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My mother and sister got me this bedding set for Mother's Day. I love it so much. Not so much that I've taken the time to iron it, but I mean, one day I'll get around to that. Like say, when I don't have a two and a half six month old wanting to eat every second of the day. Iron? Who has time for ironing? Besides, I still have an aversion to ironing from the that time my iron was invaded by killer ants. Well, just regular ants but still. Creepy.

Anyhow, I am really pleased with the bedding because do you know how hard it is to find bedding that works with dark blue walls? Note to self: randomly choosing paint colors based on paint chips that look pretty in Home Depot is not the smartest way to decorate your house.

My issue is the same issue that I always have: I have no idea what to do with the vast wall space around the bed.

Should I: a) make a headboard because that's a totally do-able project for a woman who can't find the time to iron a duvet cover, b) buy a bunch of different sized decorative pillows and line the whole bed with them like some sort of anthropologied-faux couch or c) put some art on the walls, although which wall to put something on has me all in a kerfluffle. I heard the word kerfluffle somewhere recently and really wanted to use it.

I would love your input. I'm going to a private shopping event at Homegoods this weekend and I want to pick up whatever I need to make this room look better while I am there because mama is trying to pretty up the office without spending any cash. That sounded so blog cheesey. Also, BlogHer and Homegoods are giving away ten $25 Homegoods gift cards so I want to share the love and tell you to go read this and enter to win one.

So what do you think? A, B or C? None-of-the-above is also an acceptable answer, but all-of-the-above is not as I am confused enough already. In theory I'm a great decorator. As in, I can totally make cute home decor boards on Pinterest. In real life, nothing comes together like it does in my head. And thus, I turn to the internet to tell me what to do.


  1. says

    LOVE the yellow with the wall color. Really makes it pop. :) I think a bunch of decorative pillows would be lovely – you could position them on the long part of the bed to make it look like a daybed, if you want to skip the headboard. i think a collage of art and other lovely things would be nice – maybe a few of the fabric embroidery hoops everyone is doing? Or some bunting? I’m sure you will make it look amazing! :)

  2. says

    well I love the bold blue wall color. I think it looks great with the yellow mustard bedding. I like headboards. I would put a headboard and a picture or two and some decorative pillows. But anything you do will look great.

  3. says

    I say B. It seems the most do-able. Plus, I love day-beds/faux couches and I think you would like them too. May I suggest a beautiful melange of yellow/grey and maybe little hits of a bright color like magenta or something..

  4. says

    I think you should use a bunch of decorative pillows with different patterns and colors on the long side of the bed! A piece of artwork above them would look gorgeous too :)

  5. DeeDee says

    Love the bedding! I think lots of accent pillows would look great. A banner would look good hanging on the wall.

  6. Heather says

    I’d go the pillow route. Also, now that Miss Scarlette is home, please oh please share the full view of her nursery. I’ve been patiently waiting for it.

  7. Leah says

    I vote option B as well. Gives you lots of style options and will fill up the space with a cozy feel. Be sure to update us with pics when it’s complete. (or in progress, that’s fun too!)

  8. Angela Thompson says

    Oh, I was so going to say all of the above until you said we couldn’t. :( I think I’ll vote A. A headboard would give it a grown up finished look. Then as you have more time, you can add other pieces in, such as pillows or wall art. I hope that helps some. I can’t wait to see what you do. Good luck! :)

  9. says

    the pillows for sure! and maybe a ikea shelf or such above it with different kind of frames(or other items) placed on it overlapping each other and such. I think it will look great!!!

  10. Kellie says

    I think some photography on the wall would really stand out against the wall colour, perhaps some black & white ones?

  11. says

    Love how this room is coming together! What about a few pretty (and cheap!) ornate frames sprayed white, turquoise and the same greenish yellow that the bedding set?

  12. lyley says

    why not make it look like a sofa rather than a bed-with pillows against the length of the bed. What about vinyl sticker art in a wide border parallel to the cushions-maybe in a cream/off white colour.(you might need a third colour with the yellow and blue-a soft cranberry or mushy/vintagey dark pink,maybe?)

  13. says

    I would suggest lots of cushion to make it a day bed as the room is also used as an office – it would give it more of a relaxed feel.
    I would also either add a shelf with pictures etc stood on or a collection of frames above with photographs in. After all you already have such a cute collection of photographs of Scarlette! You could make it into a little family tree collection maybe.

  14. gin says

    how about a window pane (antiqued) as headboard or a window shutters as a “back-board”….definitely do lots of pillows too!

  15. Stephanie says

    I definitely think a headboard would finish it off and I LOVE the idea of old/vintage window shutters that was mentioned earlier! A vintage/antique white iron headboard would also look really cool! I would definitely add some fun decorative pillows too. Have fun at Home Goods!!

  16. says

    i really like that wall color!!! a LOT!! while i think the throw pillows along the wall would be super comfy and cozy, a headboard would really ‘complete’ the look..esp. if you actually want to use it as a ‘guest bed’. [when guests come, you’re just going to have to remove all of those darn pillows!] a nice, white one would would look great! some art on the walls would look good, too. maybe hang up some clipboards and hang the art/photos from them. that way, you can easily change it up!
    have fun shopping & decorating! homegoods is the mecca of awesomeness! *

  17. Lindsay says

    I saw a piece of white picket fence make a fantastic headboard once, and it’s not expensive at all. As far as art goes: yes! The headboard and art can be the same thing, and you can use the long side of the day bed as the focal point/headboard/art piece. Three birds with one stone = easy! Good luck!
    Oh, and Scarlette is the cutest baby I think I’ve ever seen. She’s very lucky to have a mama like you. :]

  18. says

    I have that bedding in my bedroom!!! It looks really good with your wall color though so now I kinda wish I could paint my walls!!!
    I make wall decor and have a pretty fun idea for your walls actually…. I think I’m gonna email you!

  19. says

    Another quick decorating thing to use is Uppercase Living. Check it out here:
    You can do big graphics or words on the wall inbetween some photos/pictures in frames. Even put your favorite quote up with our custom MyDesign Suite! I fell in love with Uppercase Living because it’s quick, easy, and adds a big punch without overwhelming a space…plus I’m short on time with 4 children, much like you are now with Scarlette, so I’m all about quick!

  20. says

    I vote (C) because (A) and (B) seem like way too much work. I also wanted to say that OMG I have that bedding set too! we have way too much in common. 😀
    ps, I really want to hug & kiss baby scarlette.. will you do it for me? :)

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