Five For Friday : Post Quarantine Lessons

Here is what I’ve learned upon coming out of quarantine:

Lesson One: Do not give your car keys to your toddler in order to occupy them while you are grocery shopping. It might seem like a good idea at the time, brilliant even. But those few moments of quiet while you google how in the heckfire to know if a cantaloupe is ripe will result in discovering that said toddler no longer has said keys upon checking out. Only do this if retracing your steps through the entire grocery store before it occurs to you to see if someone turned them in to the customer service counter sounds like a fun way to spend a Wednesday morning. Note: It isn’t.

Lesson Two: When taking your child to a beautiful little park while visiting your father for lunch, don’t forget to pack your expensive camera lest you have to use your cell phone for all potential photo ops. On the other hands, praise the good Lord for cell phone cameras because how sweet is that baby with her Pop?

Lesson Three: Don’t assume that just because your sweet baby girl is cuddled up close to you in her sling means that she won’t dart her hand out like a ninja and sweep a thirty dollar hand painted wine glass off the shelf of that trendy little boutique you thought you might stop in. Because, oh she will. She will.

Lesson Four: Relish the fact that apparently, she inherited those ninja skills from you as you caught said overpriced wine glass right before it hit the floor and saved yourself thirty odd dollars plus tax. Left handed while baby wearing no less. Write about this on the internet because you’ll probably never have such good hand-eye coordination again in your life. See: failed tennis lessons.

Lesson Five: Plan a play date and then cancel said playdate upon discovery that your child has Hand, Foot and Mouth. You take your kid to ONE PARK after a six month quarantine and this is what happens. This is not a lesson so much as it is a SERIOUSLY?! SERIOUSLY?!


  1. Melissa D says

    Oy, it never ends! We have RSV over here and I’m still confused how she was exposed. Hope Scarlette is on the mend soon!!

  2. says

    I am SO excited to start seeing Scarlette out in the big, exciting world (many, MANY potential photo opps, Mom!!!) but almost more fun? Your postings!!!
    Love this one, Ninja KA!!!

  3. says

    Scarlette is looking adorable with her grandpa. But she and her Momma are looking smashing together too! You look like you are all enjoying getting out finally. How soon can Scarlette come to the Mall of America to have a date with Crew and Teague and swipe things off the shelves here? I think we need a special tea party at the American Girl Doll store too. Oh! If you hurry, we can go see Princess Diana’s wedding gown at her Celebrate Diana exhibit. Now that would be a fun outing! Love to you and yes, Hooray for cellphone pics!

  4. says

    Lesson 5 hit a little too close to home for me! 25 weeker? Check. First winter quarantine just ended? Check. One play date later and trapped at home again with a very contagious baby with hand foot and mouth disease? Unfortunately, check!

  5. says

    I am totally sorry about the hand foot and mouth. That stuff SUCKS.

    I look at these pictures and I wonder what little Scarlette is thinking. I’m guessing it’s something like “LOOK AT ALL THIS BIG OPEN SPACE!!! AND GRASS!!! and THINGS!!!! WHY have they not let me out before????” LOL

    (I had hand foot and mouth when I was in college– I worked at a daycare and picked it up from one of the little darlings– and I had to write a paper using a library computer, so I had to write that entire darn paper wearing stretchy gloves so I wouldn’t contaminate the keyboard. True story.)

  6. says

    So sorry about the Hand, Foot, and Mouth!!! That stinks!!! How is that transferred? I’ve had a bunch of friends who’s kids have had it.

    And I hope you didn’t have to pay for the wine glass. Yikes!

    Great photos!!

  7. Beth says

    love, love, LOVE your posts about life as a Mom, they give me the best chuckles. Hope she gets better soon. The keys in the grocery store just got me giggling, thanks! :)

  8. says

    I am so glad to see you out and about! We had hand, foot, mouth disease sweep through my son’s daycare this year. He didn’t get it, thank goodness!

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