Crafternoon In KA's Kitchen | Scrapbooking Storage In Small Spaces

(That is some fantastic alliteration, y’all.)

My creative space is incredibly large. In my head. As far as actual physical space to create stuff in? I don’t have much. Mostly because what used to be my scrapbooking room is now what we call “The Nursery.” The things we give up for our kids, am I right or am I right? Hint: I am right. So since my baby needed a place for things like her crib and her clothes and all four hundred and seven of her pacifiers (they multiply. They seriously multiply.) I packed up all of my scrapbooking supplies and shlepped them down to the basement, where they sat untouched for months while I changed diapers.

A few weeks ago I persuaded my husband to haul my favorite piece of furniture out of our basement and into our kitchen. We had just enough space in the corner for this vintage Hoosier Kitchen that I picked up at an antique store early in our marriage. I am completely in love with this piece. My husband sort of hates it but that might be because I keep making him carry it up and down two flights of stairs. He’s a very patient man. Here is what it looks like tucked away in my kitchen:
Scrapbooking In Small Spaces, Hoosier Kitchen
The fantastic thing about this is that it sort of looks like it belongs in the kitchen. And it’s great extra space for placing serving platters, etc. on when we are hosting guests.

But then if my guests feel like getting their craft on, I can open the doors and be like “BAM! GLITTER AND LETTER STICKERS, Y’ALL!” What? You have the urge to make a shadowbox using rhinestones and felt flowers? “BOOM! RIGHT BEHIND THIS DOOR! AND ALSO THIS DOOR!”
Scrapbooking In Small Spaces, Hoosier Kitchen

It’s like one of those seeing eye puzzles where you think you’re seeing one thing but really there is a whole ‘nother picture inside the picture. The baskets hold large embellishments while the small embellishments reside in a little white box with dividers. I keep the stuff I need for my weekly Project Life pages in the blue box and a stamp binder separates my stamp collection. (Bonus points if you spotted the milk bottle of prima flowers circa 2004. I told you I’m a hoarder.)

The bottom cabinet is very large so it houses my paper trimmer, which conveniently fits in the space where I assume a shelf used to sit. This is just more confirmation that Hoosier Kitchen? You were meant for me. And I was meant for you. (Also, I am a big fan of Jewel.) I also have a few Making Memories boxes that house my paper collection separated by color. It’s great to have such a big space to fit all of those in without needing separate shelving. Plus, if I am ever involved in an epic game of hide and seek, I will totally win.
Scrapbooking In Small Spaces, Hoosier Kitchen
The drawers hold essentials like tape and glue dots and my favorite stamps that I like to have easy access to. I use really fancy supplies, like those hard to find Elmer’s Glue Sticks.
Scrapbooking In Small Spaces, Hoosier Kitchen
They also store my Scraponizers, which are pretty much my favorite scrapbook organizing supply ever. I also have a large cutting mat that I put on top of the table to protect it while I work. The table top is metal and pulls out so it gives me a good amount of working space when I need it. Which is often because I am not what you would call a “non-messy” crafter.
Scrapbooking In Small Spaces, Hoosier Kitchen
Here is where I need your help. My husband hates the “primitive” look and so I promised him I would spruce this piece up. My plan is to introduce it to a coat of new paint and some shiny new library handles. I can’t decide, however, if I should paint it a nice glossy white or a bright, glossy red. What color would you paint it? I can’t decide. I am torn, just like Natalie Imbruglia. I am listening to my 90’s compilation mix on Spotify while writing this post, in case that wasn’t totally apparent. Glycerine.

If it helps, I totally plan on chalkboard painting the inner part of the top doors. White paint a la pottery barn or glossy red paint a la this dresser I saw in a magazine the other day and want to marry? What should I do?

*P.S. I originally wrote this post because 2Peas had a call for guest bloggers talking about their creative space. But then I read it and thought to myself “Self, the people at 2Peas might think you are a whack-a-do if you send this to them” and so I just posted it here instead. Probably the people at 2Peas are heaving a huge sigh of relief that they just dodged that bullet, because no one wants to send a rejection letter to a whack-a-do.

** I wish I had your good luck charm, and you had a do-whacka-do


  1. says

    LOVE the way it looks NOW, but I get the whole “My husband hates the “primitive” look” ’cause mine does too (I wanted a distressed finish on my kitchen cabinets and he refused to buy new cabinets that looked like they were old already!)… But I like the red next to those curtains so personally, I’m voting for red! (Although I admit I want to remove everything from my house right now, repaint it all white and start all over, so perhaps my opinion is NOT the one you want to pay the most attention to, KA!)

  2. Tracie S says

    I have no idea what color you should paint it, but I am a little jealous of the condition your Hoosier cabinet is in. I have one in my garage that belonged to my great grandmother and it is in a sad state of rust and needs a coat of paint. Also, at some point all the cool accessories were taken out, so it is pretty bare bones. Best of luck on your refinishing job!

  3. sandra m. says

    I love this cabinet! It is perfect just the way it is, but if it needs to have a make over, i would pull out the green or aqua from the curtains. You could tone it down with some black antiquing over the color I would also use the chalkboard paint on the outside of the bottom door or on the side for Scarlette to scribble on. You must LOVE having this for your supplies! Cant wait to see the “after” pictures.

  4. Marie says

    Your posts always make me laugh, often out loud. I love your pop culture references and since we are almost the same age, it makes me feel cool that I get them. :-)

    I vote red! I am on a huge red kick. Our kitchen color scheme is cherry red and I am trying not to go overboard but only time will tell…

  5. Elizabeth says

    I love how this piece looks as is. But if it looking newer gets it another couple of trips up & down 2 flights of stairs (since, you know, it will look like a new piece of furniture that your husband has NOT carried anywhere previously!), then I vote for red. Maybe you could leave the inside of the drawers in the distressed look? 😉

  6. Cherany says

    I’m with Jeff on not liking that thing, but since I also took his side with the rubber duck shower curtain, I am guessing my opinion is not the type you are looking for.

