How To: Get Started Using Swagbucks

This post is for those of you who were all “How did you get a crockpot with your swagbucks?” yesterday :)

So you’re browsing facebook and you keep seeing posts on your friends wall about how John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt (his name is my name too) won a trazillion swagbucks! And you’re all “what in the heckfire are swagbucks?”

Or maybe you tried out and you won about six swagbucks and then threw in the towel thinking it wasn’t worth it (I’m talking to you Tiffani.) I feel you. I was like you when I started out, all sad about my meager swagbucks earnings. But then I learned some tips and started winning lots of swagbucks and bought a unicorn. Okay not really, but I do use them to get free diapers which in our house is pretty much equivalent to a unicorn.

This little series will get you started and share a few tips to earning lots of swagbucks!

What are swagbucks? Swagbucks are basically credits. You earn them on and can trade them in for different prizes. The most popular prizes that you can trade them in for are gift cards. It’s kind of like Chuck E Cheese for grown-ups. You know how you’d play a bunch of SkiBall and Whack-A-Mole and win tickets? And then you’d trade those tickets in for prizes? Yeah, swagbucks is like the internet version of that.

How do I sign up for swagbucks? Just go to and sign up for a free account. Easy peasy chicken squeezy.

How do I earn swagbucks? There are a lot of ways and since no one ever accused me of being concise, I’m going to break this up into a few posts.  Here are the top three EASIEST ways to earn swagbucks:

  1. Search and Win – Basically, swagbucks is a search engine, sort of like Google or Bing.  Login to and type your search in the search bar provided. Sometimes you don’t win anything, you just get a list of your search results. But SOMETIMES! Sometimes you win swagbucks! This is what it looks like if you win:
    how to win swagbucks
  2. Install the swagbucks toolbar – I know what you are thinking. You’re thinking “but I don’t want to install the toolbar!” I thought the same thing. But it’s not an urban legend. You actually do earn more swagbucks by installing the toolbar. You can search right from the toolbar so you don’t have to go to the homepage every time you want to do a search. It actually makes the whole thing pretty easy. I edited my toolbar so that the only thing that shows is my search box + how many swagbucks I currently have.
  3. Refer your friends – If you refer your friends, you’ll earn matching swagbucks for every time they win (up to 1,000 swagbucks!) It’s a great way to earn more swagbucks by doing hardly anything at all. You just have to spread the word and watch your swagbucks account grow! When you’re logged in to your account, click on PROMOTE and then BANNERS. You’ll see your unique referral link there. Use that link to refer your friends, or post it on your blog so that you get credit for people signing up using it. I’ve used my referral link in this post because a) I love Swagbucks and b) I hope you’ll consider signing up with it since I wrote out this handy dandy little guide for you. I’m almost as helpful as the Blues Clues guy.

Watch for future posts on how to earn more swagbucks!

In the meantime, I’m going to share how using helps me stay on our new SAHM budget.

First, sign up for Amazon Mom. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Well, you might collect $200. That is what is awesome about swagbucks. Amazon Mom gives you free 2 day shipping on items when you spend $25 a month in the baby store, as well as 30% off diapers if you use the subscribe and save option. You’re probably thinking to yourself “Self, I don’t want to spend $25 a month.” Me either!!

That’s where swagbucks comes in. Each month I trade in my swagbucks for giftcards to Then I use those giftcards to buy diapers and wipes at Amazon Mom.  They ship for free and I used giftcards to pay for them. So that means when I am pinching pennies and writing out our budget, I can put $0 next to diapers/wipes because I got them for free. It’s like extreme couponing without paper cuts.  It’s been a huge help to us and I hope it helps you as well!

So today’s giveaway? A $25 gift card. Click here to enter!


  1. anna says

    I just started on Swagbucks and just passed enough to get a $5 Amazon card already. Need to figure out how to get some referrals!

  2. Mallory says

    Hey there—

    I am new to swagbucks–do you participate in the surveys? Just curious–sometimes I start them, then freak because I feel like they are asking for too much personal information.

    • says

      I don’t – I use another survey system that I like better. The thing I dislike about swagbucks surveys is they get a LOT of info from you before they tell you if you qualify or not. I prefer to be matched up better than that so I’m no wasting my time putting in info with no gain. I do follow the swagbucks twitter for codes, do the polls and follow b/c she always posts when you can get free bucks! HTH!

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