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How To Make Sock Bun Curls
I kept seeing this sock bun curls tutorial floating around Pinterest and decided to try it since I had such good success with my attempt at the no heat curls.

I like this one too because it doesn’t use any heat but it took me a few tries to get the technique down. I was looking for more tips and kept seeing blogs where people linked to the tutorial but then would say “oh but I used a curling iron in these pictures.” That is annoying. So I am sharing my tips with y’all. The pictures above have no extra styling, I just woke up, took down the bun and finger-combed with a little frizz-control serum.

Basically you just roll your very lightly damp hair up into a sock bun, sleep on it, and finger comb it out in the morning. You can use a sock like in the video tutorial or you can use one of these sock bun donuts.

Here are my tips for how to make perfect sock bun curls:

1) Put a little hair product in your hair before you roll it up. I used a little bit of light-hold spray gel over my damp hair and it definitely made the curls last longer. Redken Suspend is my favorite for loose waves.

2) If you use a sock, use a child sized sock for a tighter fit. Mine kept falling out so I picked up some little girl socks in the dollar spot at Target and they worked much better. Now I use the sock bun donut just because the hair sort of grabs onto it a little better.

3) Use two socks! Cut two socks like she shows in the video. After you’ve rolled your hair into the sock bun, pull the other sock over the entire bun. This will keep all of your hair in place and prevent it from falling out and frizzing while you sleep.

4) Don’t worry about covering the entire sock. Mine looked the best when only about half to three-quarters of the sock was covered with hair.

5) Practice! It will take a few times to sort of figure out the rhythm of rolling your hair into the sock. Go slowly and make sure your ends are tucked in nicely or they will look weirdly crimped. If you have layers, you’ll have to pull them into the bun as you go.

This is definitely now on my go-to list of quick and easy hair styles. The only downfall is that after you roll your hair up for the night, you kind of look like a Teletubby.

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    • amorette says

      I have short hair, too, and with many layers, so I changed it up a bit.
      I used a child’s-sized sock. I left out the bottom section of my hair so I could do a higher ponytail (which gets the curls closer to the head) I lightly water-sprayed the pony, then pretty thoroughly hairsprayed it and pushed it together from base to end(kind of hard to explain.. like if you were smoothing the pony from base to end) , and then re-water-sprayed it and re-smoothed it. Make sure you tuck in the hair that starts to stick out as you roll. It really, REALLY helps to roll in front of a mirror. And, finally, I took a second sock, rolled it up and put it around the bun, but don’t cut a hole in it, so the top of your bun is covered.

      I know the point of this is heat-free curls, but if you want, In the morning, with the sock that covers it still on, take your blow-dryer and hold it over your bun just to make sure your bun is COMPLETELY dry (because for us short-haired girls, even slightly wet will make the curls come out) and the heat also helps to set the hairspray. You could also mousse your whole pony instead of hairspray. Especially a mousse that is make for body or curls!

      Good luck! :)

      • amorette says

        oh, and what to do with the bottom section that I didn’t put in the bun –
        in the morning, before you take the top bun out, curl that small section with a curling iron. and since it’s such a small amount, it takes very little time. Again, I know, this is using heat, but it’s what worked for me!

    • Crickett says

      I have layers so I do one small one each side( near top of head). Then as far up as can get long layers.
      Hope it helps

  1. Krys says

    definitely trying this tonight!! yours look much better than the videos, how did you get the top to curl that much? my hairs too short to just curl at the bottom. it looks horrible! lol

    • Vanessa says

      I have straight baby fine hair too and have been doing this for years but just with a fabric scrunchie. I do a “two day” dry on my hair sometimes. Day one is in the bun and day two is down with curls. Everyone raves over my beautiful curls. (some times it takes 2 days for my hair to fully dry.)

  2. stephocracy says

    I had never seen this before, but I tried it last night. Holy man! Is my hair ever curly today! I was thinking of chopping my long hair off, but maybe I’ll keep it a little while longer and play around with styles courtesy of you tube. Thanks for posting this!

