What It’s Like To Shop With My Four Year Old: A Play by Play


This is what it is like to go to Target with Scarlette. Literally. As in, I wrote down nearly everything she said as we made our way through the store. Scarlette narrates whatever she is doing and then casually talks to every single person who happens to pass us as we shop. It sounds like this: "Oh hi! What are you doin wif dat baving suit? Are you going swimming? Do you like dat pink one? I hab a blue baving suit. Who are you buying a baving suit for? Is it for you? Is it for your little girl? I'm a BIG girl." "Why you holdin dat yellow baving suit? Don't buy dat one." "OH MOMMY! Dis dress would be SO CUTE on you!" (Loudly, in … [Read more...]

Stream of Conscious: Pride and Prejudice


I am awake right now, at 4:45 am, because of thunder. The thunder made me realize that it was raining. And the rain made me remember that I had not shut the sunroof on my car, mostly because I never shut the sunroof on my car. It's a problem. So I got up to go shut said sunroof before everything got drenched again only when I stumbled outside I discovered that I had, in fact, already shut the sunroof. I can't even. So then I made some coffee and decided to write down everything that was in my head before the day started. You. Are. Welcome. * At church on Sunday my pastor preached on pride, and specifically on issues of pride that can … [Read more...]

Free Printables For Mother’s Day: Art Prints & Cards

Mother's Day Free Printable Art and Card Sets - Her children arise and call her blessed

Mother's Day is tomorrow and in honor of it I have two free printables for you to choose from! Each set includes an 8x10 print as well as a matching foldable 5x7 card (because you know that card racks at the store are totally cleared out by now, y'all.) Free Printables For Mother's Day The first set was designed by Paula of Gray Frames (check out her shop and use code KAYLA10 for 10% off!) and includes a reference to Proverbs 31, which is a beautiful verse for moms. You can download it in my free printable gallery here. The second I designed for Mothers of Daughters this month and you can get it here! It is from Proverbs 23 and … [Read more...]

Parents of Preemies Day 2015: Beauty From Ashes


Today is Parents of Preemies Day and I am a parent of a preemie. I didn't plan to be and I certainly did not intend to label myself that way. No, I wanted to run far from that story, the one that delivered my daughter into suffering and me into a great grieving. It was all too much for my heart, too big for something so small, too heavy for something so weightless. One pound, eight point six ounces. I didn't know then, when I cupped my hand around the whole of her, that this would become a part of who I am. I wanted to walk out of the hospital on the day of our NICU discharge and leave it all behind. Sometimes prematurity … [Read more...]

A Day In The Life: Homemaking & Working From Home


Every so often I document what our days looks like. I print my blog out as a book every year and these are always some of my favorites to look back on, a little time capsule of each season.  Four days a week I wake up early, like before sunrise early, while J gets ready for work. The other three days I sleep in until Scarlette comes and crawls in bed with me. Today was one of those days, which means I will be feeling perpetually behind all day. I pack Scarlette's lunch while she eats breakfast. Today she has requested salami and a granola bar. I throw some fruit in there for good measure. Her school is nut-free so I'll make her eat a … [Read more...]

Introducing Anchored: Finding Hope In The Unexpected

The Making of a Manuscript

That stack of paper is my book. Or more accurately, it is the final page proofs for what will become my book. Recently I went page by page with a red pen to make final edits, which made me feel like a very professional writer. Like Ann M. Martin. (So chilly.) You might be wondering what this book is about. I spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect words to describe it: Now, this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down. Oh no, wait. That's not me. That's the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. This is my story. This is a story about when everything was fearfully fragile. My one and a half pound daughter, … [Read more...]

The Perils Of A Perfect Face & Pickup Lines


J and I were sitting on the couch when he said "Oh, something weird happened to me at work today." Then he proceeded to tell me that while he was in the break room, a girl walked in, looked at him and said "You have a perfect face." He said he was a bit flustered by that so he asked her what she meant, thinking maybe she was talking about something scientific like symmetry or standard deviations of beauty or whatever magazines mention about that sort of thing. And she responded "You have a perfect face. You're very attractive and you have beautiful eyes." I mean, I am not disagreeing with any of these statements on account of how … [Read more...]

What I Wore In Ireland: Packing For Ireland In The Spring

What To Wear In Ireland: Packing For Ireland In The Spring! - Tips for creating a budget-friendly capsule travel wardrobe!

We visited Ireland over Saint Patrick's Day and before we left I spent a ton of time trying to figure out what in the world to wear in Ireland in March. Mostly because I am slightly obsessive about packing and also because I envisioned a lot of rain. Spoiler alert: there was no rain. In Ireland. I KNOW. Because we were staying in different bed and breakfasts as we traveled across the country, I wanted to pack my husband and myself in just a single suitcase since we would be moving our luggage several times. I've been working on building a capsule wardrobe for awhile so my goal when packing for Ireland was to create a smaller, … [Read more...]

Our Family Basket Hunt (A Fun Easter Bunny Alternative)

Faith Based Easter Basket

Many of y'all have asked how we approach Easter after reading my post on having a mostly non-toy Christmas and I have been a bit hesitant to share. Because the thing is, we don't do the easter bunny in our house and I definitely wouldn't want anyone to feel as though I think their celebration is wrong if they do, we just made the decision not to. Instead I chose to tell Scarlette that her Easter basket is a gift from us because Easter is a day of celebration and that we are celebrating the gift of grace that we have in Jesus. The hard thing for me about making that decision was that I didn't want our daughter to miss out on those … [Read more...]

KA Confessions: Random Facts About Yours Truly

Kayla Aimee & Scarlette

I felt like it would be fun to bring back the series where I post random information about myself because I really love to read those on other people's websites. I used to do it on Fridays, like clockwork, and it had a nice title full of alliteration and everything except I can't keep that kind of commitment anymore because of how I am currently living in a very beautiful season of chaos. In any case, please tell me if you share any of these quirks with me so that I can feel all warm and fuzzy about it. 1) I have to read everything from the bottom up. I prefer to start my magazines at the end and if I need to scroll through a list of … [Read more...]