Get More Target Coupons with Cartwheel + $1,000 Target GiftCard® Giveaway!

how to use target cartwheel app, target cartwheel app reviews, target cartwheel app tipsI’m doing cartwheels over my first giveaway for 2014: A $1,000 Target GiftCard®! (Cartwheels. See what I did there? I crack myself up.) As a girl who  loves her a good sale, I’ve been using the new Target Cartwheel app for months.

Long before they contacted me about writing this post I was tapping away on my phone to pull up extra coupons. I love mobile coupons because they are so convenient. Plus, I hate using scissors. I cannot cut things in a straight line to save my life, not to mention that I hate how much ink is used when printing out coupons. And mobile coupons means that my “helper” cannot “help” me with my coupons. And by “help” I mean “dump my entire folder of nicely organized paper coupons in the aisle.” She’s cute though.

scarlette_targetIf you haven’t used Cartwheel yet, I’m going to introduce it to you now because y’all know I like saving money at Target (here is a post with tips and tricks for how I score great clearance deals and how to shop the secret toy sale) and I use this app all the time.

How To Use The Target Cartwheel App

– Download the free Target Cartwheel app to your iPhone or Droid phone.

– Scroll through the app to find coupons that you want to use and then add them to your Cartwheel list.

– The offers can be used multiple times. So, if you added an offer for 10% off of a certain brand of orange juice, you could buy 4 bottles of orange juice in one transaction and the discount would be applied to all 4 bottles of OJ.

– You start with 10 empty spaces on your list to fill with offers. You can earn more spaces by unlocking badges. You are awarded badges by referring friends to the app, reaching certain savings milestones, and through other interactions with the app. I think I have fifteen or twenty empty spaces that I can fill with coupons now.

– At checkout, hold up your phone to let the cashier scan the barcode and it will apply ALL of the coupons and discounts that you added. (If you don’t want to use the app on your phone, you can login on your desktop computer, add the coupons you want and print a barcode that the cashier can scan for you.)

My Favorite Features Of The Target Cartwheel App

– You can scan any item in the store and it will tell you if there is a coupon for the item in the Cartwheel app. So if I’m trying to decide between two similar items, I can scan it and BOOM. Item with a coupon wins. When I am finished shopping, I typically take my cart to an out-of-the-way area and then scan the items in my cart and add the coupons to my cartwheel app. It’s a serious money saver.

– You can link it with your facebook account and it will show you what offers your friends have added. You can choose to keep the offers you add to your list private (and certain categories, like undies, are already set to private), but the social share feature is helpful so that you don’t miss good offers. I might have missed the 20% off offer for The One Spot if I hadn’t seen it show up under my friends feed.

– You can stack discounts and Cartwheel with any other Target discounts or coupons, manufacturers’ coupons and your REDcard discount!

ETA: be sure to read through the comments of this post- there are some great tips that I didn’t know about!

So how about that $1,000 Target GiftCard®?!

Just leave me a comment telling me: What feature of the Target Cartwheel App is your favorite and you’ll be entered to win a $1,000 Target GiftCard®!

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The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 1/30 – 2/28.

Be sure to visit the Target Cartwheel brand page on where you can read other bloggers’ posts!


  1. Kristy says

    My favorite part is when they do the 1 day only 40-50 percent off deals. I check pretty much every morning just to see if one was added. Lol

  2. says

    I love that I get emails letting me know about the deals. I check me emails on my iPad, and I have the app on my iPad so I can quickly just add the offers. I have the cashier scan my cartwheel every time I go, even if I’m not sure what’s in it. I always have a savings. Sometimes .25 one time $16! I love it.

  3. traci says

    My favorite is that the coupons can be stacked with other target and manufacturer coupons. I didn’t know about that because I am new to Cartwheel but that’s exciting to me because you usually can’t use more than one coupon for an item. : )

  4. Sarah Babin says

    I love being able to sometimes “double-dip” on sale items. Oh and a coupon for popcorn from the Snack Bar stays in the cart ALL THE TIME. And in order to shop in peace, 10% off that popcorn for my kid is totally worth it.

  5. Megan says

    Love that you can set things to private, it’s helpful if you buy gifts for friends and family in advance but don’t want any surprises spoiled!

  6. gabby says

    i so love the not having to print coupons. somehow my darling children have broken both printers in my house. SO– i could not live without the mobile function. xoxo

  7. jenny says

    I love how they will have the item on sale in store and then with Cartwheel you can get even MORE percentage off!

  8. Ellery says

    My favorite part of the Cartwheel app is shopping for what I need and then scanning everything to see if there are any coupons. This allows me to not shop coupons, but buy what I need and be surprised at the end if I can save a little money.

  9. Dawn h says

    My favorite feature of the Cartwheel app is that the deals can be stacked with other coupons. Last week, I saved over $13 just using Cartwheel on the white sale items! My boys love that there are deals for the cafe. :)

  10. brittney says

    I LOVE scanning to see what I have a ‘coupon’ for…totally helps me decide what I NEED! Haha! It just makes me feel better about buying things I shouldn’t be:-)

  11. Tara says

    I love that I can scan the items in my cart, takes me back to my cashier days. Also love the double dip- coupons on cartwheels for items already on sale. And of course, gotta love that it shows total $ spent!! Combined with the red card, I saved like $100 last year!

  12. Aimee waters says

    I looove Cartwheel!!! I love the scan a product feature.

    (Actually I love everything about it, but that’s just one. Ha!)

  13. Nicole kerr says

    I love that they offer huge one day discounts. I’ve taken advantage of those several times!

    Also I love that they almost always have toddler clothes on sale. My minions grow to fast!

  14. Tasheena stuart says

    My favorite feature would have to be the barcode scan in the app to pull up coupons. It’s like a treasure hunt and my 3 year old loves to help and gets just as excited when we “find” an unexpected coupon for an item. I also love that there is almost always a coupon for diapers and formula.

  15. Fee K. says

    my fave feature is that you can scan the UPC to see if it’s on sale. I also love that you can stack it with their mobile coupons from target and that the mobile coupon and the cartwheel UPC code can be added to your passbook for easy scanning at the checkout! Best App!

  16. Nicole monahan says

    I didn’t know that I could scan stuff to see if there is a coupon available. That is fantastic! I do love that you can use the coupons over and over until they expire.

  17. Elisa says

    I admit I haven’t used the app yet, but I love the idea of not taking paper coupons for my littles to throw all over. And one barcode to cover all the coupons is just brilliant.