  3. says

    Thank you for all the tips!! I have my hair up still (as I’m working around the house this morning), but I’m excited to see how it looks before the birthday party this afternoon!! Your tips were very helpful, so here’s to hoping my hair looks like yours! 😉

  4. Jessica says

    Hey! I tried this putting my hair in a ponytail first but I woke up with a horrible crease. When I try it without the holder, it doesn’t stay tight enough. Did you have this problem?

    • says

      I have this same problem too. The first time I did it, all of my hair was damp, and I wrapped the ponytail holder too tight. The crease was horrible. However, I tried it again with my hair dry, looser ponytail holder, and used a spray bottle to get my pony wet, the crease wasn’t as bad. Once I got my hair the way I wanted it, it wasn’t very noticeable at all.

      • Andrea says

        I had this same problem. My hair creases if I have it in a ponytail for even 5 minutes, but I saw a post that recommended cutting a strip off the end of the sock and using it as the band. It is much less tight and this solved my problem. Hope it helps!!

    • Kathy says

      I use bobby pins to hold my hair in place over night. If your hair is too wet, I think that is why you get a crease. I use regular ponytail holders for the ponytail. I also lightly spray the bun with hairspray. If I am doing this during the day, (like 3-4 hrs before work or an event) I will use a little heat from my hair drier just to set the curls. I hope this helps. :-)

  5. Andy11 says

    this looks so amazing! too bad my hair is crazy short. plus i didn’t want to waste a pair of brand new socks! so i’m trying this with a sock, but i didn’t cut it. and i rolled my hair up in it via the inside… x my fingers!

  6. says

    I’m a big fan of this style of curling. I’m still getting the hang of it but already like it tons better than using a curling iron or rollers!

  7. Emily says

    I have tried this the original way-one sock- and while my hair doesn’t curl, it has amazing volume and fullness. But I have very thick, very straight, very stubborn hair. Even when I had a light perm it would go straight! Maybe the second sock will help as it did tend to fall out/slide down over night. What I would do for curls like yours!

  8. says

    So, of all the nights to try this, I tucked my hair in the first sock, put a second sock over it and went to sleep with happy thoughts of beautiful curls. I was supposed to watch my friend’s little boy the next morning. Of course, the alarm didn’t go off and I wake up to her husband banging on the front door. Threw on my clothes, threw open the door… and remembered the socks. His face was priceless. My hair looked good though. 😉

  9. Sarah H says

    I’m definitely trying this tonight! I wonder…I know you said yours held the curl at the top, but my curls tend to fell to the bottom. Do you think 2 sock buns, one with the top layer of hair and one with the rest of your hair, would keep the curl at the top as well? I might experiment with this =)

    • DianaL says

      yes.. i did mine first try last night, but i did princess leigha style. 2 buns o9n either side. my hair is crazy long so one sock didnt work, got to thick, but 2 was great!

  10. Amanda says

    So pretty. Did you have any problems with your hair creasing where your ponytail holder was? That was my problem. Pretty curls but a huge crease in my hair from where the ponytail holder was. Any suggestions on how to prevent this?

  11. Sarah says

    I tried this the other night and have a couple more hints. The first time I tried this, my hair was still damp in the morning (therefore curl-less) but I had a HUGE crease from the hair elastic. Not. Cute. However, round two- I started with my hair completely dry. I put my hair in a ponytail like in the video, but then also tied a string around it, knotted pseudo loosely and then pulled the actual hair elastic off leaving just the string holding my hair up (Full disclosure- it was actually dental floss- I didn’t have string laying around the house- mmmm, minty fresh….). I spritzed my pony tail with a small amount of spray gell and then rolled into the sock bun like in the video. When the bun was getting close to my roots, I VERY CAREFULLY snipped the string (dental floss) off, so that my hair was only being held up by the sock. I put in a few bobby pins around it (though the 2nd sock trick would work too) to make sure it stayed all night. The next morning- fantastic, heat free curls. L.O.V.E.

