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My favorite childhood toy was my Teddy Ruxpin Bear. I also had Grubby. Holla! I actually still have my Teddy Ruxpin. I kept it thinking one day I would pass it and it's obsolete cassette tapes on to my child. Except that at some point in the 25 years that I've owned him, he lost an eyeball.

And a talking teddy bear with a hollowed out eye socket is probably one of the creepiest things you could give a kid. So I'm just going to give her my baby doll that has anatomically correct boy parts instead. Win, win.

My favorite song from when I was little was Katie and Tommy She's In Love With The Boy by Trisha Yearwood. Except I thought the lyrics were: "Later on outside the tasty feast" and "You yourself was just a hay seeding plow boy who didn't have a row to hoe."And I always wondered "how was he a hay seeding plowboy if he had no rows to hoe? That crazy Trisha Yearwood and her lyrics that don't make any sense."

My favorite childhood memory is hands down the time my cousins and I spent an entire summer reenacting Cool Runnings in my grandparent's apple tree. Right.

My childhood crush was three words. Jonathan. Taylor. Thomas. You could not see my walls for all of the Teen Bop posters covering it. And bless your soul if you tried to touch the remote control while Home Improvement was on. I will cut you, 4 year old little sister.

The thing I was most afraid of as a kid was people poisoning my Halloween candy. Do people still tell kids this story?

I remember our teachers telling us that bad people used needles to shoot drugs into tootsie rolls and other such treats. And McGruff The Crime Dog coming to our school and telling us to JUST SAY NO and also to let our parents inspect our candy for things before we ate it. And my parents dutifully spreading out all of the candy that we'd collected in our safe, suburbanite neighborhood and throwing out anything that looked like maybe someone tampered with it.

I lived in fear that I was going to eat a snickers and inadvertently become addicted to heroin. So my childhood was totally normal, right?

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  1. Amy says

    lol I remember the whole poisoned Halloween candy fears. And I don’t recall ever hearing of anyone ever getting sick, or addicted from eating any. Who has the kind of time to do that to candy anyways?
    I always thought Teddy Ruxpin was super creepy. I was too old for one but the kids I babysat had one. A one eyed one would probably be more creepy!
    And I too loved the Trisha Yearwood song, and the same lines!! FYI it’s called “She’s in love with the boy!”

  2. says

    I LOVED that Trisha Yearwood song too. I also thought the lyrics were like you thought – “You yourself was just a hay seed plow boy who didn’t have a row to hoe.”
    Too funny!

  3. says

    Man I would have been sooo jealz of you!!! I wanted a Teddy Ruxpin sooo badly! Instead, I had this Christmas Bear with a light up nose and when you pushed the hands it played different christmas songs. I had it FOREVERRR, until it started to wear down by the time I was starting college. I came home for christmas that year and pulled it out of the box to play one of the songs to see if it still worked (despite having pretty new batteries) and it sounded all slo-mo and creepy!! Yesss.
    And, I loved JTT. Of courrrrseeeee.
    I was scared of the Halloween Candy being poisoned too!! What the heck. Seriously at what rate are children dying of “needles, poison or drugs in halloween candy”. I think most drug addicts would be way too protective over their drugs to waste any on random kids. Right?

  4. says

    And, do you remember “My Buddy” and “Kid Sister” dolls??? I always thought I’d be the coolest ever if I had one of those. I still remember the song in the commercial!!

  5. says

    You are too funny. My child hood doll would be the baby crissy. The doll was an overgrown one that looked real. She had hair has a pony tail that you can pull from the top of her head. Loved her. I have tried to purchase one on ebay but they are going for way too much and they are not in good conditions. The Halloween candy is something that I (44) did with my kids. I would buy the candy they liked and give the ones they collected to other kids. LOL. I hope they break that, whatever it is called , and don’t pass it on to the grandkids. By the way I have been to several garage sales and seen the teddy ruxpin for sale. I am a garage sale junkie and go every saturday, I can thank my mom for that. She would drag us every saturday and then make us get out of the car and carry her crap. Now it is treasures and goodies for us. I love them.

  6. says

    I had the same fear every Halloween!!! Only ONE YEAR did my parents go through my candy bag and figure out what I could have. Every year before and after, they tossed all the candy out. ;.; Also, I love Katie and Tommy. Never heard the song as a kid, but have now and LOVE IT!!! It’s one of Jen’s favorites!

  7. Megan says

    Well now I have to look up the lyrics to that Trisha Yearwood song because I ALSO thought it was “You yourself was just a hay seeding plow boy who didn’t have a row to hoe”! (Ok, maybe I still thought that.)

  8. says

    OMG. Reading that I feel like I could have written that word for word. That Trisha Yearwood. I tried to plant some hey in my uncle’s garden once. I was so scared of my halloween candy I would only trick-or-treat at the mall, and only stop at good looking stores. I miss my Teddy Ruxpin and I mention trying to find one for my future children, but my husband has never heard of it. (he’s only 26)

  9. says

    My dog decided to eat my favorite bear from my childhood. Totally ripped his eye out. It’s pretty bad. But I couldn’t bear to get rid of him, so my husband fashioned him an eye patch out of ribbon and a miracle whip jar lid. The best part…the bear’s name was Henry, which is also the name I gave my son…because it was my favorite name. I am a little worried what kinds of negative effects being named after a one-eyed bear will have on my son…

  10. says

    Oh I miss my Teddy Ruxpin. I also had a large (like three foot) stuffed bear that had a puppet hole in it’s back so you could make it talk. I made my dad use that puppet bear every time he read me a book. Also, he had to use a bear voice, clearly.
    You totally crack me up by the way. I thought of your stinky butt blog entry this morning when I was walking my dogs and I got frustrated and yelled “Go Poop!!” like in the middle of the city street. People definitely heard.

  11. says

    JTT was my first crush!! & of course, i had the bop posters all over too… oh how i miss those days sometimes! :)
    funny thing is my grandma told me (more than once) that she wanted me to marry JTT… she said that she’d love to have him as a grandson… oh my goodness!!!

  12. says

    Teddy was my favorite too – I’m totally jealous that you had Grubby too!! LOL! I also still have my Teddy. He has both eyes but has lost the top part of his nose/mouth. Kinda looses the whole “he’s telling the story” effect when half his mouth is gone.

  13. Jan C. says

    Oy, you young ‘uns! Hayseed is pretty much another word for a redneck. If you don’t have a row to hoe, you are really poor. I know that ’cause both my parents grew up on farms during the Depression. Yes, I said “during the Depression.” I am old, people!

  14. says

    Yes, I had an anatomically correct boy doll as well. And it has been passed down to my own daughter. I must take a photo of *him* and share. Aside from my cabbage patch preemie, that doll was my favorite. What does it say about me that one of my most favorite toys had a penis? My sister’s doll had the vajayjay.
    And please do NOT pass down creepy one-eyed Teddy Ruxpin.

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