  18. Amanda C. says

    I don’t have a smart phone, so I love that you can use your computer to download coupons and print the barcode instead. When I do get a smart phone, I make sure to take fuller advantage of this app.

  19. jessica says

    I didn’t realize you can scan, I love browsing the coupons. I make my list from what they offer so I can make sure when I go I’m only buying sale items :)

  20. KriStine says

    I love all things Target! I also hate paying full price for ANYTHING.

    I love that I can’t forget cartwheel at home. Like I tend to do with paper coupons.

    I already have a Redcard so I never pay full price but all the little add-on discounts really add up!

  21. Shaun renee paulsen says

    I like that you can use a Cartwheel coupon several times. I didn’t realize that till I used it several times and it still came up in my list.

  22. Elizabeth says

    I love the ease of quickly browsing Cartwheel in-store to see if there is a coupon for the item I’m looking at- especially during impromptu Target trips!

  23. shawn baker says

    By far my favorite aspect of the app is that I get emails telling me that there is an awesome one day coupon!! It helps me not miss deals on items that I would have spent more money on anyways! Amazing way to save big!

  24. Lauren Wood says

    I like the fact that I can stack Cartwheel deals with mobile coupons, Target coupons and manufacturer’s coupons! Cha-ching!

  25. says

    I like how you can search items. So it I’m looking for eggs, they will show me which ones they have a coupon for and I can add it to my app while shopping to make sure I get the best deals.

  26. Salomea says

    I love that you can stack offers with other deals and coupons!! I also love that you can scan any item and it will search for coupons for you – what a time saver!!

  27. says

    I love that I can use the coupons over and over until they expire, plus, I really needed a big pot for cooking, and I got one using my cartwheel for 40% off!

  28. says

    My favorite feature is that it’s MOBILE. I don’t have to clip or bring anything special to the store. I usually do a quick scan of the app while I’m in the parking lot before going inside.

  29. Robin says

    I have the app but have only looked at it a few times, it seemed confusing – but this sounds easy! I love stacking coupons too.

  30. christi in ma says

    I love using the app to find deals and bargains in the store. I don’t have to plan ahead by looking for coupons and then going to Target.

  31. Casey says

    It sounds kind of silly, but I love the fact that I can make some coupons private. I am pregnant and we wanted to keep it a secret for a little while, but I do love to share about my cartwheel savings, so it touched my uber sensitive pregnant self that maternity items were automatically private!

  32. Jenna Alexis says

    I love the app because 1. It saves me money and 2. It’s completely convienent to have coupons on my phone.

    I work at a mall, in a store that is right next to target, this is really dangerous due to the fact that I have a “I must go in to target and see what I can find for cheap” disease. And this disease is uncureable. Plus as a college student who has works 30 hours a week. I do not have time to cut coupons, and cartwheel has literally saved me tons.

    Ohmy. I can only imagine how much I could buy with $1000 from target..

  33. Shannon says

    I’ve been using the Cartwheel app for a while, but had no idea that I could scan things in my cart & it would tell me if there was a coupon for it. Genius! That’s my new favorite part!

  34. says

    I love those deals that show up in my email that are only good for a day or two because they are HUGE discounts. I got a new set of 500 thread count sheets for 50% off literally the very day after our dog had destroyed our current set! It was fate, I tell you.

  35. says

    My favorite feature is the one barcode- I hate being that person that holds up the line so i can save a couple bucks. With cartwheel all the coupons get combined, its wonderful!!!!! :)

  36. says

    I have to agree with the whole bar code scanning feature. I do the *exact* same thing as you. Compare and scan and then, right before checking out, do one more quick scan of the random odds and ends in my cart to see if anything else had a discount. I use the Target Debit Card also which results in an additional 5% discount with no interest or anything as the amount is deducted right from my bank account as if I used my traditional debit card — LOVE IT.

    Oh, and, it’s also awesome that my galaxy has a Cartwheel widget so I can have the barcode right on my screen and at my fingertips at all times. If I accidentally close the app, I’m not fidgeting around searching through my 100+ apps to get Cartwheel open, I can simply go right to my homescreen and VOILA, there it is.

  37. Jan Connair says

    Hey, whoa, I didn’t know this app existed, so thanks! I don’t have a data plan on my phone, so my fave feature is going to be that I can use my computer to load up, then print a barcode for use in the store. Going to check it out right now.

  38. AMY says


  39. Sarah jr says

    I love getting emails about which new cartwheels have arrived and also the ability to scan my items for a matching cartwheel.

  40. Austin says

    I love using cartwheel. Although I’ll admit it’s really just an excuse to buy more things from target because I can’t resist a good deal.

  41. Wendy O. says

    I’m SO in love with the Cartwheel app. I can’t just list one favorite thing. I love that you can use coupons multiple times (usually 4 times in one trip, and up to 6 times in a day). I also appreciate that Target has wifi in their Stores, so I can access Cartwheel on my iPod (I’m still old school and don’t have a smartphone). I also like that you can print out your barcode and your personal barcode never changes, so I carry it around in my wallet in case I know I have a deal but I’ve forgotten my iPod. I’ve saved over $40 so far, and that’s only in 3 Target trips. It’s been immensely helpful! :)

  42. Mary says

    I love being able to use the coupons mutliple times on multiple different items! If i realize I need another towel or set of sheets and I already used the coupon, I can still use it again! I also like that the coupons work on items that are on sale (not clearance). Makes me feel like I’m getting a great deal.

  43. Sandra S. says

    I love that you can now choose if you would like an item to be private when adding items to your cartwheel!!!! This comes in handy when you are shopping for gifts!

  44. Karen says

    I can’t wait to try this, I love that I don’t have to find and bring anything with me ahead of theme and can just scan there.

  45. Sarah M says

    I love that you can scan items to check if their are coupons for them. It’s a great way to get coupons on the app that you may not have seen! Plus I love being able to stack the coupons and get the extra 5% from my RedCard. :)

  46. Lisa Brown says

    I like that the app it alerts you to when items you like and buy are on sale. Also, you can receive more discounts with the app, saving even more money.

  47. Becky G says

    I love that there is only one barcode for all of your items! Its so simple! (Secondly I love that you can search by categories…makes it extra easy as well!)

  48. Linda says

    I love that I can get what I need and then scan the stuff in my card to see if there are any coupons I can use. I save money and I get to scan stuff!