  12. says

    I tried this last night and woke up with beautiful, voluminous curls! They didn’t hold for very long though, but it was a pretty windy day also. I would recommend this for windy weather basically! But I was surprised at how well this works. I look down at the socks and think “how in the WORLD did these curl my hair?” haha

  13. Treva says

    This is how I use to do both of my daughter’s hair when they were younger. I always had mismatched socks that I would keep in a bucket for when I would do their hair. It was easier for them to sleep on that the pink sponge rollers and I didn’t have to worry about burning them.

    My oldest daughter has gorgeous straight hair (hard to curl and keep a curl) and using this method – her hair would stay curly pretty much all day. My youngest has curly hair and this would make the curls not as tight.

  14. okgirl says

    Yay, more pretty hair ideas! Can’t wait to try it. Must sacrifice a sock.

    I love the headband no heat curls–I actually started a sensation at work. We have to wear our hair *completely* up. Any style I tried always left me with strange creases and kinks when I took my hair down (no going straight out after work). Now, I shower, put my completely soaking hair into the headband, and go to work. That night, I wrap a scarf around my head to protect the semi-dry hair while I sleep. The next morning, I have dry hair and curls! Two hairstyles for five minutes of effort!! Fabulous! And my stylist is thrilled that I’m not drying my hair so much with the dryer–it’s healthier and so soft. Thanks!

  15. Jennifer says

    Hi! Saw a pin to this tutorial through pinterest. Was it hard to curl your hair since you had layers? Or it was easier to do so when you used smaller socks? I tried to do this once and the sock just kept sliding off and my layers were just everywhere (having asian hair sucks sometimes). All the tutorials I’ve seen, the girls didn’t have layers so I was wondering if you had advice on how to use the sock bun for layered hair girls :)

    • says

      I just went reallly slowly and tucked the layers in as I went. I also put some spray gel in my hands and smoothed it over the ponytail so that my layers mostly sort of stayed together. But yes, definitely rolling the layers into it as you go, the shorter pieces that fall out of the pony, was what did the trick for me. It just took longer! HTH!

      • Bethany says

        If your layers are shorter on top try rolling the top half of your hair in one sock and the bottom half in another!

  16. rachel says

    the first time i tried this with “damp” hair and my hair was still wet in the morning~ the next time i blow-dried my hair completely then sprayed with curling gel before rolling and it was perfect. layers get really hard though. and the ends were tighter ringlets than the middle section.

  17. says

    I have tried and tried and it just isn’t really working for me. I am having a ton of trouble getting my hair to roll up due to my layers- the bun ends up being huge and really loose. Will you do a video too?

  18. says

    Thank you so much for posting this! I tried the sock bun one night and had not so stellar results. I really appreciate the picture of you with it in so I have a better idea of how it’s supposed to look!

  19. Elyssa says

    I have tried twice and everytime my hair comes out super frizzy! And it just looks horrible the bun is tight though but it’s really hard to get the layers all in. What kind of spray gel did you use?

  20. says

    Okay…super cute! But…I watched the video and have no idea how to “roll up” my hair. Can someone explain this to me? I know, should be simple, but I’m totally lost! lol (Will you ping my website or email to let me know you responded so I know to look back please?)

    Your hair looks gorgeous!

  21. says

    this is super cool! trying it now…can’t wait till tomorrow morning. Hope it works because the ends are really hard to tuck in. Am a mum to a baby girl so really hope this quick trick works like yours…fingers crossed!

  22. Catherine says

    I discovered this trick quite by accident. I used this cool gadget (a rubbery-textured thing with a split in the middle and the ends clip together) to make a bobby pin-less bun for my daughter for ice skating. After she had her hair up for an extended time, when we took the bun out she had goreous curls! I want to try the sock trick for my own hair now that it’s getting long again!

