But At Least I’m Wearing Pants

Thank you to American Eagle Outfitters for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from American Eagle Outfitters, all content and opinions expressed here are my own. As evidenced by how I meant to post this for What I Wore Wednesday but was real sick and so it became What I Wore Wednesday And Posted On The Weekend…. Read More

Parent’s Night (AKA I Don’t Know How To Adult)

A few weeks ago I got an email about Parent’s Night at Scarlette’s preschool. I gave J the date to clear his calendar and then got Scarlette all hyped up about meeting her new teacher for Pre-K. We walked up to the school, swinging her between us and casually chatting about how fun it was going to be to see… Read More

Cable Guy

I’m posting content from my archives on Throwback Thursday, so please enjoy this story from 2008, when I was trying to get cable set-up in our new Tennessee apartment as a tornado rolled into the area. I didn’t hear the Cable Guy knocking the first time because I was busy dragging a mattress into my bathroom. I’ve gotten quite adept… Read More

Making My Own Decisions

We signed Scarlette up to play soccer and we took her to practice, just the three of us, on the field. J told her to run with the ball towards the goal and she kicked it repeatedly in the opposite direction. “Towards the goal, Scarlette! Towards the goal!” he encouraged her And she turned, put her hands on her hips… Read More