Ain't Nothin Sweeter Than Georgia Peaches

I love meeting new bloggers and I especially love meeting local bloggers so I’m linking up with Kelly’s Korner today. That’s also why I’m singing bad American Idol songs, you know, on account of me being from Georgia and all that.

Fine, I just like that song a lot.


If you’re brand new to this blog, here are some random facts about me. If you’re not brand new to this blog, you should still read this because I need the validation. Just kidding, I don’t need the validation at all. I just enjoy it.

I am twenty eight years old. I will be 29 about a month from now which means there are only 30 some odd shopping days left until my birthday. I really enjoy people giving me presents, that’s a good way to become friends I always say.

Despite the fact that I am almost 29, I checked out the fifth book in The Princess Diaries series from our library on Tuesday. No one tell my husband about this. He is already mocking the stack of Beverly Lewis books on my nightstand because he finds humor in my love of good Amish fiction novels.

Related: does anyone have the third book in The Courting Of Nellie Fischer series to lend on their kindle? Because I really, really need to know if Caleb Yoder follows the Old Order or not, y’all.

Also related: I feel as though the librarian is scrutinizing my choice of books and judging me. Especially because I was all “HOW DO YOU NOT HAVE THE NEWEST VERONICA ROTH NOVEL?” and then I was like “And can you please point me to the Dr. Sears parenting books? Thanks.”

This post is actually more about my feelings on library books than it is about me. You can learn a lot about a person from their library books, though. Just ask my librarian.

I’m thinking about starting my own mom’s group because for some reason I haven’t been able to get into the last two I’ve emailed about after seeing them advertised in my local paper. I blame this on the fact that no one wants to befriend me for fear that I might write about them on the internet. Or else they read that post about my baby acting like a banshee at storytime. You’re killing me, internet. Also, now this post looks like a personal ad.

I am an aspiring writer, which is a fancy way of saying “I have a blog.” I prefer the fancy way of saying things  and not just because I like to pretend I’m Princess Kate. But because everything sounds nicer when you say it fancy. Like when people come to my house and see the unfinished staircase and they’re all “what happened to your staircase?” I COULD tell them about how we had a baby unexpectedly in the middle of putting in new floors and that baby ended up in the NICU and cost a bajillion dollars but instead what I like to say is “Oh, we’re in the process of renovating.” Because that sounds like something someone on HGTV might say, maybe Sabrina Soto even.

I am incredibly passionate about a lot of things, like support for parents of premature babies. And slap bracelets. I think we should all bring back slap bracelets. Let’s just skip over this whole eighties-neon-acid wash trend and go right to the nineties and slap bracelets. I’m also passionate about family and faith and this sacred mission of motherhood, which, incidentally is the title of another book I am reading right now.

That’s enough about me. Let’s talk about you :)


  1. Christine Kline says

    Kayla – I love reading you blog. If I were a mother and lived nearby you would be welcome into my mom’s group. You could even write about me on the internet. Please keep your stories coming. They always bring a smile to my day. Give that beautiful baby a hug for me. Thanks for sharing,

  2. Tracie S says

    I will go to your hypothetical mom’s group, and I don’t care if I’m written about later. :) Most of my friends with kids C’s age work, so I don’t have mom type people to hang out with either.

  3. says

    Love this post!!! Also the post about story time. That would be my twin girls too! No story time for us! Also if you lived in Ohio, I am part of an awesome play group who would welcome you with open arms!

  4. Jan C. says

    Thought: maybe you should consider becoming a librarian. A teen librarian, maybe, or a children’s librarian. You could spend your day around books, influence what items are ordered, and sneak-checkout the latest Veronica Roth novels without anyone else judging you.

  5. says

    Ok, so lemme just say. If I knew you in real life (and not in the way that I pretend to know people of whose blogs I read and then proceed to refer to as “my friend” to my actual friends) I think we would be friends. Every single time I read your blog, I go all “yes, exactly!” and “of course that’s not weird I do the SAME thing” and “how the heck are slap bracelets not in vogue! c’mon people, form AND function” and “yes! i always go to the self-check out at the library because when SHE checks me out I get that whole pointed aren’t-you-too-old-to-check-out-ANOTHER-book-about-a-teenage-girl-dealing-with-the-pressures-of-the-end-of -the-world-and-her-love-triangle look”
    all that to say…
    Thanks for reminding me that Insurgent is out because holy connoli I FORGOT!

      • says

        Yes! At all the ones in our county, you only have to interact with a librarian if you need to pay a fine. In face, the self checkout it so cool because you can place up to 4 books/DVDs on a scanner, and they will all scan AT ONCE. The technology blows my mind. You really need to advocate this kind of advancement at your own local library! :)

        • says

          Our library does not even have any of the Veronica Roth novels. They have things like “Slam Book” by Ann M. Martin from 1982. Which, okay, I totally checked out but still. It is really, really outdated.

    • says

      Ashely, I do the same thing with my blog “friends”. When I’m talking to my real friends, I often get crazy looks for it. Oh well.

  6. Amy B. says

    You need better librarians. Mine not only do not judge me for my reading choices they suggest books for me and will even randomly hold books that I haven’t asked for that fit my usual reading choices. (Currently have a stack of four YA fairie fantasy books they suggested that I’m working through.)

