A DIY Holiday | Color-A-Magnet Personalized Gift (+ Free Printable Template)

Since I had a batrillion leftover magnet sheets from my calendar project, I tried to think of lots of different ways to use them up. I decided to make personalized photo magnets that Scarlette could color on and that I could include in our Christmas cards for out-of-town relatives.

Basically I just made a little template in photoshop, printed on heavy cardstock and then stuck that to the sticky side of my adhesive magnet sheets. Then I let Scarlette color or paint with glitter paints on them. She doesn’t quite grasp the whole “color inside the lines” thing yet since we’re still working on things like “how to hold a crayon” and “no feeding glitter paint to Lucy Dog” so I taped the discarded wax paper from the magnet sheet over the areas I didn’t want her to color on (like the photo of her) and then removed it when she was finished. (I used washi tape and it just lifted right off!)

After she colored on them I cut them out and used my corner rounder on the edges. I’m currently involved in an intense love affair with my corner rounder.

Here is what they look like before and after she colored them in:
DIY photo magnets, DIY colored magnets
Probably she is going to be the next Picasso, am I right or am I right?

I made a few others using some of my favorite digital kits to make them a little more fancy. But if you want to try it out, I made the above template in a layered .psd file so that you can add your own photos/names. It’s super easy and as you can see from the photos above, Scarlette really likes coloring on anything (the walls, Lucy Dog, the pants I left to dry over the back of a chair in the den…) so she seemed to have fun doing it, even if it really might work better for an older child.

Click this link to download the free magnet template: KA Magnet Template


  1. says

    I am sure everyone will love them! I have just started having E “color” at the bottom of thank you notes to her family members. It turns them from boring notes into treasures!

  2. Jan C. says

    My daughters started out scribbling like that, and now one is majoring in art in college. And she really is extremely talented. So yeah, maybe S. will be the next Picasso. You just never can tell!

  3. Laura BC says

    Still have leftover magnetic sheets? One of our holiday traditions (maybe I should have shared on your other post) is an Advent calendar made from a mini muffin tin and magnets made using a Xyron. We fill the tins with stickers and candy, or a charm.

    Love the scribbles! Be sure to note on some that you keep what Scarlette was drawing. It’s fun to watch the pictures evolve as they get older.

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