Scrapbooking: Using up random embellishments

I’ve been on a mission to simplify for the last few months and that includes paring down my immense hoard of scrapbook supplies. I tend to hold on to supplies I love which is really a terrible plan because after awhile they start to look a bit dated and I pass them over for things that are a bit more… Read More

Project Life: Scarlette's N I C U Scrapbook

I took a little scrapbooking hiatus while I tried to get some other things in order around here. Like my house. Unfortunately, I’m a terrible housekeeper so I gave up on that and just started scrapbooking again. True story, morning glory. I decided not to do a weekly Project Life this year but instead use the kit to put together… Read More

Project Life 2012 | Week Thirty Two

Last week Scarlette and I were invited to speak at Macy’s representing our local March Of Dimes chapter. We were there to promote the Shop For A Cause Event. Anytime I am given the opportunity to share Scarlette’s story I am so overwhelmed with gratitude that ours has such a happy ending. Turns out, Scarlette is a big fan of… Read More

Project Life 2012 | Week Thirty One

The thing that totally depresses me about Project Life is that when I type in week numbers like “THIRTY ONE!” I am all “Time! Quit moving so fast! I’m not ready for my baby to turn two!” On the other hand, I am totally ready for Christmas and then I remember that and I’m all “Time! Move faster! I want… Read More