  49. Melissa Valencia says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the convenience of not having to bring paper coupons because I ALWAYS forget them…. and when I do I forget my cell phone? Hardly never! So the great deals are always with me!

  50. Kelli says

    Love this app, for me it’s the simplicity of the search the other day I wanted to see if any meats were on sale so I searched “meat”, and all the coupons came up!

  51. Shannon says

    I love the fact that it is on my phone and I don’t have to bring anything extra with me to the store! And also the scan thing, which I di not know about, being a new user myself :)

  52. JennyG says

    I just love that it’s on my phone — I can add stuff while in the store and no printing (oh and then leaving them at the printer as I go to the store…)

  53. Danielle says

    I think it’s great that you can use the discount on multiple items. I like to stock up when something is on sale!

  54. Heidi Monty says

    I love the cartwheel app because I am horrible at keeping track of paper coupons. I love the running total they give you of how much you have saved… I think in the first month of using it I saved almost 30 dollars! Plus, it is actually stuff I use and it’s not coupons for processed foods… they put produce on the cartwheel!

  55. Mary says

    I love that you can stack the coupons with others. Also, I need to know about that cup holder you have on your cart. I always start my Target shopping w/ the popcorn/soda combo (popcorn for the little, soda for me) and I NEED that cup holder!

  56. Kim Stephens says

    I love the convenience of having the app on my phone and I love that they always have coupons for the stuff I’m buying at Target anyway. Even if it’s just 5% off and I’m saving pennies, I still get all excited when I see my total go down!

  57. Pam C says

    Definitely the best thing about Cartwheel is being able to stack savings (with paper coupons). Because it’s so easy, it’s like free money.

  58. Ashley says

    Love the Cartwheel app. Seriously, easiest way to use coupons EVER. Every single store should have an app that is that easy to navigate. Think of all the trees that would keep their lives

  59. Samantha says

    I don’t have a smartphone, so I can’t use the app, but if I did, I would love the ability to use mobile coupons! I always forget or lose the paper ones. :-)

  60. Katie says

    LOVE the cartwheel app. My fave feature is that you can stack coupons with it. This past weekend I used manufacturer coupons + target coupons + the cartwheel app + my red card and saved $17!!! For a newb couponer this was HUGE! Never mind my biggest savings was on 3 bags of M&Ms, let’s just focus on that amazing deal! :)

  61. Beth says

    What a crazy good give-away!! Wow! So I started using Cartwheel about 6 months ago due to your recommendation and LOVE it! Sometimes my pregnancy brain completely forgets to show it to the check-out person, and then I kick myself as I’m loading things into the car for missing the savings (ha). I had NO IDEA you could scan items to see if they had coupons. What a life saver! I’ve been trying to look them up manually. I am so going to try this feature next time I go! Thanks so much for all the great tips! And yes, Scarlette is adorable in those pics :)

  62. Julie says

    I just downloaded the app last week but didn’t use it because I didn’t buy anything I thought I had a coupon for. I like the scan feature and will have to try that, and I also appreciate that you can sign up with only your e-mail address now. I don’t like having things tied to my Facebook account (for privacy and not to clutter up others’ news feeds), so having e-mail sign-up was key for me.

  63. Jessica Jones says

    Wow, this is an amazing giveaway!! I think my favorite feature of cartwheel is that you can stack manufacturer coupons, target coupons AND cartwheel. I mean, it’s savings on top of savings! You just can’t go wrong.

  64. Lika says

    I love that you can use other coupons as well and I love that you can scan for deals. It’s a little weird how much I love scanning!! :)

  65. Allyse says

    I ALSO love the scan feature of the Cartwheel App. My favorite neighborhood Target cashier told me all about it and gave me a little tutorial when they released the feature, as he knew I was an avid saver! I, too, am known to hide in the corner scanning all the items and cheering myself on with each new deal!

  66. Michelle Allred says

    I love that you can scan items you are looking at in the store and it will search for coupons for you. So time effective!

  67. says

    my favorite feature is just tracking how much I’ve saved. In the few short months that I have used Cartwheel I have saved over $120 just in cartwheel savings alone!! I LOVE TARGET. The End.

  68. BRIANA says

    I love that I can shop/add sale items to my cartwheel and print the list before I go to the store. That way I don’t forget anything on my list.

  69. Deidre sieck says

    I am terrible at cutting coupons and then bringing them with me. I love that the coupons are on the phone. Problem solved!

  70. Heather L says

    I love being able to scan the barcode in the store. I have terrible mommy memory loss (9 years later) and it’s the easiest way to see if I’m missing out on a deal!!

  71. Heather P says

    I am new to cartwheel, but I love the fact that when I’m in Target I can check to see what I have – esp. if I find something that isn’t on my list. Plus I’m loving all these other tips that I just learned!

  72. carol greinke says

    I have not been successful using cartwheel at two different targets near my house…I cannot get the app to connect to the internet…I would love for it to work for me b/c I would like to start shopping at target more and saving $$.

  73. Lexi says

    Love not having to clip coupons. I usually forget them or they are expired! No hassle ! Like how you can use with manufacturers coupons too!

  74. Shawn Marie says

    I’m terrible at remembering to bring paper coupons with me to the store, so I live Cartwheel’s convenience!

  75. Rachel tilly says

    I’ve never used the app, (actually never heard if it til I read this blog post!) but I am super impressed! I think one if thd most helpful aspects is that you just have to scan one barcode to get all the discounts you loaded. Awesome!!

  76. Christine Schwab says

    I love that you can scan your cart to see if there is a coupon match. I also love that I can stack coupons!

  77. Jenna says

    as an elementary school speech therapist, i am always spending my own money to come up with fun and creatively themed therapy activities. that being said, i love how this app always includes deals on relevant holiday items. i also rely on the dollar spot to fill my “treasure box” where kids can earn prizes for working hard, so i love that 20% off coupon.

  78. says

    I love that I can have them scan the barcode on my phone or print out just a barcode instead of all of the coupons and I also love that I can scan anything and it will tell me if there’s a coupon for it!

  79. Erica W says

    Definitely the scanning! I like to preload as well, but you never know what you’ll wind up walking out with on what started as a simple trip for wrapping paper and a birthday card!

  80. Julie says

    I’ve never used the cartwheel app, but from your post, I like the idea that you can scan the item to look for the coupon. Seems so easy!

  81. JessieJ says

    I love that it’s always with you since it’s on your phone. If I go to Target on a whim without any planning, I still have a pocketful of coupons to chose from.

