Kayla Aimee Will Return After These Messages

I’ll be back with funny Scarlette stories and a more regular posting schedule starting tomorrow. I gave myself some time away from the keyboard in February to reset my mind and heart and to enjoy a much needed vacation alone with my husband to celebrate seven years of marriage.

Until tomorrow, please enjoy this really cute picture of a kitten.
cute kitten picture (That’s not our kitten. I’m just trying very hard to convince J that we NEED a kitten and thus, I am collection cute kitten pictures to leave strategically around the house. I borrowed this strategy from Raphie in A Christmas Story and so I feel as though it is a totally solid plan.)

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    That is a totally solid kitten plan! Something else that works is to “just happening to wonder in” to a pet store on a kitten adoption day. They only realize it is happening after you fall in love with a kitten and then it is too late! That worked when I was 7 and when I was 22. So it’s proven versatile!!

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