    Librarians are awesome. Maybe yours aren’t actually judging you but trying to think of other books they could suggest for you to read. :)

  7. Michelle Penney says

    I ran a relay race where the “baton” was a slap bracelet. I was giddy just to be able to wear one without being mocked again!

    I just love your blog by the way. I have a son who was born in Feb ’11 so I have followed you from Scarlette’s beginning. That little cutie pie brings a smile to my face every time I see a picture of her!

  8. Christy O says

    Thabk you. Now adding Divergent to my reading list despite the fact that I’m closer to 40 than I care to admit

  9. E says

    So excited about “meeting” you, finding your blog, learning all about that precious girl and very excited that you’re in the Atlanta area! I’ve always wanted to find bloggers from around here. Can’t wait to catch up with all of your happenings. Have a great weekend!!

  10. Katie Elder says

    Maybe the moms groups are filled with librarians :) I always have the feeling that they are scrutinizing my selections as they scan them…sigh…I choose free books even if it comes with a healthy dose of judgement.

  11. says

    KA- u r hilarious!! Coming over from Kelly’s Korner and from ur comment on my blog- Atl girl too.. I will join ur mom’s group- I think u would keep me in stitches!! I’m trying to get dinner on the table, but I’m totally looki forward to checking out ur blog!! If it’s anything like the post u just wrote- I will have to add u to my daily must read list!! BTW- my kids acts like wild banshees too!! See we would be a great moms group!! LOL!!

  12. says

    I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t want to be written about…you would probably portray them a lot better than they actually are!

    …Maybe their kids are jealous of how awesome Scarlette and how awesome her mommy is.

    It has taken me nearly an hour to find this site so that I could share with you. – You can borrow books for your Kindle there. It’s free to sign up and it has a lot of great books.

    Also, have you heard of this site?

    I download at least three books a day from that site. They have some really great Christian fiction books there.

  13. says

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m so excited to “meet” another Georgia blogger. =) I’m completely addicted to blogging and reading blogs and am really loving yours!! How long have your in-laws done Premier? I might know them!

  14. Beth D. says

    Librarians aren’t judging you – they read awful books, too! I would know, I’m in school with a bunch of them. However, they can recommend books if you ask… even if it’s books similar to Veronica Roth.

  15. Kristin says

    I don’t have a moms group either! You, me and Shawny should start one….Scarlette could chase my 2 and Wyatt around any time!

  16. says

    Can I join? My Eryn is six months old and perfect (though we’re in the throes of teething right now). Though I have a blog, I don’t count as a blogger, but I do live in Georgia! Love your blog, KA – Miss Scarlette is a cutie pie! (I got the Target Baby coupons in the mail last week and thought, “Aw, that baby on the front looks a little like Scarlette.” And then I remembered that I don’t actually know y’all :))

  17. says

    Popping over from Kelly’s Korner. I love reading blogs of other moms who live in Georgia. I’m adding you to my Google Reader now. 😉

  18. Rachel says

    Our library has self-checkout stations which are awesome because you can check out any book you want with no librarian judgment. :-) I also place holds on books online…especially for those that are soon-to-be-released-and-sure-to-be-popular like the latest Stephen King and, of course, Insurgent :-) That way, I am further up the list and more likely to get my hands on a copy sooner.

  19. says

    Just stopping in to say Hi to a fellow ATL blogger…love the blog & would totally join your mommy group…as long as being the mom of a “work my nerves, but love her to death teenager” still qualifies me!

    P.S. Your Project Life posts totally motivated me to start…well, started at least, now if I can just keep them current! :)

  20. says

    I have noticed you’ve mentioned liking amish fiction several times. Wondered if you’d read any of the books by Mary Ellis? I am reading this one now and its good! This one is also good but they are from different series. I need to complete both series. I enjoy your blog. Thanks for all that you share.

  21. says

    Hi, I’m from KK too!! I just stopped by and ready your blog and loved it. You are way more trendy then me, but I too love Amish books. For a time following all of the Amish books I’ve read, I wanted to BE Amish but the husband wouldn’t agree :)

      • Kathy says

        Check her out. Super cute!! And fancy…
        “My favorite color is fuschia.
        That’s a fancy way of saying purple.
        I like to write my name with a pen that has a plume.
        That’s a fancy way of saying feather.
        And I can’t wait to learn French because *everything* in French sounds fancy.”

  22. says

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Nice to meet a fellow Georgia Peach! I love your blog- you are too funny and your daughter is adorable!

  23. says

    Ok.. I know I totally left you a comment asking if you had read Mary Ellis Amish fiction books… Am I losing my mind or did it disappear? Ha. I am reading one now I’d be willing to pass along to you if you are interested. It’s called Abigails new Hope.

  24. says

    does anyone have the third book in The Courting Of Nellie Fischer series to lend on their kindle? Because I really, really need to know if Caleb Yoder follows the Old Order or not, y’all

    Okay, I just started reading this series so don’t go ruining it on me. LOL I have the good old fashion book. I haven’t converted to ebooks. I love the feeling of sitting with my book and a cup of tea. But honestly once I’m finished I’d be happy to send it along to you. No need to keep them laying around here if someone else could and would enjoy it.

  25. Amanda says

    Stopping by from Kelly’s link up. I’m also in GA! I feel ya on the playgroup thing, maybe we should start a group of GA bloggers. You can check out our blog,

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