  82. says

    I love coupons that are always with me (on my phone!) It’s so nice to not have to remember the coupons or take ones I won’t end up using! (I just wish I could figure out how to use it. Can’t seem to get it to work…)

  83. Cari says

    I love that I can add stuff as I’m shopping! I never “stick to the list” at Target, and I like that if I find something I can’t live without, I can check to see if there’s a cartwheel to add for the item. Love it!

  84. Laura says

    I love having access to coupons on my phone instead of printing them out. I’ve just downloaded the app and look forward to using it (and telling my husband about it.)

  85. hEIDI wHITFORD says

    I LOVE the scanner, it makes it so simple. I also just really love that it reminds me of playing “cashier” as a child!!

  86. Laura stanley says

    I love that I can scan the items in the store. No more looking up coupons ahead of time – let’s face it, no one has time for that.

  87. says

    I love the cartwheel at. I’m always using it and sometimes when browsing it at the store I remember things I forgot to put on my list…or things that well are a great deal because of cartwheel.

  88. says

    My favorite feature of the Cartwheel app is that it’s right on my smart phone and I don’t have to worry about clipping or finding coupons. I like that it is real time and I can be in the store and scan to see if something has a coupon.

  89. says

    I love that you can just show them the barcode and that scans ALL the applicable coupons. So much better than carrying around a bunch of clipped coupons.

  90. Natalie says

    My favorite feature is that you can use cartwheel on top of coupons, target coupons and my redcard to save even more money!

  91. Vicki ellen says

    We just discovered this app recently as well! A kind Target employee showed us how it worked and we were sold :). I don’t have any good tips, but certainly share the love of scanning an item and discovering a coupon. Even the kiddos will ask if something they are considering buying has a coupon in the app :). Yay Target!!

    Blessings, Vickiellen :)

  92. amber says

    love that u can stack other coupons with it, and u can scan an item in store to see if there’s a cartwheel offer that matches it

  93. Samantha says

    I love that you can combine with other offers, I’ve gotten close to 70% off an item after it was all said and done!

  94. Amanda says

    I’d love to win! My favorite feature of Cartwheel is being able to sort by discount and finding the high-percentage coupons! Also the coupons for things I always buy — even the small amounts add up!

  95. Daniele says

    I love how they seemingly know the exact right time to discount toddler clothes, diapers, or whatever is in our “Must Get NOW” list :)

  96. says

    I’ve been meaning to try this app since I see a lot of my friends posting on FB. I’m getting it now!! :)

    I love that the coupons can be stacked and you can find out on the spot if there are coupons available!

  97. Phyllis says

    I love Target so the mere fact I’ve missed this app is surprising. I just downloaded it and made a trip to the store. While none of the items I needed had a coupon, I do plan on checking the coupons periodically to make the best use of my Target trips. I’m hooked!

  98. ANA roat says

    I love the stacking feature as well. We have very little opportunity to double a coupon in my state so this feature really helps.

  99. Ashley C says

    My favorite feature is that no printing is required! I love just being able to show my card and voila! Done! Easy!

  100. June Lisle says

    I love how you can use the cartwheel deals on top of store deals. I also love how you can kind up level up your account as you go.

  101. Nicole says

    I love being able to scan! Of course I like to look ahead but the scanner is revolutionary to coupons. Thanks for the giveaway!

  102. Anastasia says

    My favorite feature has to be being able to scan barcodes and look for deals while you shop! That makes it so easy to find deals on things on the fly! I love saving, but there isn’t always a coupon for what I want, so being able to scan and find a deal is awesome! :)

  103. says

    I love the 1 day big sales. I scored a Furby Boom 1/2 off before Christmas. My kiddo wouldn’t have gotten that without it as we already had the Furby from the year before. She really loves Target. :)

  104. Robin Monosa says

    I love that you can stack the co upons with other mfg deals too! I love that it allows you to scan the prices and I love that it emails you the deals so I know what is on sale. Most of all I would LOVE the change to win the $1000!!!! thanks for the offer! I love your blog.

  105. Sarah Savage says

    I love the Weekly Ad section of the app that lets you double-dip! I also love that you can combine Cartwheel offers with Target coupons on their site, plus manufacturer’s coupons, PLUS RED card discounts! In just 3 months, I have already saved over $60 just with Cartwheel :)

  106. Alison says

    I love that you can easily browse by category and find what you are looking for! (Especially if you don’t check until you are in the store like me!)

  107. becca says

    I haven’t used it yet (just downloaded it) but I love that I can use my phone for everything. It is one of three things I’m guaranteed to have with me at all times.

  108. Leslieann says

    I love using the Target Cartwheel app. I can look for the items that I need to buy and see if there is a coupon. I can double up on the coupons from cartwheel, manufacture and use my red card 5% discount.

  109. says

    There’s nothing better than saving time and having your coupons handy on your phone which is with you at all times! So that’s an amazing feature.

  110. says

    I’ve been using the Cartwheel coupons online for a little over a month now, but I just downloaded the app. I love that you can stack the cartwheel discount with a Target coupon and a manufacturer coupon. Even if the Cartwheel app is a small percentage off, when you stack that savings with your other coupons, it adds up!

  111. Michelle S says

    I like that there is ONE main barcode for all items so that you don’t have to flip through each one for scanning.

  112. megan says

    I have never heard of this app. How did I miss this?! I will love being able to have my coupons digital and also being able to just give one barcode for all my savings, instead of scrolling through my phone to each one. This is awesome.

  113. Sadie B. says

    I love that you “can stack discounts and Cartwheel with any other Target discounts or coupons, manufacturers’ coupons and your REDcard discount!” I love to be able to combine coupons and save money!!

  114. Meg P says

    I know everyone else has said this, too, but I do love that I can stack Cartwheel with other Target & manufacturer’s coupons. Great deals!

  115. Jenna says

    I like that they have 50% off on a lot of new products that come out so you can try them at a cheaper price. You just have to check cartwheel often to grab good deals

  116. Brooke Greenstreet says

    Hands down the BEST thing is saving money without flipping through coupons at the store! Love it! One barcode scan and save!

  117. Nicole Whiteside says

    There are so many things that I love about the Cartwheel APP! I love that you can stack coupons with the app and I absolutely love that you can browse in catorgories!!

  118. Michele Staples says

    I love the scan feature. So as I’m putting items in my cart I can see if there’s a corresponding coupon.

