Girl Meets Boy: Finally

(Thank you for reminiscing with me. The rest of the story is here) The house looked like a story book, garlands draped from the porch, red and green lights twinkling and oversized candy canes dotting the sidewalk. I drove past slowly and then made a u-turn. I didn’t want to look at Christmas lights alone. I wanted to look at… Read More

Girl Meets Boy: Patience

(The rest of the story is here) I stretched and rubbed the ache in my neck. I'd lost count of how many nights I'd slept on the waiting room floor of the ICU. Too many. I rolled over and touched his shoulder gently. He'd been there every night as well. He'd been sleeping at the hospital with me, leaving early… Read More

Girl Meets Boy: If I Hold Your Hand

(Parts 1- I-have-lost-count-I-told-you-it-was-a-really-long-story here!) I had no idea what the movie was about. Airplanes maybe. He'd suggested we watch it when we arrived back at my house. Despite a heavy presence of Leonardo DiCaprio I couldn't focus because Jeff had shifted on the couch so that I was resting against his legs. He'd always kept his distance with me physically…. Read More

Girl Meets Boy: Dinner And A Movie

(Parts 1-5 can be read by scrolling down. My link button hates me, sorry) I was glad that Jeff had forgotten his phone. He'd have to come back over to get it, which meant he would definitely show up to go to church with me the next day. I hadn't been able to talk to him much at the party…. Read More

Girl Meets Boy: I’m Gonna Throw A Party

(My computer is being wonky, but you can scroll down to see parts 1-4) Pink and blue scribbles filled the pages of my dayplanner. I'd gone from avoiding everyone to filling my time with extra curricular activities in an attempt to mask the excruciating pain I was in. At home though, I still cried myself to sleep. I needed something,… Read More