was very unfortunate because I am really good at solving mysteries. Like, I am basically a modern day Nancy Drew … [Read more...]