  119. Ashley Wolfe says

    I love that even though many of the offers say they exclude clearance, they still apply to clearance items most of the time, when in doubt just try to use Cartwheel on clearance items and you may luck out and get a discount on top of clearance! This December I was able to get a $40 folding table for only $16 thanks to a 40% off Cartwheel offer, and a coupon stack!

  120. Ame Franks says

    I love being able to scan an item and see if there is a discount. I actually scanned a picture frame WHILE I was checking out and saved 15%!

  121. Lindsey kelley says

    I love the 1 or 2 day coupons. I got Halloween costumes and accessories for 50% off this year for all 3 of my kids. Beats waiting until it goes on clearance and being picked over.

  122. AMber greuel says

    The first area I check out when I open my Cartwheel app, is “hot deals”. I just love to glance through what is the best of the sales offered through Cartwheel. I am a pretty huge fan of Target…so, it is safe to say I have saved nearly $150 on Cartwheel :)

  123. Angela says

    I love the scan feature.. use it all the time.. It’s like a sweet surprise to save a few pennies on something that I wasn’t expecting. :)

  124. carly says

    I love scanning items with the cartwheel scanner and being able to combine all my coupons with it! I’m a targetaholic!

  125. Katie Kirsch says

    I just love the scanning feature. I think I jumped with joy when I discovered it. I’m up to over $80 on my savings, I think I shop at Target too much 😉

  126. Tammi says

    I love the mystery of it! You never know what can pop up on there so it makes it fun to use! At first it was boring with just 5% offers, but now they throw some good 50% offers quite a bit!

  127. Cindy calvert says

    I love being able to scan items at the store and see if there is a discount! Also love when there is a discount on clearance items!!!

  128. Courtney j says

    I love the convenience of it! Portable and you can scan any item to check for coupons. Being able to stack coupons is an added bonus! Love love love Target!

  129. KARA says

    I love that cartwheel always works for me with clearance…even when it says it won’t!! Plus, when I first found out i was pregnant, I loved the secret option!! Now it doesn’t matter, but I didn’t want a coupon spoiling our surprise :) Also, I can never get the scan feature to work…it makes me super sad!! I wonder what I am doing wrong…it just gets the little dots, but nothing ever shows up…

  130. Rachael V. says

    I love that you can stack discounts! Whether it be in store sales, Target mobile app coupons, manufacture coupons and Red Card discount! I save so much money every time I go to Target…and that is a lot =)

  131. Amy says

    Hi hi hi! I looooooove cartwheel aside from the fabulous discounts.. i love the social feature. I’m super nosy, I like seeing what my friends are buying lol

  132. Francine says

    I LOVE that I don’t have to carry in and flip through a ton of coupons to save some extra money because with little ones in tote that is very difficult to do, however, if I do have coupons they are stackable, win-win!!!! so easy to use and almost every single trip there is something that qualifies for a discount that I was going to buy anyway!

  133. Heather H says

    I love the scanning option. To stick to a budget, I try to only buy things in my list. Scanning an item can give me a little bit extra off.

  134. says

    I have a bit of a Target addiction and the Cartwheel app doesn’t help :) I love the scan option. I scan everything in my cart. It’s quick and easy. I also love that I can combine with other coupons and discounts. I luck out and have Cartwheels work for clearance items ALL the time. Lastly, I think it’s neat that keeps a running tally of what you saved and friends activity. It’s more than just a money saver!

  135. SaraBeth Levesh says

    I had no idea you could scan! Learn something new every day. I love the stackability of all the different ways to save!

  136. jane says

    I love that you can scan an item to see if it has a cartwheel offer…it’s extra nice when the item is also on sale and you have a coupon. I have gotten some amazing deals!

  137. kalen nevarez says

    My favorite feature is that I don’t have to print out coupons and that I don’t have to plan ahead before i go to the store.

  138. Heather says

    I like the high value Cartwheel deal, then being able to stack them with sale prices (or even better, clearance prices), along with manufacturer coupons and a Target coupons!

  139. Melissa Fetterley says

    I love the scan feature. When you are in the store you can just scan what you are going to buy anyway and then find out if there is a deal. I love it shows my running total savings.

  140. TraciE toth says

    I love so much about cartwheel! I live to sort my browsing by highest % off or newest additions. Love the barcode scanner as well!

  141. Maegan says

    I LOVE that you can use the Cartwheel app to scan items and check prices and coupons!
    Often, Target items ring up at a higher clearance percentage off than they are marked (especially seasonal items) and it’s a great way to check those things! Also, it’s more convenient than dragging your whole cart to the built-in target “price check” scanners!

  142. Michelle Fritsch says

    I love the days before Christmas when they have special Cartwheels for 40-50% off things that you normally would love as gifts but could not afford!

  143. says

    I absolutely LOVE that you can scan an item and it will tell you if there is a coupon for it. SO easy! I also love that you can sort by discount. I’ve bought a lot of fun things that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford! :)

  144. Michelle says

    I love that you can add them after your in the store and the more you use it the more s spaces you get to add more coupons.

  145. Nicole says

    I love the way you can browse by collection, more specifically the Hot Deals section. Life is busy and I don’t always have time to search through every last item offered on the Cartwheel app, but if I at least go to that section, I know I will save the most money on those products!

  146. Amanda says

    I love the extra discounts and seriously… The search bar! That way, when I’m standing in line with the extra things in my cart, I can quickly search for a coupon!

  147. Bonnie says

    I like being able to print the Cartwheel page once the discounts are selected, since I do not currently have a smartphone. So great they did not forget us non-smartphone users!

  148. Tiffany s. says

    I’ve never used this app before but I had heard of it. Now that I know how to use it, I’m totally downloading it!

  149. Jennifer says

    I just love having the app on my phone. In still new to using cartwheel so it looks like I need to play with it more after reading all the comments

  150. Tammy Findeis says

    I love the ability to scan an item to see if there’s a cartwheel offer available and I love seeing how much money I’ve said so far!

  151. Joana says

    I love that the app keeps track of how much I’ve saved. It is always the first thing I check after I get home from my shopping trip. With a family of three on one income saving money is something I have taken on as a part time job and I feel very accomplished to contribute to my family in that way.

  152. jennifer says

    I love that I can add to it while I shop! Saving even a few dollars is worth it! Especially when I pair it with target coupons!

  153. StephY says

    I love the convenience of the Cartwheel app! It is so simple and easy to use & has great features. Just a quick scan to search if there are any additional savings for your items and you’re ready to check out…Love it!

