How To Get Published In Papercrafting

how to get published in papercraftingI wrote another e-book y’all. And this one is totally free. Seriously, it’s free.

See, once upon a time I started submitting some scrapbook pages that I made to various papercrafting magazines. And then some of them published the stuff that I sent them and paid me money for it. And I was like “SWEET!” because I was a poor college student living on ramen noodles. True story, morning glory.

Over time working in the papercrafting industry became my actual real-life job and so I picked up some tips and tricks along the way. I’m sharing those with you here because I’m a giver y’all. I’m a giver.

And also because I remember searching hard for information on how to submit my crafty projects to magazines and what I could do to have a better chance of them being published. Turns out, there was very little information out there on the topic. Which surprised me because when I googled “how to get a nail out of my garbage disposal” there were eighty four articles on just that topic alone.

So I decided to pull together what I’ve learned and write it up in this little e-book. Stuff like: how to photograph your layouts so they look really good in a submission email, how to write said submission email, how to find out where to send aforementioned email…

And other related topics such as: how to know what magazine editors are looking for, where to find submission calls for various publications and what to do if someone asks to publish your project.

Then I called up some people who have way more experience than I do and asked them to contribute their ideas. Like Susan Opel, the Creative Editor at Paper Crafts Magazine. And Kelly Goree, the design team coordinator for Basic Grey. Oh, and also Kathleen Summers, who designs for many manufacturers and has been published over a hundred times. Right. One hundred.

So overall, the ten chapters in this little 30 page e-book cover all of the basics plus some little known facts that will help you get started submitting your work! I originally wrote a few of these articles for a scrapbooking website and received many emails from people who had their first scrapbook pages picked up for publication after using some of my suggestions, so my hope is that this e-book encourages you to start submitting!

I will warn you in advance that you may encounter the lyrics to Jenny From The Block sprinkled liberally throughout the book. I simply can not help myself. Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got.

To download the free e-book, click the download link below!
ETA: some of y’all were getting a cart error- sorry about that! I was using the cart to email you the link so it didn’t overload my server, then I tried hosting it here and it DID overload my server. But now I have it hosted at my other site, THE DIY FILES so you can CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD HOW TO GET PUBLISHED IN PAPERCRAFTING

If for some reason it still doesn’t work for you, shoot me an email via the contact page and I’ll email you a copy :) Thanks for such an enthusiastic response!

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  1. says

    Thanks! I got your blog e-book as well, great stuff. I am having trouble with the link to your RSS feeds though! It seems to come up blank or not be able to find it…

  2. says

    I’m almost afraid to ask you who sings that song for fear you’d tell me CeeLo Green ;) hee
    So excited about this for you! I’ll share on my blog tomorrow! xoxo

    • says

      Oh no! I don’t know what it isn’t show up for you. I just emailed the PDF file to the email address you used to leave this comment- hope it makes it to you!

  3. Mallory says

    You are such a breath of fresh air after a long day at work ( if that makes sense!) thank you for the book and your constant real humor…literally laughing at my kitchen table while dinner is cooking!

  4. says

    Saw the image of the book on Pinterest yesterday, but I just saw this post. Cool! Can’t wait to DL this when I’m on my computer (not phone). Thanks again for the honor! <3

  5. says

    Wow. I found a link to your book…well, somewhere, and I just wanted to hop over and say thanks for this! Great information here, and I can’t wait for the “Getting on a Design Team” e-book, either. Love your blog and just added you to my feed. Thanks again!

  6. Gingera says

    KA, I’m sure the info is great, but I was unable to access it. :( Please email it to me . Thanks, and I enjoy your blog!!

  7. Leslie Goldstraw says

    First of all, I must say Thank You in proper Em Po fashion. I downloaded your book a little while ago, took a dinner break for me & to feed the pets & then read it straight thru!

    What a wealth of information you so generously share with us, entertainingly written, well photographed & just wonderfully presented! I’ve never enjoyed an “instruction manual” as much as yours. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge & that of your industry “partners” with us! I’ve always known crafters & artists to be generous, sharing people, you’ve only reinforced my opinion!!!

  8. coffeegurl says

    Sorry to bother you…but I’m not able to download the file. Please send when you get a chance. Thanks so much!!!!

  9. says

    You are such a dear to share this – thank you so much. “Who makes that little pink stripey paper?” Yep, that’s me running down to the basement to search for it. I’ve got the PC organization down pat but I haven’t done a good job of keeping that info with all my supplies… Just got my first cards accepted. Newbie. And therefore, thanks again.

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