  23. says

    Thanks for these extra tips. I tried the sock bun thing and it was a total bust. A little bit of wave at the ends of my hair. But I kept thinking maybe I needed a smaller sock because I used one of my hubbies and it was kind of thick. Definitely going to try again with theses suggestions!

    • gretchen says

      Same thing with me, I tried this last night and my hair looks like a big volumonous mess! I have like 1 good curl in the front and thats it…the ends crimped for some reason, I have 1 length hair so I don’t have any issues with layers or anything…I used an old men’s tube sock so i’m thinking it was too big. I’m going to try this with a smaller, thinner sock, maybe thats the trick…I also put it up with hairspray and water.

  24. Amanda says

    I have very thick layered hair and curls are always weighed down… Except when I use sock bun. Due to my thick layered hair, i make 3 mini buns! One on each side of my head, somewhat close to my part, and one in the back, kind of in the middle, I dampen my hair with a spray bottle, along with a very minimal amount of nofrizz gel (minimal reduces the weight), using a small child’s sock, roll away and like posted, cover with another small sock. No kinks for me! Much easier with my layers and tighter curls so as I go throughout the day, the curls loosen some but my hair is curly ALL day!

  25. ChelleS says

    I tried this last night with damp freshly washed hair and it did not turn out at all… all I got was big waves… any advice on trying it again?

  26. Grace says

    Mine turned out similar to yours when I recently tried this. Although, I had a weird crease at the top of my head from where the pony was. Any suggestions?

  27. Sara says

    I with someone with naturally curly hair like mine would show how to do this. I can’t just comb my hair, throw in some product, wrap it in a sock bun and viola, perfect curls. Curly hair acts WAY differently than straightish hair i.e. combing=death. I tried it after I got out of the shower but my hair didn’t dry by the morning and it was a mess.

  28. Abby says

    Thank you! I always fix my hair with a sock bun (of course it’s a tight bun) and everytime I let down my hair for the night I always say “man I wish I could get curls all over like this” now I can try this out! YAY! I’m super excited and can’t wait to try. =) thank you thank you

  29. Leigh says

    I have naturally wavy hair and when I tried the sock bun my hair was a mess! I got TONS of curls ~ Little Orphan Annie curls. My hair is halfway down my back wavy and with sock bun curls it was just below my shoulders. I agree with Sara, I wish there was a technique for girls with curls!

    • says

      i have masses of curly hair but the curls never sit properly so i usually blow dry it then use a curling iron. i tried this and it looked amazing. i added some Frizz Ease to my hair before blow drying it gently. then once in a ponytail i sprayed it damp with some water and a little gel spray so it would hold. i followed the rest of the video and the curls came out beautifully (: i hope this helps just a wee bit! x

  30. kassy says

    Thank you for tips! I was wondering what you mean for step 4. I am getting ready to try this tonight!! Very excited about the morning! I have very thick, long, straight hair. Also, what kind of kids socks did you use? Thanks for you great insight!

  31. kassy says

    So, I tried it last night and it worked pretty good. I have some fine tuning to do. I used an old wore out pony tail holder and cut it out so it wouldn’t have the crinckle, and I used the blow dyer to dry it almost all the way. The only thing is that my hair is soooo thick that it was still a bit damp this morning in a spot or two. The rest of the do looked good. I am going to try the 2 bun system next time, I think I will end up with better results that way. Also, going to use a bit more product before I bun it up too. Thanks for all the tips everyone! I thought I was doomed to be a curl free gal.

  32. says

    Thanks for the tips! I was getting tired of seeing the tutorials with extra curls added in. I don’t want to use a curling iron… that’s the point. LOL.

