That's Elmo's World…

Someone got to meet their hero (affectionately known in our family as “Melmo”) this weekend and they were over-the-moon excited about it. And Scarlette was pretty happy about it too.

Shawn and I loaded up the kids in their strollers and took them to this festival that is held in our hometown every year. As kids we used to walk downtown to attend the festival every year and come home with our faces painted and our tummies full of funnel cake. It’s a very good, nostalgic memory for me so I was pretty excited to continue the tradition with our own kids this year.

After a day filled with shopping, running around the field, watching dance routines and, of course, funnel cake the kids started fading and we decided to pack it in. Scarlette was nearly asleep in her stroller (seriously, my kid will sleep through anything) when Shawn spotted Giant Elmo.

My child shot straight up in her seat, pointing and squealing at Elmo the same way she does when her daddy gets home from work. Sorry honey.

When it was our turn to take pictures with him, I thought she might get shy because, well, let’s be honest. Giant Elmo is a little bit creepy looking. Am I right or am I right? I’m right. But no, not my baby. She was so excited.

My in-laws have this Elmo doll that sings when you squeeze his nose and Scarlette will sit for hours minutes squeezing his nose and cracking herself up when he starts singing.

So the first thing she does upon meeting Giant Elmo? She squeezes his nose. My child is a genius. And also, she’s getting pretty good at posing for pictures. I feel this might mean that I have taken far too many photos of her in her 17 months of life. I am okay with this.

Unfortunately, there was a line forming behind us and that meant our visit with Giant Elmo had to be a quick one. So I told Scarlette to “say goodby to Melmo.”

That’s when my child lost her ever loving mind.


Want to feel like a bad mom? Introduce your child to her favorite thing in the whole world and then take her away from it. She cried and cried and it was so sad. It’s very possible that someone got a new Elmo doll that afternoon but I will not verify this claim lest someone on the internet accuse me of spoiling my baby, you know, the one that spent five and a half months in the hospital. SHE CAN HAVE WHATEVER SHE WANTS INTERNET.

Not really.

Although I didn’t quite think through that choice either because the new Elmo doll has a pacifier attached to his hand. Which seemed really cute until I looked over and saw my baby, who is currently being weaned off her paci, holding her new Elmo doll and happily sucking on his pacifer.

Parenting. I got this.


  1. Mary R says

    gosh I love you two!! seriously love Melmo and you know what KA, Madison still gets whatever she wants (which usually isn’t much anyway)…and the paci thing, well you might have to delay weaning a bit, and it won’t be the end of the world.


    • says

      I’m not too worried, we let her have it for naps/bedtime. But she ONLY wants it when she’s teething and the therapists want her to use a teether instead. That girl does not want to use any sort of teether – not cold food, not a rag, not an actual teether, nothing. It’s killing me! And yeah, she might be a little more spoiled than I initially planned but as long as she’s kind, I don’t mind :)

  2. says

    Every picture of you two out and about is so awesome. What you said about the hospital and she gets what she wants – I feel you!!! We are getting ready for Nate’s first birthday (next month – which is just so too soon), and I mean, he’s not going to remember it. He can’t have guests. But that isn’t exactly stopping me from 3 months of planning. When your child has never been inside their home and they are multiple months old, rules bend. :)

  3. says

    Poor girl!!! Also, I love that she wasn’t afraid of Giant Elmo! What a little fighter and fierce girl you have, miss. <3 I love how you write, it's hilarious and so honest and friendly and I just wanna give you a big plate of home-made cookies!!! <3

  4. Emily says

    Your little girl is so beautiful!! So cute!! Your story is so inspiring, I happened upon your blog, and just wanted to say thank you. My husband and I just recently had our 2nd miscarriage and are hoping for a happy, healthy baby. Thank you so much for sharing your story, it makes us hope that someday we’ll be able to be blessed with a beautiful baby like yours!

  5. says

    lol! I can just picture her. I hate peeling my son away from the playground every afternoon…on weekends, I’ll ask my husband to be “the mean one.” I can only imagine how much worse it would be were he to meet his idol…

  6. says

    Before my little lass was born I naively said that there would be no Elmo in our house. But she has recently discovered him and LOVES him. Being a rather sentimental creature I just can’t imagine depriving my baby girl of something that makes her laugh and smile. That and there is no way to watch Sesame Street without him. And he’s kind of cute. But there will still be no Barney.

  7. says

    You crack me up! Seriously, I love reading this blog. Also, I am in complete awe of you guys. I can’t imagine the road you have taken to get here, but I am so thrilled that your little miracle is doing so well. She is simply the cutest thing.

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