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Pinterest_hair While I was browing pinterest I found this tutorial on how to make your hair curly without using heat  (ETA: I’ve been told that link doesn’t work for some people so try this video tutorial– it shows how to wrap and take down the hair. I wrap mine less spaced out but use about the same amount of hair for each wrap) and I was all skeptical about it. Because I’m a wee bit addicted to my hot rollers. I’m from the south, y’all. But it totally works and is my new favorite thing ever, so I wanted to share my tips:

1) She’s right about wrapping your hair loosely. I instinctually wanted to wrap smaller sections but the first time I tried this I looked a brunette Shirley Temple. Turns out, that’s not a good look for me.

2) If you have really thick hair like me, use two of the hair bands. I wrapped the top half of my hair and then put on another hair band and wrapped the bottom half.

3) It’s totally acceptable to swipe an elastic headband from your baby’s stash if you don’t own the sort of hair band she recommends. Don’t tell Scarlette.

4) I didn’t put my hair up again the second night, I just slept on it loose and sprized it with a little water in the morning. That day I had very, soft relaxed waves. I like that look best because I like to pretend I’m an Olsen Twin.

Have you tried/made anything you found on pinterest? Link me up!


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    I can’t see two hair bands in your hair, how did you do it with two? You’re like a hairband hiding ninja with all that hair! 😉 I just want to try and see how to place them when using two. Thanks

  2. says

    The other one was thinner & dark so it’s kind of hidden under the top one. If you look closely, you can see that from behind my ears on the hair is split in two sections, one sort of higher and one is lower down- I just put the two bands on and then split my hair in half, I pulled the top half through the top band and then I pulled the bottom half starting at right behind my ears through the second band. I hope that made sense!

  3. says

    Awesome! I saw a girl a few days ago wearing her hair twisted into a headband like this. I complemented her on it and she explained how it would make her hair curly – so much cuter than going out in rollers!

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    I totally love this!! I think I’m gonna try it. too bad I don’t have a baby to steal headbands from! lol. One thing I saw on Pintrest and tried also was with my hair. Everyone has seen it floating around Pintrest, the short bright red with purple hair? I totally did it! not the short part, but the red and purple. I did a post on my blog about it if you’d like a peek.
    thanks for sharing!

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    You look FAB!!
    I’ve actually tried a couple – I made the yarn wrapped letter – I did a number (5) and I made the canvases. I was totally going to blog about it this week (gmta!) so I need to get photos of MY projects….
    I’ve only been on Pinterest a month or so (if that) so I don’t have tons pinned but here’s my whole diy board…

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    I’ve wanted to try this, but my hair isn’t even quite shoulder length yet. So I’m really worried about crazy tight curls, which I think would be horrible on me!!!
    YOU look GORGEOUS. So adorable. Love the curls!!! They fit you so well. 😀

  7. says

    Definitely going to try this. And thanks for the tip a while back about pressing clothes with a flat iron! I don’t know why I never thought of that before!! I HATE to iron but have a few blouses and skirts that refuse to lay flat at the hem. Perfect solution!! Thanks!

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    I just tried this last night, and I found that it sunk down my head as the night went on because my hair’s too heavy and I started a couple of hours before bed. I also thought of 2 headbands, but I was going to do right side/left side. I’ll have to try it your way! :) I’m going to follow your pinboard on Pinterest if I can find you…I am addicted to pinning, I think!

  9. Tarasalinas@gmail.com says

    dude! i saw/did that one too!!! i loved it, except for i had the headband right at the top of my forehead and didn’t think it was that tight, but the next morning i had an indent that stayed all day. and bruised. awesomenot.

  10. Michelle says

    Totally trying this tonight. I have a 4-month-old and finding time to do my hair in the morning before work is near impossible!

  11. Michelle says

    As a follow up: My hair looks AWESOME today! And I got out the door in 15 minutes! Thanks for posting this!

  12. aranka says

    I tried it last night with my daughters’ hair, since my hair is short… She loved het curls, but the second band didn’t stay in her hair during the night, so she has the top part curled and the rest not. Next time better try it with dry hair!!

  13. says

    Been doing this all the time! I wrap it tight since my hair is short (above my shoulders) and it actually looks cute enough that I wear it out. I use a headband that matches my hair and people think it’s some crazy time consuming braid. I’ve gotten tons of complements :)

    Love the tip for using 2 bands though! That will be great for when my hair grows more because I am already having issues with just the one :)

  14. Lonnie says

    I don’t understand how your hair is pulled up!! Please help ! I see the headband do I pin my other hair over it ?

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