  33. says

    Hmm. When I’ve tried this I’ve gotten some curl out of it, even though my hair is self-straightening. My hair is super thick though, and I never can get it to dry all the way, even if I have it in a bun overnight. I’m wondering if there’s something more breatheable than a sock I could use…

    • Halee says

      It’s not the sock that keeps it from drying, it’s your actual hair being bundled on top of itself. For example, if you have your hair in a messy bun or in a tight braid while it’s wet and take it down at the end of the day, it’s still going to be damp. They mentioned it in an above comment that if you start with your hair dry and use a spray gel then you’ll still get the effect, and also it will have product to help hold the curls all day.

  34. Irene says

    I just went to the dollar store a while ago to get socks and I thought a child size sock would probably work better for my straight, thin hair. Then I got on here and read your advice on getting a smaller sock. I knew I was onto something there lol.

  35. Shell says

    Thank you so much for the tip on using another sock over the bun. I was having problems with it staying in place throughout the night.

  36. Charlee says

    I would really like to try this, but I have to wash my hair EVERY morning. If I don’t, then by mid afternoon, if not in the morning, my hair is so greasy and looks terrible. Does anyone have any tips for this? I’ve tried powders and the waterless shampoo, but those just make my hair look powdery and stiff.

    • Stacia says

      Have you tried a clarifying shampoo? I just started using Garnier Frutis Pure Clean. It makes it feel like it gets more of the remnants out of my hair from the day. Also put conditioner ONLY on the tips of your hair not on the top of your head. If you HAVE to put just a tiny amount, enough to be able to comb through.

      Another idea if you can find them… remember those papers that they sold where you could blot your face and it takes the oil off? I don’t remember the name but you could run those across your hair to try and soak up some oil.

  37. JoeyScott says

    OMG i looove this look!!!!!! it looks soooo pretty on your hair!!!!! i have my bun in now and since i have so much hair i had to use 2 socks, just like you said. right now it is 9:15, and i have to wake up at 6 for school. i don’t know if that gives me enough time. also, i didn’t dampen my hair that much, i just sprayed it a little with hairspray. i will let you know how it turned out!!!

  38. Brittany says

    okay, so i have superrr thick, layered, wavy hair and i tried this with no product while it was stull somewhat damp and it was a mess. i had TONS of volume and frizz…and even curls on my top layer. i want to try two socks and see if that would work. thanks so much for this!

  39. Stacey says

    I can’t wait to try this out! My hair holds curl really well (used to be naturally curly but more frizzy than curly) but since I’ve had kids and straightened my hair every day for the past, oh, 10 years or more, my curls have since disappeared to a frizzy, yucky mess. When I was a kid my mom used to put ‘rags’ in my hair where she’d wrap small sections of hair around little rags (pieces of old towels or t-shirts) and then tie them in a knot. I’d sleep on it (my hair will dry overnight) and then I’d have great hair for picture day. I’m sure I stopped doing that because perms in the 80s were cool (yikes!) but now I’d like to try it again! And I’m thinking the sock bun will provide larger, more voluminous curls rather than the tight ones my mom used to give me. Thanks for the tips!

  40. Pinkielee says

    Did this last night! It did work with a little frizz that I did have to smooth over with a curling iron…I know bad for the hair, but it worked! I only had to add about 3 curls, no biggie! I think using a CHILD’s sock is key! I especially love the curls in the hard to reach back of my head! : ) Thank you for the tips!

  41. Jessica Poff says

    I have tried the sock bun several times. But the thing I would like to know is how do you keep from getting the pony tail crease. Each time I have tried this I take down the bunand take out the pony tail and have that bad crease in my hair. I end up having to pull have my hair back because of the crease. How can I prevent that?
    Also I think my hair might be to frizzy and thick for this. So wonder if its best to start out with straight hair instead of naturally dried hair thats thick and frizzy.

  42. Andie Rodriguez says

    OMG! We have 7 kids in our home….3 girls plus my long hair! I FINALLY KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THE ODD SOCKS! Very excited to use this on all four of us. It will make our next concert day soooooo much easier.

