Team Scarlette 2012

We had such a wonderful walk on Saturday for our local chapter of the March Of Dimes. Thanks so much to everyone who came out to walk and celebrate Scarlette’s one year NICU graduation with us! And a huge thanks to everyone who supported our team; Team Scarlette was one of the top family teams again this year!

The tiny little footprint on the front of our team t-shirts? That’s Scarlette’s actual footprint from when she was born. My co-captain said that the t-shirt company called her twice to ask her if she was sure that it was the right size because it was so small :)

Speaking of shirts, my friend Amy at Amy Tangerine made us these matching Mommy & Baby shirts to wear on walk day. Are they not just the cutest things ever? Luckily for me, their cuteness distracted everyone from my terrible self tan.
amy tangerine

(A huge thanks to our team sponsors for their support: Sewing 101, Baby Bird & Bub Bub, Amy Tangerine, Indy Nude Food, Kate Paper and Moxie Mandie. You can click here to learn more about each of the wonderful things these ladies have to offer – like free online sewing courses or cute and whimsical wall art!)

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