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Scarlette's Olympic Crafts
I’m a total Olympic fan-girl. I don’t even know what comes over me but every four years I get completely obsessive about the summer games. I rarely watch sports on television and then when it’s Olympic season I’m all “Oh! It’s synchronized diving! I LOVE synchronized diving!”

It’s the only time Jeff will acquiesce to watch gymnastics with me and he always has a lot of questions. Sort of like how when I watch basketball with him I’m all “So was that a touchdown? What inning is this?” Apparently, Jeff doesn’t think the balance beam looks that hard. I KNOW, RIGHT?!

So as the former gymnast in this house, I took it upon myself to demonstrate a balance beam routine. And then he was all “GET OFF THE EDGE OF THE BATH TUB BEFORE YOU KILL YOURSELF.”

Scarlette and I did some crafts to get in Olympic spirit around here. If they look like an almost two year old made them, that’s because an almost two year old made them. Seriously, do you ever look at crafts on Pinterest and get all suspicious and think to yourself “Self, there is no way a two year old made that eerily realistic marshmallow replica of the Mona Lisa. Probably someone paid Martha Stewart to make that.

We decided to make an Olympic torch and a gold medal. And by “we” I mean me because when I said “Scarlette! Do you want to have arts and crafts time?!” she yelled “Elmo!” So there’s that.

She finger painted the paper towel roll and the yogurt lid. Scarlette, I mean. Not Martha Stewart. Then we smeared glue on both. Turns out, my child is a total paste eater. And also a paint eater. WHY WON’T YOU EAT FOOD, YOU ADORABLE LITTLE WEIRDO?!

I totally saved orange tissue paper for this but I have no idea where it has disappeared to in this house. It’s like the bermuda triangle in my craft space right now. She crumpled up the red paper and shook the glitter onto the yogurt lid. Note: It’s totally not safe to let kids play with vintage glass glitter. I have really got to get some more kid-friendly craft supplies. So I had to pour clear epoxy over the yogurt lid to seal it when we finished. She was not super patient about that because she saw sparkly stuff and was all “PRITTY! PRITTY! PRITTY!”

Here are two Olympic facts: A) my baby is the cutest gold medalist and B) NBC is producing the worst coverage I have ever seen of the summer games. Am I right or am I right?

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  1. says

    I’m a former gymnast myself. Not a good one… round-off flip-flop flip-flop was my glory moment. Nobody saw it though. They were all watching my little sister be like round-off flip-flop full-twisting-layout standing back, curtsy.

    But anway, balance beam is HARD.

    Also, your baby is for sure the cutest gold medalist ever. And that is saying a lot, because ummm RYAN LOCHTE.

  2. stee says

    cute crafts and baby!
    I think NBC is doing the same job they did with Vancouver and Beijing. It’s impossible to cover everything. It’s impossible to cram all the events of the day into the 8-11 PM time block. The time difference doesn’t help either.

    Here is an interesting article a high school friend sent me (he’s working as a cameraman for NBC covering the Olympics) There are so many moving parts involved behind the scenes. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/26/sports/olympics/nbc-gets-wired-for-wall-to-wall-olympic-coverage.html

    • says

      That’s a great article. I just loved the days of getting to see more of the other countries perform on events – like svetlana khorkina was one of my favorite gymnasts to watch!

    • KimS says

      It’s not impossible to cover everything if you’re the BBC! Literally, they are covering every single event, live.

      If you’re in the UK you press the red button on your remote and you can select which sport to watch – even if it’s not on the main coverage, they are filming all the events and transmitting them live, both via the TV and live streaming on the BBC Sports website, with catch-up available after a couple of hours after the event finishes.

      It’s brilliant – I got to watch every single eventing dressage test, which didn’t get a single mention on the main coverage, and all of the gymnastics when during the main coverage they just show highlights.

  3. says

    An idea: My daughters Occupational THerapist used vanilla pudding and added food coloring for my daughter to paint with her fingers. If she licked her fingers, no biggie! (: Might be a good plan for Scarlett… although it also might encourage her to eat paint since it tastes soooo good! ha!

    She’s a cutie btw. Love the crafts!!


    P.S. Blogger deleted my blog – it’s a *lovely* story I’m trying not to cry over as they work to restore it (fingers crossed!) so if you see my great comment, and think, “Who is this girl? I want to check out her blog….” well.. you can’t. at least for right now ):

  4. says

    A. Men’s gymnastics – pummel horse, high bar, parallel bars. ‘Nough said.
    B. I’ve seen enough of Bob Costa. I’d like to see more of the Olympics.
    C. Men’s gymnastics…

  5. says

    Don’t know how safe vintage glass glitter is for babies, but it looks fab! I tried to get my son into men’s gymnastics last night but he jumped on my face and that pretty much ended that.

  6. says

    I was so excited when I saw that someone else felt the same way I did about NBC’s coverage. I have always, always hated their coverage of the Olympics! I remember so well the good old days of ABC, and every time I wish and wish that ABC would get it back. I actually think that it is a little better than last time; let’s face it, nothing could be worse than the last summer olympics. I saw enough beach volleyball to last three lifetimes!
    Scarlette is the cutest, sweetest thing I have ever seen!

  7. Kathy M says

    I wish I was smart enough to figure out where/how to watch them all day long. I have been turning the sound off during anything but swimming, and even then turning it off after the races are finished, that lady that interviews them when they finish is ridiculous. Ryan Seacrest has been the best, which surprises me a lot :)

    PS: Scarlette is a dolly! Also, my little turned 2 in April. Took her to her well child visit, finally and she still only weighs 24 lbs. Very hard to dress this child as she is getting taller!

    • stee says

      go to nbcolympics.com and you can get the broadcast schedule and watch some events live online (depending on your cable company)

      • says

        Thanks! Yes, I’ve watched a few – I’m replaying gymnastics today. i would have watched it live but we had therapy all day- the allaround and individuals I will watch live though, so that I don’t get spoiler alerts!

  8. Fee K. says

    YES…finally someone says what I’ve been thinking and saying…my family is sick of me whining about it. The coverage stinks this year. They didn’t even show us the whole men’s gymnastics, they aren’t explaining anything when watching..only saying how they are going to miss this next time. I watched the handball or something and was BORED because no one told me for 30 min what the penalty meant and why. So disappointed in our olympics coverage!

  9. Ellie Maggie says

    Agree with KimS about the BBC – fantastic constant coverage via red button. BBC have certainly got their act together since the viewers complainted about their Jubilee coverage. So proud of our British crowds showing tremendous support to our competitors!!! It’s really spurring them on and the medals have started rolling in – hooray!!

    Miss Scarlette is getting more and more comical and your pride is bursting out of these blog pages! Lovely to see her blossoming and learning.
    Ellie Maggie x

  10. says

    I have to agree about Scarlette’s cuteness; definitely the cutest gold medalist ever. while Ryan Lochte is extremely hot after reading an interview his mom gave about his one night stands and 70% or more of the athletes hooking up in the athlete village some of that hotness has worn off.

  11. says

    Dude. Scarlette totally wins for the cutest child ever.

    I have a “Craft Olympics” going on on my blog right now… you should enter Scarlette’s project in and you could win something! 😉

    Also– I’m with you, NBC’s coverage is so sad. I’d rather wake up early/middle of the night and watch it LIVE online. I may have also watched a LOT of swimming in the middle of the day while I was at work 😉

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