  154. Joanna d. says

    I love that you can scan anything to see if there is a discount code for it! Jut today I officially saved over $100 just from cartwheel!

  155. Katy Miles says

    I love being able to scan items as I add them to my cart. I walk around the store scanning anything that is already on sale or when I have a target coupon as well. I use it almost every day and almost up to $100 in savings!

  156. Lori b says

    I love that you can stack with the app!!! I didn’t know you could scan items to see if they are on there!!!! I must go check this out!!!

  157. Nicki says

    I love that the Cartwheel (when logged on through Facebook) tells me when my friends are at Target and what they are buying! That kind of sounds a little stalker-ish, but it’s really not. Sometimes they remind me that I need to go to Target as well an I always notice the great deals my friends have taken advantage of and then I go and add those deals to my Cartwheel as well!

  158. Junior says

    i love it when i find a extra discounts using cartwheel when you are at the store already. this gives more options to buy things you cannot use any coupon.

  159. Jacky Cornelissen says

    I love the convenience of it on my smartphone. I love that you can stack it on daily deals, like diapers for example, plus use their coupon plus get a target gc on top of it.

  160. Sarah says

    Cartwheel is always with me, my coupons are always stuck at home! I have a love/hate relationship with the one-day big discount offers…

  161. Kiri says

    I am always shopping with my 4 little ones and the app makes it so easy to use. My favorite part of the app is it has anything and everything ! Now I can find the majority of what I need on the app so it saves me money! Love it!

  162. Sharon k says

    I love that you can share deals with friends on Facebook. I always get so excited about my finds and I enjoy passing on the savings to others.

  163. Christina L says

    I like that I can print off my offers since I don’t have a smart phone. Being able to load it to my Redcard would be way better though!

  164. Darcie capo says

    I love how you can scan a product and search for coupons while you are at the store! I am always buying things that weren’t “on my list” so this helps me save on those items too.

  165. Kerrie says

    I LOVE the scan feature of cartwheel! When I find something I like I scan it and see if I pick it up that day or wait for a sale. Today while shopping for items for a benefit basket raffle I was making a kid bath basket and saw the circo bath towels on sale…and cartwheel! Score! I ended up saving $17.50 in cartwheel alone today! And got the customer behind me to sign up once she heard my savings!

  166. Christina says

    I like that it’s just my phone. I don’t have to worry about clipping coupons or forgetting my coupon book to get at least a little deal, or sometimes a big one. I love the new scanning feature the most!

  167. Jennifer says

    I love when they have the high value target cartwheels and then theres also manf and target coupons to match up with it!

  168. Ashley Holtmeyer says

    My favorite part the Cartwheel app is the rush I get and that awesome feeling when you use a high value cartwheel and stack it with another coupon to save big bucks! I also love the scanner in the app that allows you to match products up with available coupons. Love it all around!

  169. Sharon says

    Love that I can look up items on cartwheel in the store. No pre trip prep work. Can just add it to cartwheel as I put it in the cart. The scanning feature is really nice too!

  170. Tiffany barnes says

    My favorite thing about the cartwheel app is that I can stack it with manufacture and store coupons, triple the savings!

  171. Catherine croak says

    I love everything about this App! From saving on everyday items like milk to big percentage off random items. Also I love that it keeps track of my total savings so I feel like a real coupon diva lol

  172. Meghan says

    I love the ease of use of cartwheel! It’s so hard for me to use the paper coupons, and keep flipping through them to see what i have with my 1 year old always wanting to flip through them too ; )

  173. Jillian D says

    I have saved almost $50 using the Cartwheel app and it is so easy to use! My favorite deal so far was the 40% off one maternity item. I got some jeans and they are so comfy!!

  174. zuni cassio says

    I Love that If I know what I need to buy I dont have to go through all the item to see if that item has a discount I can just scan. And most of all that I get to save.

  175. says

    I like that I can scan a bar code and it will check to see if there is a coupon out there. It saves so much time in the store! I love Cartwheel!!

  176. Jennifer says

    I love how easy it is to use and how cartwheel has made me aware of products I didn’t know target had and save money on them. Just the other day I used it on smuckers natural jelly, which before seeing it on cartwheel I didn’t even know they had!

  177. JANA wEBER says

    Love the scanner feature. I quickly scan things as I put them into my cart to see if there’s a discount available. So easy and convenient!

  178. Nicole says

    I love that there are always amazing deals for kids and babies. I can always find great coupons to use for my 3 little ones!

  179. Aiza josEa says

    My favorite feature about the app is also being able to receive emails letting me know about the deals. I check my emails on my iPhone/iPad and I can quickly add the offers.

  180. Megan says

    I love that there is a scanning button. Its so simple to check your items before you ever put them in your cart !! I love any app that makes your money go farther !!

  181. Stacey j says

    I love the scan feature. If i dont have time to browse all offers, i just scan the items that I’m buying. Works great!

  182. Jennifer says

    I love that I can add things to my cartwheel while I’m in the store. Sometimes I can’t get to it before I head out the door. If I see a good deal, I gotta have it (and I never pay full price)!

  183. EUnice says

    Using the email login and print option now but all these posts make me want to try the app. Do love the Cartwheel savings regardless.

  184. Sarah Green says

    I love using Cartwheel, especially since I am usually shopping with a two year old (& soon to be newborn) – it saves me lots of time and money, not to mention less clutter from not using so many paper coupons!

  185. Katie says

    I love browsing the sales on my breaks at work and finding deals in sections if the store I would have otherwise skipped. And I love saving money!!

  186. Faride says

    My favorite part of Cartwheel is that as long as I have my phone with me, I have cartwheel. I also like that expired coupons get taken out and I have room to add more. Of course, I’m using the scanner before I hit the register! Don’t want to miss a deal!

  187. Brandy says

    My favorite feature of cartwheel is the fact that you can scan your items to see if there is an offer that matches up! This has saved me a lot of time trying scroll through the offers!

  188. Amber Colina says

    I love love LOVE adding cartwheel ontop of sales items but I love how instant the savings can be added to the barcode, especially when my husband springs unplanned items while we’re already in the store!

  189. Sadie says

    I like that you can scan items and it will tell you if there are coupons available, and I also like that you can stack cartwheels with other coupons.

  190. Anna Hielscher says

    What’s not to love?! I love everything about the APP, but I LOVE how much money I save each time i use it:)

  191. Amy says

    I Like the scanner. I used to add what I thought I would buy, but now I can wait till I’m at the store and scan what I actually end up purchasing. It helps me when I’m deciding between two brands.