  7. Melanie A. says

    hmmm my initial response was red because I love red and you know if it would match your house but I like Sandra’s idea too of using a turquoise on it to pull out of the curtains. I have no idea if that would match the rest of your kitchen though! I can’t wait to see how it looks when you are done. My parents have a white one and I love it.

  8. Vickey E. says

    Strangely enough, I “got” all your song references, but I am a ‘little’ — maybe a ‘lot’ older than you so I don’t know how know about do whacka do, whacka do, whacka do — well, you know. Lots of things remind me of songs and I drive people crazy singing them — but I digress. I would vote for a glossy white paint because then you can keep moving your fabulous hoosier cabinet around! It will match anything then. And I love it too. Great storage idea for scrapbooking.

  9. Sheila McGowan says

    I love the color RED, and think it would look great in RED. But I could see it in a green or aqua color as well. Maybe a tone to match your curtains.

    Also… I read your post about the dog in the gate and thought it was funny and then I saw on the Duggars the same thing, EXCEPT it was a kid!!!!! I thought of you. At least it was your dog and not Scarlette. See, your still in the running for the ‘mom of the year’ award! lol


    • says

      What?! I don’t have cable anymore- which kid got stuck in a baby gate?! That is crazy! How would they get their head through? This is why they ahve a reality show, lol!

  10. Courtney says

    I personally love the ‘antique red’, but going with the compromise…I’d go high gloss RED!!! It will really pop against your walls and will look super snazzy next to your curtains!

    Good luck! Post ‘after’ pics!

  11. says

    My first instinct was white a la Pottery Barn. With the snazzy library handles and the chalkboard paint inside … a total vision of it popped in my head. Not so much with the red, although I’m sure it would be lovely. I agree with Sandra to add the chalkboard outside for Scarlette – fab idea! Also, the white will go anywhere, should you decide to have Jeff start hauling it around some more. Or if you leave it there and change the decor around it.

    On the otherhand, since you are too lazy, er I mean, want to retain the vintage interior, maybe the red would look better. Obviously, I’m your total go to person for these decisions.

    I’ll just be here waiting for the “after” photos. 😀

    • says

      I know! I keep coming back to Pottery Barn white BUT I am thinking to myself “Self: THAT WILL BE A LOT OF WORK OVER RED.” I am going to do chalkboard paint on the inside of the bottom door for S because that way I can open the door and she can draw on it while I am working and not be totally underfoot- if I do it on the outside then there isn’t enough room btwn it and the wall when it’s open and she’d be btwn my legs while I craft. Although right now she stands between my legs and pulls out all my letter stickers so…

      • says

        Unless you want it to be a real signature piece in the space (with the bright red) and are pretty sure it will continue to match your decor & make you happy, I’d go with the white. You could theoretically use a spray primer to help cover the original red (although I have never done this, so maybe someone else can jump in!)

  12. says

    I like the white like others have said since it’d go with everything. But I also like red since it would be easier to keep clean than white. My kids seem to know how to destroy EVERYTHING that is white. I think it’s like one giant sheet of paper to them.

    Anywho, I think you should have submitted it to 2Peas just ’cause it’s nice to see how one can craft in a small space. What a great way of keeping something small and yet so functional! Good call with the paper cutter “holder”! Pure genius there! =)

  13. Karalyn says

    Oh – was going to ask about the scraponizers…do they all stack on top of each other? Or ? I clicked the link, but it didn’t give a great description. :)

    • says

      They do! And they are great because I have mine stacked on their sides so the spine is facing up and NOTHING moves around, even if I flip them upside down and such, nothing moves between compartments. I probably should have mentioned that is what makes them my favorite, lol!

  14. Laura BC says

    I vote red, but then I have an aversion to white. Had to paint a wall in my now husband’s house when we were dating because all the white walls drove me nuts.

    Where did you get the “Today is” stamp?

    • says

      Well, the original piece was actually green- the red coat looks vintage but isn’t, I’m assuming someone put it on and distressed it. I don’t think he will, lol, it’s been like four years of him asking me “what I’m going to do with that thing?!”

  15. Stephani in Canada says

    I would vote red hands down, but seeing all of the beautiful colors in your curtains, the orange speaks to me. I saw an episode of one of Sarah Richardson’s shows (she has a few Canadian designer shows going on HGTV) and she had a room that there was one piece in the room that was a beautiful burnt orange…gorgeous!

    Whichever you choose, it will be adorable!

  16. kirby5 says

    If you decide to paint it white, there are several products on the market that would cover the current color with no bleeding through. ZINSSER primer (oil based) is the best and if you are patient ( which I am not) you will prime it and let it sit for a few days before painting over it with your favorite color of white. That lets the primer really do it’s job. Good Luck and I can’t wait to see what you decide.

  17. says

    if you “must” paint it, I’d go white or cream. However, if this is it’s ORIGINAL condition, I’m distressed that you’d be damaging the finish (and devaluing it) by changing it at all. Just my 2 cents. I do get that appearances matter, but we are talking about a Hoosier here…

  18. says

    I LOOOOVE your sense of humor and your Hoosier Kitchen. However, I would leave it as is so I’m no help on the revamping it idea. Sorry. I would also like to thank you for reminding me to get some Jewel and Natalie on my iPod. Have a fabulous day!!!!

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