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the money saving mom's budget
I know that I’ve talked frequently here about my love of Transitioning to staying at home with Scarlette to care for her medical needs meant we were going to be pretty tight. When I first found Crystal’s website, I sat for hours reading up on all her budgeting advice. Her story is incredibly inspirational and she has so many fantastic tips and tricks for stretching a dollar. Hers is one of the first sites I check every day and the knowledge I’ve taken from it has been invaluable for me.

So when I found out she was releasing a book, I put it on my list for 52 Reads. And then when was asked if I wanted to preview her new book and host a giveaway, I was like YES PLEASE.  And then they told me they were going to give away five copies and I was like “And YOU get a book and YOU get a book and YOU get a book!”

Before I get into my review, I want to tell you that this book is a life changer in more ways than one. Crystal is donating all of the proceeds of her book to Compassion International. What that means is that the proceeds of the book are funding a Child Survival Program that “offers life-saving health and medical care for over 80 at-risk expectant moms and young moms and over 80 at-risk babies and young children in the Dominican Republic.” I am so inspired by her willingness to pour hours of work into a book that is sure to be a best seller just to turn all of the profit over to such a wonderful cause.

The book is called The Money Saving Mom’s Budget and is fairly similar in principle to the website, with a few ideas overlapping.  Crystal breaks down budgeting into a simplistic, step by step format. She also shares a lot of easy, tangible ideas for cutting your spending and sourcing good deals. There are tips and tricks for everything from managing your time efficiently to saving on splurge items to throwing a great garage sale. If saving money/living debt free is your New Year’s Resolution, this is the book I’d recommend.

The book is available online and in bookstores and Crystal is giving away five (FIVE!) copies to my readers! I’m hosting this giveaway with rafflecopter so to enter you can just leave a comment or use the twitter/like features. Be sure to click I DID THIS after your entry so that rafflecopter counts it! giveaway is now closed, thanks!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*disclaimer: I was given a pre-release copy of the book in exchange for doing the giveaways but I wasn’t otherwise compensated for this post. I also wasn’t asked to review the book, I just like to do that :)


  1. Shaun Paulsen says

    I have been thinking alot about living debt free. My husband and I will be retiring in about 15-20 years and I would love to be debt free by then. This book would definitely help me get on the right track.

  2. Tiffany says

    Thanks for the link to Money Saving Mom. I had not yet seen her website and it looks fantastic. I am adding it to my daily reading list.

  3. Wendy Collins says

    I think that a budget is crucial for every family. I love Money Saving Mom. She has taught me so much already, but getting her book.would be a bonus!

  4. says

    I really like your review on MSM’s new book. I follow her on twitter & she’s got some steller advice , it doesn’t surprise me that there’s enough to fill a book!

  5. Shawn says

    I think this book could be great for me knowing that we are going to have one more mouth to feed coming up! What a great giveaway!

  6. Michelle says

    I would love to have a copy of this book! I am really trying to stretch our dollars and make the most of every penny and I could really use some tips and hints! Off to check out her site!

  7. Melissa says

    Oh, how I would love this book! We just moved into a bigger, therefore more expensive, house with our family of 6 and I am need of some serious money saving tips!!!!

  8. says

    Oh I would love this book! We have been working on a budget so that things won’t be so tight when I am on maternity leave. This would be great!!
    Thanks :)

  9. Stacy Doolittle says

    I love Money Saving Mom! I read about how she’s donating all the earnings from this book to Compassion the other day. So amazing! Even if I don’t win a free copy, I’ll definitely be buying this book. Like you said, it will be life changing in more ways than one. Thanks for the chance to win KA and Crystal!

  10. Kristin says

    I’m ALWAYS looking for ways to cut spending. I would love to have a book in my hands to refer back to from time to time! I am not yet a mom but I want to make sure that we are “right” financially when the time comes!

  11. Melinda T says

    I definitely sure could use this book to help me and my family budget better! Thanks for the chance. Im going to be keeping my fingers crossed!

  12. says

    i’m currently staying at home with my two little girls and doing a better job with our budget is at the top of my priority list. i would love to read this book!

  13. Lee says

    Please or please pick me!! I am going through a divorce and about to move out on my own and need this to get me started on the right path!!!

  14. says

    I’ve been wanting to thank you for blogging about MSM awhile back. She’s changed my life, which is great since I’m a new SAHM. So THANKS! I would love this book & glad you got to review it!

  15. Nikki says

    I’d love to win a copy. I wonder if the tips work for a single household/couple versus a family/mom. I think it’s extra cool that she’s donating her profits!

  16. melbrewin says

    I would love the opportunity to win this book. This year I started homeschooling & all that entails in that being a tighter budget. This sounds awesome. Love your blog. thanks for the giveaway.
    M xxx

  17. Missy C says

    As a coupon clipper and stay at home mom I’m always looking for ways to save. Would love this book! Thank you for the chance

  18. Angela Spangela says

    I’m not a mom, but I will be some day [fingers crossed].
    But I totes need to learn how to save money, and moms are good at that.
    Here’s hoping!


  19. Jan C. says

    I just went to check out Money Saving Mom’s site and was amazed. I’ve been clicking on links from there for the last 30 minutes and finding out all kinds of coupon resources are out there that I didn’t know about. And I thought I was a major league couponer. I didn’t even know Target had a “coupons” link at the very bottom of their site that gives coupons for foods and other things, including $1 off towels, $2 a certain blanket they sell, etc. Amazing!

  20. says

    So, I totally read your blog all the time and LOVE it. I feel like you are totally in my brain sometimes! Like today, for instance, when I was looking at this exact book on Amazon like 2 minutes before I read your post – it’s fate. :)

  21. Mary Jo says

    Would love this book ! As a Grandmother to a 26 week preemie, I understand your life very well. He turns four this month and is perfect in every way !

  22. Priscila Meine says

    i’m not a mom, but i definitely need this book. i suck at budgeting money.please…i’m from Brasil….I hope get one….

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