  43. tiffany says

    can someone please tell me how to cut the socks and put them in my hair please i dont really understand.. thank you

  44. says

    I have no clue how I ended up on this old post while rooting around your blog, but I HAD to try the sock bun. I watched both tutorials on YouTube (the sock bun AND the sock bun curls) and just happened to have semi-wet hair at the time from my very recent shower. I figured I’d give it a try!

    I DID NOT expect it to work. I thought my post-baby chopped hair would be too short (even though I’ve been growing it out). But holy heck, my hair looks like it just came out of hot rollers! This is THE BOMB!! Thank you for sharing!

  45. Emmylou666 says

    Kayla, your hair looks amazing – I saw your post on pinterest and was intrigued as to what this sock bun curl malarky was all about. PS – I am RUBBISH when it comes to doing anything with my hair!! Anyway, I watched the tutorial and have just had a crack at putting my hair in the sock bun and it looks fabulous! Can’t wait to see whether the curls have worked but at least I can now Do A Bun! Many thanks for posting.

  46. Carol says

    I tried this last night…wow I have beautiful curls!! I have really hard to curl hair, it usually doesn’t hold a curl for very long.. I just dampened my pony tail ran a little mousse through it and rolled it up.. I’ve even brushed out my hair and still have loads of curl.. I haven’t even used hairspray to hold it in and it’s still curly … it’s 8:38 PM and still holding

      • Carol says

        More bits of advice… I used a scrunchie to put my hair in the pony tail.. and I put another scrunchie loosely well just over the sock bun and it kept it’s place all night and no creases from the pony tail holder the next day!! In the evening when I brushed out my hair I had perfect Farrah Fawcett hair

  47. Alayna says

    I have the straightest of straight hair I feel like and have not tried this yet, nor do I do much with my hair since it will be straight again (if I curl it) within a hour or two. I’ve watched the video and understand how the curls come and such but how do I wrap my hair into the sock? Do I make it as if I was doing a bun and how did you protect your ends from being crimped?

    • amorette says

      My hair is EXACTLY the same way. Even sleeping in rollers overnight, my hair is pin straight within the hour. Heck, even sleeping with it soaking wet and covered in mousse, it looks like I straightened it with a flat-iron.
      But I have found one thing that has worked (This isn’t spam or an ad, I swear! lol) If you spray the section of hair with a spray called “Hot Sets” by the hair product brand “Redken” and then use a verrry hot curling iron directly onto the spray-soaked section of hair. I would suggest a small barrel curling iron, because the curl is going to be stiff and kind of crunchy – I know it’s not ideal, i know soft curls are what everyone wants, but this is the ONLY way I can have ANY kind of curls, so I’ll take what I can get! 😉

      Good luck!!

  48. Heyme says

    You should post a video of you doing this because in the video it doesn’t show how she starts the bun!!!! This NEVER works on my hair, just makes it POOFY!!!

  49. says

    I tried this the first time, and had the crease.. just put 1/2 of my hair up, looked nice… went to try it again the other night, but my hair is layered… after no less than 5 times trying to get all of my hair in the sock I gave up… might try again later… using some of these tips!! :)

  50. amy says

    Your curls look awesome! i’m trying to do the same style. i understand how to make the sock into a “dounghut” but i get really confused on how you roll your hair into it! could you explain or make a tutorial about it maybe? :) Thanks!

  51. Brenna says

    I think a lot of it depends on hair texture. I have been using a sock bun for months but I almost always have to use a curling iron on the top layer. The problem is not that it’s not curled, it’s too frizzy. But my hair naturally just frizzed if dried alone or even with a blow dryer and product. I usually only have to put about 5 curls around the top layer with my curling iron to get the frizz gone. If I pull it 1/2 back it isn’t as bad and I don’t use an iron in that case. My biggest thing is at least it curls most of my hair so that it saves me a TON of time in the morning. I wish mine would look as good as yours without an iron but I do everything you listed and always have and my hair looks about the same length and thickness and it doesn’t seem to matter. The only thing I haven’t tried is a frizz product. May try that. I think it all comes down to natural hair texture. My sis can’t do one at all bc her hair has so much natural curl it’s a frizz ball.

