Project Life 2012 | Week Thirty Three + An Echo Park Giveaway!

Project Life 2012 | Week 33 by Kayla Aimee for Echo Park

Today I'm participating in the Everyday Electric Blog Hop, which means there is a fun giveaway at the end of this post. It also means that I was sent the Everyday Electic Collection Kit from Echo Park and asked if I'd like to create with it. Is my name Inigo Montoya? Actually no, it isn't but I'm really dropping the Princess Bride references lately due to the fact that MY HUSBAND STILL HAS NOT SEEN IT. (There is no side by side this week because this is one page front and back. Because the papers are double sided, I just used one 3x4 paper and embellished both sides of it. ) My clear heart fell and it's possible that this is week thirty … [Read more...]

Project Life 2012 | Week Thirty Two

Project Life 2012 | Week Thirty Two Digital Page by Kayla Aimee

Last week Scarlette and I were invited to speak at Macy's representing our local March Of Dimes chapter. We were there to promote the Shop For A Cause Event. Anytime I am given the opportunity to share Scarlette's story I am so overwhelmed with gratitude that ours has such a happy ending. Turns out, Scarlette is a big fan of public speaking. Or herself. Or maybe both. She spent the entire time I was speaking clapping excitedly or throwing her arms to the side and exclaiming "ta-da!" Once a week we go couponing for groceries at Target and I treat Scarlette and myself to some pumpkin bread at the in-store Starbucks. Scarlette has taken to … [Read more...]

Project Life 2012 | Week Thirty One

Project Life 1012 Week 31 Digital by Kayla Aimee

The thing that totally depresses me about Project Life is that when I type in week numbers like "THIRTY ONE!" I am all "Time! Quit moving so fast! I'm not ready for my baby to turn two!" On the other hand, I am totally ready for Christmas and then I remember that and I'm all "Time! Move faster! I want to drink eggnog and sing about walking in a winter wonderland! And eat candy canes! And wrap presents!" So there's that. This page is completely digital. I saw this Paislee Press digi kit come through my email and I was all I WANT MY ENTIRE LIFE TO LOOK LIKE THIS KIT and so I didn't even bother with any physical elements. I'll just print this … [Read more...]

Project Life 2012 | Week Twenty Nine

#projectlife 2012 week 29 by @kaylaaimee

This week is actually three pages because I wanted to incorporate all of my memorabilia from the Nintendo event + it was Jeff's birthday. I actually ordered this older Studio Calico kit from Plum District and used it for the majority of my pages this week. I know you're thinking that I totally broke my "don't buy anything new for Project Life rule" but I had Plum District credit so technically the kit was free which means technically I'm still good. That song is stuck in your head now, right? I totally put in a picture of diapers because that is how I spend the majority of my day. Changing them. Washing them. Changing them. Forgetting to … [Read more...]

Project Life 2012: Week Twenty Eight (The Mom Creative + Free Printables)

#projectlife 2012 week 28 by @kaylaaimee

This week I am guest hosting the Project Life Tuesday link-up over at The Mom Creative! Here's a peek at one of my pages. You can click here to see the rest of my pages + the full two page spread over there as well as add your own project life project to the official link-up! I created the two 3x4 quote cards on this layout to fit my theme for the week. One is comprised of lullaby lyrics that I sing to Scarlette and the other is a quote from Pride & Prejudice. Which is pretty much the best book ever. I saved them as a pdf file so if you'd like to print out for yourself you can click here to download them! … [Read more...]

Project Life 2012 | Week 27 Digi + Paper

Project Life 2012 Week 27 | Digi + Paper by kaylaaimee

So this is my new approach to Project Life. I like to call it "All My Scrapbooking Stuff Is Still Packed In Boxes Because It's Too Hot To Paint In The Basement Right Now." So this page is totally digi + paper. This is what our week looked like. Can I just say that smirk? It slays me. I see that face a lot, the one that says "I am a mischievous little imp and you have no idea what I am about to hide in this refrigerator as soon as your back is turned." Also, every time I use those band-aids, I glance down and mistake the ladybugs for blood. And then I'm all "I'M BLEEDING PROFUSELY!" because I never overreact. Probably I should get new … [Read more...]

Project Life 2012 | Week 26 (+ Amy Tangerine Blog Hop!)

Project Life Week 26 + Amy Tangerine

My friend Amy of Amy Tangerine (she who makes all of Scarlette's cute embroidered shirts) has a scrapbooking line with American Crafts. She sent me some goodies from her previous collection to play with + I ordered some because you know, I totally have space for more scrapbooking stuff. Except that I don't and so no one tell Jeff. Also, don't look at the mess in my guest room now, okaythanksbye. So I made this page for week twenty six of Project Life with all of it. Which means that I am so back on track. I am happy with this page because I am intimidated by color but Amy's papers + elements were really perfect to coordinate with Scarlette's … [Read more...]

Project Life 2012 | Week Twenty Four + Freebie

Project Life 2012 | Week 24 digital w/template by Kayla Aimee

I'm playing catch-up on Project Life right now. I got behind when Scarlette was sick and it overwhelmed me. Plus, all of my supplies are currently packed away and pulling them out + putting them back every week was creating a mess I couldn't stay on top of. And that also overwhelmed me. Plus, Scarlette kept eating my stickers. The whole point of this project was NOT to be overwhelmed so I changed tactics. I'm catching up on all of June digitally. I created all of my pages in photoshop and then I will print them out and add physical elements to them when I have access to my supplies. Amen. Nixie spent the night for a playdate and I wanted to … [Read more...]

Project Life 2012 | Week Twelve

project life week 12

First of all, round of applause for me for sticking to this for twelve entire weeks. That is exactly eleven weeks and six days longer than I stuck to my I-swear-I'm-going-to-stick-to-this housekeeping routine. Second of all, Jeff and I are speaking to one another, contrary to how it appears on this layout. I am unsure as to why I positioned the silhouettes facing apart instead of facing one another. I feel as though it may have had something to do with the fact that I was attempting to hurriedly affix all tiny elements to my page as my child ripped my beloved sheets of Making Memory Tiny Alphabets to shreds. To shreds, y'all. Which is … [Read more...]

Project Life 2012 | Week Ten

project life 2012 week 10 kayla aimee

What? Oh yes that is a photo of Ryan Gosling that just happens to be larger than any picture I included of my actual family members. What now, Project Life? What now? Knowing my love for Handmade Ryan Gosling my sister sent me that in a text message. I know. You wish you were my sister's sister-> see: Text Message Picture War. I stayed pretty simple this week again. Hambly sent me some of their new line to play with and the mini overlays are perfectly sized for Project Life. I used one of them to layer over an email chain the girls and I were sending so that you can still see what it is but you can't quite read it if you're just flipping … [Read more...]