  192. Jenn S. says

    I love when Cartwheel has diaper offers! It’s a fun app to use with the iPad for those of us with not- so smart smartphones.

  193. Angie says

    I love that you can use the app plus Target coupons AND manufacturer coupons. I have saved a ton! And I love the email specials they run from time to time for 50% off!

  194. says

    My favorite feature is that it’s mobile. I never used coupons at Target before until this app, and now I like knowing that I always have the savings on hand whenever I want to duck into Target after work. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  195. Rebecca says

    I love that you can match cartwheel up with other coupons and you can scan the bar codes while shopping. It feels like a little club when walking through target seeing other people with their phones out scanning bar codes to find a deal.

  196. chevonne asenap says

    My favorite Cartwheel feature is the scanning feature. It is awesome to find a Cartwheel discount on something that you were going to buy without the discount! I love to save money!

  197. BraNdi says

    I love that you can sort by discount so all the 40-50% off deals are at the top, although, I was unaware that you could scan an item and see if there is a cartwheel for it, so I think that is my new favorite! Thanks for the tips!!

  198. Carolyn W. says

    I love the one-day deals, too, when they offer a bigger discount. Both of my kids got Halloween costumes at 50% off!

  199. Megan says

    I love that Cartwheel always has extra savings on baby things! I have saved so much on formula and wipes over the last year!

  200. Brittney petRakovitz says

    I love that the Cartwheel app has so many deals. I can always find a few deals that help me save money on every shopping trip I go on. And of course who doesn’t love the ability to scan products!

  201. Kerry says

    I like that it requires no cutting coupons and I can load everything onto my phone right in the parking lot before I go inside the store.

  202. Malia Young says

    I love it when they have the 40-50% stuff on there once in awhile! I’ve just started using the scanner to see if there’s a cartwheel coupon on anything. So much fun!

  203. Dione says

    Since I am one of the few people in the world without a smart phone, I love the fact that I can still take advantage of the deals from my computer. I hate how many deals I miss out on because everything uses a smartphone only now.

  204. Jen E. says

    I love that the Cartwheel coupons change frequently and I check the site daily to see what is new. When a popular toy appears on Cartwheel I stock up my gift closet. I scored a nice deal on lego sets last Christmas.

  205. olga vorobey says

    My favorite part of the cartwheel app is the new search nice to not have to search thru everything but just scan everything in your cart to see if there is a bigger discount…love, love the cartwheel app..

  206. Cassie says

    my fave feature of the cartwheel app is being able to scan products in my cart to see if there is an eligible coupon for them 😉

  207. Lynn in MD says

    I love the new feature of scanning the product barcode to see if there’s a cartwheel coupon available. Saves me so much search time!

  208. Rebecca says

    I love the scanner. When I’m in the store and I see a good deal and I scan the item it makes it even better :)’thank you for your post!

  209. Vanessa says

    I like how you can see what other people have added to their cartwheel. I don’t always get a chance to check out everything that’s on sale and can usually figure it out between what my friends are putting on their cartwheels. Plus it helps to be able to share great deals with people based on those choices.

  210. Cristina says

    My favorite feature of the cartwheel app is definitely the scanner now to see if there is a coupon for that item. It’s definitely helped me save a bunch on random little things I’ve picked up while shopping.

  211. Sara V says

    I love how easy it is to navigate! Some times I fill up the 20 offers, so sorting by expiration dates helps me prioritize which offers to add. I try to tell as many people as I can so that they can save too :0)

  212. brittany says

    I love everything about cartwheel but I have to say I love being able to scan anything in the store to see if it comes up on cartwheel. Makes it so easy!!

  213. L Helt says

    My favorite thing about Cartwheel is saving money! They always have great deals on awesome stuff and i can use it over and over on top the sale price + Target coupon + Manufacturer’s coupon. Best deals were 50% off costumes, and 20% off carseats that ended up being half price after the sale and Cartwheel! Plus pictures make them super easy to find!

  214. Bre B. says

    My favorite part is that you can scan the bar codes of items to see if there’s a coupon for it. That’s amazing!!

  215. Jeanna says

    I love all of cartwheel, however, my most favorite is the scan feature. I just scan every item as I out it in the cart.

  216. Mehgann says

    loving that I can make an impromptu trip to Target (we all do them) and still save money since I have access to the cartwheel app. No more worrying if I have coupons or not, I can just go and save!

  217. Jennifer says

    Favorite part of cartwheel app are the coupons, of course!! Also being able to scan the item and see if there are any offers/specials :)

  218. Lisa says

    I love the feature they just added that allows to to scan the item to see if there is a coupon. No more missing items. I use cartwheel all the time!!!

  219. Heather J. says

    I love being able to scan the items I have in my cart and plan on buying to see if there is a cartwheel discount on them. Often there is!

  220. MIcheLle says

    I love so many things about cartwheel but I love the fact that you can combine with other coupons!!!! The 40 – 50% one day off offers are pretty awesome too!!!

  221. Elizabeth g says

    I love the new scan the barcode feature that allows you to see if there are offers for what you are buying :) I use it all the time!

  222. Susan Guyton says

    I love that you can use a target coupon, a manufacture coupon, the cartwheel app – and then put it all on the Target Red Card and save an additional 5% (if there is anything left after all those AWESOME coupon discounts). Target Rocks.

  223. Jackie says

    My favorite part of cartwheel app is that you’re able to to stack the offers with other coupons, making a good deal even better!

  224. Sopa says

    I like how convenient it is to just show the barcode to the cashier to receive all the discounts, especially when shopping with three kids under the age of 5!! No more trying to organize paper coupons. :)

  225. Regina says

    I love stacking!! Cartwheel, target coupon and a manufacturer coupon! It’s like getting paid to buy my favorite stuff!!

  226. Min says

    I love that I can buy up to 4 items per coupon. And I am not required to buy 4 at a time and yet can come back to buy the rest.

  227. Jessica johnSon says

    The fact it is mobile and doesn’t require paper coupons. Also that you can use this and their everyday coupons together. I’ve actually saved a ton on cookware with this app.

  228. Heather hanson says

    I love being able to scan to see if the item is available. Also, even though some items will say not applicable on clearance, it usually works anyway!

  229. Sarah g. says

    I love that you can print you cartwheel/barcode from home and it prints in a neat & tidy list so you don’t miss anything!