    • says

      John Frieda Frizz Ease shampoo/conditioner + hair serum. I swear by it. And the John Frieda 3-day straight is AMAZING. I blow my hair out straight before I do the sock bun b/c my hair is so frizzy otherwise.

      • Brenna says

        I have used John Frieda Frizz products extensively in the past and found my old bottle of the curl enhancer from him in my drawer so I’m using it now along with a new leave in conditioner he makes that I bought. It does seem to help some so I’m gonna keep working on that.

    • Bethany.Susan says

      Ok, i have thick wavy hair. Do I have to straighten my hair before I do the sock bun trick, or can i just roll it up with my normal wavy hair when my hair gets dry? Please answer quick, I want to do this for school tomorrow :)

  52. Meghan Harrison says

    My biggest problem is just getting my hair into the bun. I don’t know if my hair is just to short but there are little pieces sticking out that I can’t seem to tuck into the bun good enough. And once I’ve got them all in my bun is a mess with pieces flying everywhere.. ):

  53. linda says

    Hello, i love your hair, but would this work on straight super thick asian hair? Also my hair is about 25 inches. Please gave me some advice.

  54. says

    Hi! Ok so I love this idea and really want it to work, so I wanted to see if you have any suggestions for me.. My hair is down just passed the middle of my back (with some longer layers) and it’s thick and semi-wavy on its own, so I thought this would work since it holds shape well. I have no idea what I did wrong, but when I woke up in the morning, I had a spastic white-girl afro. Needless to say, it was “bun hair” for work that day!!!!!
    -My hair was dry, and I spritzed a bit of water on it, because it takes forever to dry when it’s held together all night
    -I used a ring of the sock that I cut off for the pony tail holder
    -I used a long sock seeing that my hair is long
    -I had some trouble getting the very end of my hair to tuck into the sock as I was getting the rolling started
    -All of this combined for a very bad frizzy kinked result.. it looked more like I slept with my hair caught in a zipper than nicely curled

    Any suggestions to get my hair to cooperate/roll up a little better, would be appreciated! I’m not a morning person, and this is just the thing that would literally make my day if it turned out!! Thank you 😀

    • Tess says

      use more than one sock bun! the thicker your hair, the more you may need, I do one on either side of my head. as for the ends, just try to work them in with each roll up, there is no need for them to be in at the begining, in fact, I leave about 4 inches out and roll the ends in as I go up. as I get close to my head, I turn the sock bun inside out and give it a couple more twists. I quite like this look, I do it 3 or 4 times a week, it isn’t always perfect, but at the very least it makes a beautiful messy bun!!! I wish I had learned this trick 30 years ago!!

  55. ej says

    Is your hair thick because mine is and the sock bun curls pretty much stick out of my scalp and look horrible. Please help im desperate.

  56. Tess says

    I found this a couple of weeks ago, the item I read said to do 2, one on top the head and one at the nape, I find it more comfortable for sleep and better looking to do one on each side of my head, my Sister and Bro in law call me Helga now!

  57. Bri says

    Love this ! My hair olds a curling iron curl for about ten mins, seriously I’m not even jokeing, my hair is medium length and I wear extensions I tried it with the extensions in and it works we better with longer hair , thx so much this has soled my curl problems :)

  58. grace says

    If you use a tubey grip, as in one of those ankle or knee support bands it makes for a much tighter sock = better curls. Also the higher you put the ponytail the less the kink matters.

  59. Maddie says

    I have tried the sock bun overnight a couple of times…and will not do it again! It diesn’t work on me. It only poofs it and frizzes it. :(

  60. Vajeeha says

    My hair is long till waist n too straight. Nothing stays on my hair for long so will they stay on my hair if I do this. Whats your opinion.?

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