DIY Red, White and Blue Creamsicle Ice Pops (Dye & Dairy Free Recipe)

DIY Dye & Dairy Free Red White Blue Popsicles Recipe
Here is what happened: I wanted to have some cute red, white and blue themed food for cooking out on Memorial Day weekend. Specifically, I wanted the rocket ice pops but we try to keep all of Scarlette’s food dye free because of the GI issues she has stemming from her prematurity. I figured I could probably make my own so I looked up some recipes online and the only small issue there was that most of them used milk, which Scarlette is allergic to. So I started playing around with some recipes and figured that as long as I was experimenting I may as well attempt to make DIY creamsicles because let’s be honest: creamsicles are basically the at the top of the ice pop kingdom.

And that is the story of how I made my own red, white and blue creamsicle ice pops. It was actually a lot of fun to do with Scarlette, she loves being involved in the kitchen and this was something that was pretty easy to let a kiddo help with.
DIY Dye & Dairy Free Red White Blue Popsicles Recipe

Homemade Red White & Blue Creamsicle Ingredients & Supplies:

– 1 cup of mixed blue berries (blueberries & blackberries)
– 1 cup of mixed red berries (raspberries and strawberries)
– Ice cream (if you are dairy free like us, I used no-sugar coconut milk ice cream)
– Vanilla coconut milk
– Honey (optional: agave)
– Ice pop molds (you can use a fancy one like this or you can be non-fancy like me and use dixie cups + ice pop sticks.)

And here is how you make them: First, put the red berries and about 2 teaspoons of honey in a small pot to simmer. I used 1 teaspoon honey and 1 teaspoon agave because our local honey is a bit tart and I wanted to sweeten them up a bit. I kind of mushed the berries with a spoon until the whole thing was fairly melted and juicy. I’m very professional at cooking, obviously. Then I poured them in the blender and added a tablespoon of coconut milk ice cream to make it a bit creamy and blended it together.

We let Scarlette do the pouring. With supervision. Because she’s real terrible at pouring stuff, y’all. I mean, she’s three.  And because how cute is that picture of Scarlette and her daddy making ice pops? Answer: SO CUTE.
We filled the cups up about 1/3 of the way. Then we put it them the freezer for about 45 minutes.
DIY Dye & Dairy Free Red White Blue Popsicles Recipe
Next we blended about a cup of ice cream, a 1/4 a cup of vanilla coconut milk and a 1/4 of a teaspoon of honey and filled the cups again with that mixture and put them back in the freezer for another 45 minutes.

Finally we repeated the same process with the blue berries as we did for the red berries and filled the final layer of the cups with it. At this point we stuck our sticks in. Which are actually some sort of fancy bar toothpicks because I could not find sticks anywhere. I am very classy. We tried putting the sticks in earlier in the process but that didn’t work well because Scarlette kept pulling them out and licking them.  We let the whole thing freeze for about three hours. They were really easy to get out of the dixie cups, I just pushed down with my thumb on the top of the cup and they popped right out.

DIY Dye & Dairy Free Red White Blue Popsicles Recipe

It’s just really a shame that my child did not enjoy these at all.
DIY Dye & Dairy Free Red White Blue Popsicles Recipe
She kept kept telling us over and over again that they were “wonderful.” And then she said “OH WOW DESE ARE SO TASTY TO ME! I EADING DEM WIF MY MOUF!” So I made this cute video of her eating them, because my kid is adorable. And if you know what she is saying at the end of that video, please translate it for me because I have absolutely no idea. My best guess is “Tea On A Dime” which makes no sense. Also, she is currently climbing up my back as I type like a little koala bear yelling “SHOW ME DAT BIDEO OB ME AGAIN!”

(P.S. here is another fun + easy Fourth Of July themed dessert: Red, White & Blue Marshmallow Pops!
fourth of july red white blue marshmallow pops

And you can find other recipes that are dairy free/easy to make your with kids HERE. Also, if you liked this post, I’d love for you to pin it! Thanks!)

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, we just really love ice pops and this was a fun project to do as a family. Scarlette’s dress is c/o OshKosh B’Gosh (you can see her in their Forever Summer campaign + enter their giveaway here.) Some affiliate links included. 


  1. dana says

    oh my goodness, i never noticed but man she has the longest eyelashes! she is so cute!

    thanks for sharing…it will be a great thing to do this summer with my nephew.

    hava a great friday!

  2. Angela says

    Oh Kayla, she is adorable! I can’t imagine the what fun you have her. :) I listened to what she said and the only other thing I could remotely come up with is “See I’m done”. Just a guess. My grandson is like that. We are always looking at each other, asking “Did you get that?” LOL.

  3. Kay says

    I’ve been reading your blog since your engagement. I miss your blog posts from before you started mentioning in every post what items you got for free or blah blah blah. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t fault you for using the opportunities you are given to benefit your family. I would, too. I just can no longer relate and it sucks.

    • says

      I’m sorry Kay! I’m not sure what to do here – I was really excited to get to work with OshKosh and the clothes were a huge help to our budget – but it’s actually against FTC regulations for me to post pictures of anything I was sent WITHOUT mentioning it. I wish I didn’t have to add that either- I feel silly every time I type it, but since the blog does let me be a stay at home mom so I just do my best to find work that is a good fit for our family and that offers giveaways or something fun, like a tutorial, for everyone else reading. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the blog in the summer more- I took a lot of opportunities recently knowing that I’d be spending most of the summer finishing writing my book so that could help float our expenses without having to do sponsored content in the summer :) I appreciate you being such a long time reader – getting engaged seems like it happened forever ago, that was a sweet memory to revisit today!

    • says

      I too have been reading Kayla’s blog since the very beginning, and I love the way Kayla’s writing and content has evolved. It is clear she is very intentional about her content, voice and photography.

      FTC rules have changed a lot for bloggers and these disclosures are very important. I appreciate that Kayla always does them because so many bloggers are not as transparent. The fact that she was sent Scarlette’s dress by Oshkosh B’Gosh hardly makes this post any less relatable.

      I think your comment was very unnecessary and would have been much more appropriate as an email than a public comment. Especially since you say that you would in fact do the same thing. What was your goal? A blogger myself, I know how hurtful these comments are to receive.

      • Kay says

        Kayla, thank you for replying. I understand balancing financial needs with the desire to be a SAHM. It sounds like maybe gearing up for the summer book writing and doing more sponsored posts is the change I have noticed. I really look forward to your summer posts! Also, based on the reply from someone else, it seems that my comment may have come across rude. I sincerely apologize to you if it did. I in no way meant to be hurtful.

    • says

      I’m definitely going to trust her judgement. :) My mother translated it as “these all the time!” and I feel as though these two are the closest!

  4. Melissa Henderson says

    Looks delicious! Looks like Scarlette enjoyed the treats a lot! :-) Thanks for the recipes. Great to have for this holiday weekend.

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