Swagbucks & Starbucks (Or: Why I'm All About Today's $5 Swagbucks Gift Card Sale)

Just popping in to share this quickly because it’s such a good deal! If you are a Swagbucks user, today only ALL of the $5 gift cards at in the Rewards Store are just 450 Swagbucks!

Here is what Swagbucks had to say: The sale is today (August 1) from midnight to midnight (Pacific Time) and all $5 US, Canadian and Australian Gift Cards will only be 450 Swag Bucks!

I’m going to treat J to some Starbucks gift cards! I usually redeem my swagbucks for a $10 card each month and load it right to his Starbucks card for him. Then I text him and I’m like “You’ve got Starbucks, HOLLA!” and I get wife points. It’s normally 1000 swagbucks for a $10 Starbucks card but with sale I can get two $5 for 450 each so I’ll save 100 swagbucks! Sweet!

If you haven’t used Swagbucks before, check out my post here on how I use Swagbucks to earn Amazon gift cards and help stretch our family budget each month!

*Post includes referral links, because I like earning swagbucks y’all.


  1. says

    K.A.: ??? Just tried this. None of the cards pictured in your link (cvs, walmart, starbucks or itunes, for example) seem to have the 450SB sale going on. I was hoping for a little extra “TARGET” cash. I see that a few cards are discounted, but none that I would use. I hope others have better luck!

  2. Laurie says

    I get my Amazon and Target gift cards from Swagbucks. I have been getting my Starbucks gift cards from Viggle. Love it!

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