Storytime With Scarlette: Sick Day Edition

This week has been full of snow days and sickness (can you spot the remnants of pink-eye? That was not fun.) Sometimes when I need to get some work done and Scarlette is full of pep, I turn on the webcam and let her record herself telling me stories. This is one of those times. I thought y’all might like… Read More

Scarlette Shenanigans: Consider This Your PSA

  The other day I sent Scarlette to her room for “independent play” which is a highly intellectual activity designed to further enhance her developmental stages. (Or basically a thirty minute period of the day where I try to encourage her to stop using me as a climbing gym and indulge myself in seven cups of coffee and a brownie.)… Read More

Scarlette’s Invisible Friends

Scarlette has three invisible friends, possibly four if you count Tyler although Tyler tends to function as more of an alter-ego. Like yesterday she took her shoes off in the car, which is not allowed. Mostly because it drives me crazy to have to wrangle her shoes out from under the seats and put them back on her before we go… Read More