  230. Christa says

    Ahh Target, my happy place :) I like the feature where it shows you what’s trending. I can usually find the more popular coupons in this section. I also like where I can search by category if I need just one thing (which of course is never the case lol! )

  231. Sarah g. says

    I love that you can print your cartwheel/barcode from home and it prints in a neat & tidy list so you don’t miss anything!

  232. Heather says

    Love that you can just scan the item and it’ll pull up the coupon on cartwheel. Saves soooo much time and makes it super easy and user-friendly to use!

  233. JessiCa says

    I love the scan feature of the app as well as how much you saved. Nice to see the tally of how much money that you have saved in total

  234. Reena Ahuja says

    I am super new to all these target features. I just recently started using coupons then I added digital coupons and now I’m super excited about adding cartwheel deals. My favorite part is being able to use target digital coupons and the cartwheel deals by simply handing the cashier my phone to scan the barcode. Love it!! Who knew there were all these target apps and blogs. Thanks guys!

  235. Colleen says

    I am also a huge fan of the stacking. Manufacturer’s coupon target coupon and cartwheel combined make for some pretty stellar deals. I don’t understand why some people are so hesitant to use the Cartwheel app. It’s easy and a great money saver!

  236. Tracy Gabriele says

    I don’t have a smart phone, so I love being able to print my cartwheel list at home. I get an easy shopping list to use, there’s even spots for check marks.

  237. Kate n says

    I love that you can scan each item to find coupons instead of browsing through the categories for them. It’s nice to know you won’t accidentally miss one!

  238. Felisa says

    I love being able to use the scanner function on the Cartwheel app to scan the items in my cart to see if there is a Cartwheel discount for them!

  239. Holly says

    I love that I dont have to print anything! I currently only have access to my tablet unless my husband is home from work, and target coupins can’t be printed from my tab. So…cartwheel is great.


  240. Nicole says

    I love that I can use my Target coupons stacked with regular coupons on top of using the cartwheels. It makes for some great savings when I shop there!

  241. Marissa says

    I love that the discounts work on clearance items even when the fine print says they don’t. I’ve had several clearance items still receive the cartwheel discount!

  242. alissa says

    I didn’t use Cartwheel at first because I’m ‘technologically-challenged’, not having a smart phone. Now that I know better, I love that you can print the barcode and bring into Target to get the offers!

  243. Stephanie says

    I love love love being able to scan items. It’s so helpful! Plus, I always love being able to have electronic coupons on me.

  244. Carolyn says

    My favorite feature, since frequently the app won’t load on my phone in my local super Target (bad cell coverage), is my (your) barcode is the same every time. I printed the barcode one time, and have reused it every time when I go into the store, with the updated coupons I added. You can use the barcode up to six times a day…. which is awesome since I always remember something I forgot as SOON as I get HOME.

  245. Amanda says

    I like being able to use the cartwheel app with other target coupons and manufacturer’s coupons. On its own it sometimes doesn’t seem like much off, but being able to stack it with a bunch of other things makes for some great deals!

  246. Doreena Pelaez says

    My favorite Cartwheel feature is scanning the item to see if it applies. I have triplets so I buy in three’s, since I’m an avid Target shopper the Cartwheel app is a lifesaver.

  247. Tammie mabry says

    I love everything about it….It’s SO convenient. The scan feature makes it super easy and fun! I also like that a good deal is at my fingertips regularly!!

  248. Rebecca akselrod says

    I love that I can scan any products and it will let me know if there’s a coupon for it! No more cutting or printing out coupons!

  249. Karen says

    Since I don’t have a smart phone, I love that the barcode doesn’t change so I can keep an old one in my car in case I forget to print my list.

  250. Jill says

    I love that I can just scan the barcode! Makes shopping much easier then having to keep typing in the product in the search field.

  251. Leigh-Anne says

    I love that it is Eco friendly and organized. Plus, I always have my phone on me so there’s no forgetting my coupons at home. Great app target!!

  252. Chrysta says

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I LOVE Target for their cute and quality products and the opportunity to save in so many ways (Cartwheel, manufacturer coupons + Target coupons, gift card offers).

  253. Katie hooton says

    I love the barcode search feature on the Cartwheel app. I also love how they organize everything into “collections” so they are easier to browse.

  254. Ashley B. says

    I love the fact that you can use cartwheel with target and manufacturer’s coupons. They always have such good cartwheel coupons too. It’s a fun game to see how much I can save. And Target it makes it so easy to “clip” without the scissors and paper!

  255. Melissa says

    I love scan UPC code feature, which allows you to scan any target product to see if there is an active cartwheel coupon!!! Also LOVE LOVE LOVE that you can stack it with other target and manufacturer coupons. Love me some target and cartwheel app! <3

  256. Brenna D says

    I love cartwheel! Use it along with coupons and my Target debit card to save extra! I love how easy it is to add offers (right from my phone) and that you can see what deals your friends got too!

  257. Kristy says

    I love that you scan an items barcode to see if I can save using my cartwheel. My husband will even use this app…it only has to be scanned once!

  258. Erin says

    I love the scanning feature! It keeps my kids busy while shopping and helps them learning a bit about budgeting and spending!

  259. JenniFer says

    I love the scan your item feature, save some $ using it & I don’t have to scroll through a all the items in each section.

  260. Kelley says

    My favorite part(s) is the convenience of being able to save extra money at a store I love without having to cut with scissors :)

  261. Debi M says

    Since I practically live at Target… I really need this app, and am downloading it now. The scan feature sounds really great!

  262. Terri Moore says

    I love the scan the barcode too! Such a great way to instantly see if there is a deal and since Target has free Wifi super easy too.

  263. Betty C says

    Since I don’t have a phone that will take this app I like this fact (If you don’t want to use the app on your phone, you can login on your desktop computer, add the coupons you want and print a barcode that the cashier can scan for you.)

  264. beth H. says

    I love that Target allows you to stack the savings. Cartwheel app or Target coupons stacked with manufacturer coupons make everyday shopping a little more affordable. Thanks Target!

  265. Chris in texas says

    I like the scanner and i like stacking coupons, but most of all i love how it shows your total savings. i compete against my wife to see who has saved the most money for our little family :) We LOVE Target!

  266. Leslie M says

    I love that you scan the items in your cart, and save big. I also love when they have special 50% deals, like they did on Halloween costumes. I’ve saved so much money by using Cartwheel. I have infant twins, and it’s so nice to save on things like diapers and food.

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