20 Questions With My Three Year Old

20 QUESTIONS TO ASK A THREE YEAR OLDNow that Scarlette is talking a lot (and is also hilarious with a very vivid imagination) I decided to re-visit this series of 20 Questions that I did with her a few times a year.

KA: Hey Scarlette, can I ask you some questions?
Scarlette: Sure. Why do you feel sad?
KA: No, I’m going to ask YOU the questions
Scarlette: No I ask da questions. Why do you cwy in your bed?
KA: What?! I don’t cry in my bed! Okay are you ready?

1) What is something that Mommy says to you? No touching. Scarlette Vonne! I love you!
(Obviously we just returned from a trip to the store.)
(Then she started whispering “You tell me what to do. YOU TELL ME WHAT TO DOOOOO.”)

2) What makes you happy? Beggie Tales makes me happy! The slide! I want to pway on da slide! I do ABCmouse with Bob.
(Bob is her beach ball and imaginary friend. Apparently they play computer games together.)

3. What makes you sad? Bob hurt my eye! He did not listen to me and I got hurt.

4. What makes you laugh? I laugh at Bob! Ha ha ha! Dat what Bob does.

5. How old are you? Free!
(Holds up five fingers.)

6. How old is Mommy? Twenty!

7. How old is Daddy? Free. And two.

Scarlette: Bye! I’m going back to the island of Sodor! Thomas is sleeping. (kisses the table) Goodnight, Thomas!
KA: Wait! Can I ask you some more questions?
Scarlette: Yes.

8. What is your favorite thing to do? Ride on a bicycle! And orange bicycle! Bob gave me an orange bicycle today!
(She has never ridden a bicycle.)

9. Who is your best friend? Like Bob. And Mommy. And Hayley. Hayley wants to spin the wheel.

10. What are you really good at doing? Da game on da kindle. I gib it to Bob at his house. I good at da puzzles.

11. What did you do today? I go on da slide! Zoom! I broke Daddy’s puzzle. I go to da fahmer market!
(All true, except it was less “puzzle” and more “tennis racket stringing machine” so…)

12. What is your favorite food? Eggs! And super juice!
(Pretends to eat the table.)

13. What is your favorite song? *starts to sing* Um, I kind of wike fibe four free two one BWAST OFF! ANUDDER WOCKETSHIP WUN!

14. What is your favorite color? Wed!

15. What is your favorite animal? Um, Tiger.

16. What did you dream about? Whales! Dey were on dere way home.

17. What is your favorite toy? Buzz Lightyear! TO INFININITY AND BEYON!! ZOOM! FWY WIKE BUZZ!

18: What is your favorite fruit? Apple juice!

19. What is your favorite book? Madeline! Madeline get da puppies!

20. What is your favorite thing to do outside? Pway in da snow!!


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