Thoughts On Greek Yogurt (Well, This Is Random)

Hospital cafeteria food is disgusting. Also? It's ridiculously expensive. For these reasons, I bring my lunch nearly every day. Unless it is potato soup day. You can't go wrong with a bowl of potato soup for a buck fifty, that's what I always like to say. Really, I like to say that. People pass me on the street and offer a friendly "hello." In return, I share my potato soup wisdom, they nod, and it's as though a deep understanding has passed between us.

But aside from the cheap soup (which I eat on occasion while pretending I don't know that it came from a huge vat of processed goop that has most likely been sitting in a warehouse for six months) the food prices here are outrageous. Scarlette's had cranial ultrasounds that cost less than a lunch plate. I know this because of that time the hospital accidentally sent me a bill for every. single. day. in. February.

So in order to try to save money and be healthy, I've been using Southern Savers. This is hard for me to learn because I can barely add. I did, however, manage to snag a few free pints of blueberry Greek yogurt. I was excited about this because A) yummy snack B) free and C) I've been reading about all of the natural benefits of Greek yogurt.

My thoughts related to Greek Yogurt are as follows:

1) It is disgusting. Seriously, that tastes like I put a spoonful of blueberry flavored paste in my mouth. And not like Elmer's glue. More like rubber cement.

2) The words LIVE AND ACTIVE CULTURES splashed across the packaging disturb me. I keep eyeing this pint of yogurt, waiting for it to move across the table on it's own. My mind is unable to look at it without imagining tons of tiny, squirmy little micro-organisms. I love micro-things. My own daughter is a micro-preemie. However, her being live and active is cute and sweet and darling. My yogurt being live and active is squicky and makes me gag. This imagery problem is also what prevents me from eating such foods as ratatouille or munchkins .

3) Posts like this are why no one asks me to write paid product reviews. Stupid yogurt.

The following picture has nothing to do with Greek yogurt, I just like seeing my sweet girl all snuggly.


  1. says

    hehe, i totally agree with you on the greek yogurt. i guess i like sweet creamy smooth light yogurt like yoplait ;p’.
    what a sweet sweet photo of you and Scarlette, KA! you look beautiful.
    have a great day!
    big *hugs* steph :)

  2. says

    I love that you have matching flowery hair accessories!
    I must have been a paste eater in my early days because I kind of like greek yogurt!

  3. says

    Hahahaha. Totally laughing. I can’t even eat regular yogurt. so I pretty sure I won’t like greek yogurt. Actually I’m certain of it now after reading your post! :)

  4. says

    1. I hate greek yogurt too… I bought some and had ONE spoonful and the container is just sitting in my fridge. I keep reading about the benefits in magazines and blogs… but the grossness is totally not worth it for me.
    2. I LOVEEE Scarlette’s headband! She looks so adorable.

  5. Leah says

    I can’t even tell you the gift you’ve just given me! With all this talk of Greek yogurt, I’ve been feeling obligated to try it. So I walk over to the yogurt section of the grocery store, read the lables, look at the prices and then walk away unable to make a decision and feeling guilty because I seem to be the only person on the planet not eating Greek yogurt. But now I know it’s disgusting. It tastes like paste. The weight has been lifted!

  6. says

    awe, such a sweet photo of you & scarlette! :)
    i haven’t tried greek yogurt yet, but i bought a blueberry one, because i have been pretty curious about it lately… my sister tried it & thought it was bad too. now, i am really not sure i want to try it at all. hehe! oh well…

  7. Brooke says

    Great picture! She is so adorable! I have yet to try greek yogurt…now I’m pretty sure I won’t. Gross! God bless you and your husband and that sweet little fighter Scarlette!

  8. says

    i’ve been reading for months and rarely comment, but wanted to tell you that you both look gorgeous in that photo. so glad to see her gaining weight and looking strong. you both look strong. praying for your family daily.

  9. says

    Okay, first off, I laughed out loud at the site of you walking down the street and greeting people with a nice conversation of potato soup. Too funny. If you actually picture it, funnier. LOL. :-p
    And also… you.are.hilarious. You should do random posts more often, I guess. I laughed through this whole post! :-)
    And… you’re beautiful. You look stunning in that photo with cute, little Scarlette. :-)

  10. says

    Yes! Oh my goodness. Finally, someone who is not singing the praises of Greek Yogurt. I want to like it. I really do. If I could just have greek yogurt & pizza switch places in my list of preferences, I’d be set.
    Also, gorgeous photo of you & your daughter!

  11. says

    hahah I just love your blog.
    A. Greek Yogurt alone taste GROSS, I agree.
    B. Try some plain yogurt with granola. Trust me it is so much better this way.
    With that being said. Gas. Yes Gas. I don’t know about you but yogurt gives me gas. So I suggest you wear headphones. Why headphones? Well I always say, if you can’t hear one else can. :) Enjoy.
    xoxo bucket.
    PS I come on here everyday hoping to read that the baby is going home with you soon. Praying for you.

  12. Megan says

    Have you ever had plain Greek yogurt? It tastes JUST LIKE sour cream. I almost threw up the first time I tasted it.
    But if you use it in smoothies, you can’t taste it. I usually do bananas, blueberries, the yogurt, and milk. SO good.

  13. says

    Lol! This is hilarious. I have thought about trying Greek yogurt, but I don’t even like normal yogurt, so I’m thinking that this is not for me.
    Love the pic of you and Miss Scarlette! Cute, cute, cute!

  14. says

    Okay… you both look gorgeous! What a sweet girl. I hope she’s having a great day and growing growing growing!!
    Secondly, I’m so glad someone else thinks Greek yogurt is gagworthy. My super healthy friends have been raving about it and think I’m nuts for not loving it too.

  15. says

    Okay, #1… Scarlette definitely has her mama’s eyes. Wow – so pretty. And #2 – I can’t say I’ve ever tried Greek yogurt – but I do love yogurt, and the best I’ve found is Yoplait light. They have scrumptious flavors, and when I TWEETED about #yoplait the other day, they answered me and said could they send me a special gift — ummmm, yes please. Even if it’s just a coupon for a freebie, I’m ahead, right? #3 – you are such a smart mama to pack your lunch. Just sayin. {Hugs!} ~Sally

  16. slammie says

    LOVE the picture! And glad that I’m not the only one that thinks that Greek yogurt is disgusting. I tried one over the weekend. GAG! LOL!

  17. says

    love potato soup too, and I was okay with Greek yogurt….until now. I know Im going to be looking at each bite for little swimmy things from now on though. The only kind I’ve eaten is from Chobani, and “I” thought it was really good. Sounds Japanese to me though, not Greek at all. Maybe thats why it tastes good.

  18. says

    SOME Greek yogurt is gross, but some I love. Fage or Chobani are the best, so if you tried other brands, I might suggest you re-try. But if the cultures gross you out, maybe not. I love your blog; my whole family does. My kids are even praying for your sweet Scarlette. They are always asking about her. Just thought you should know.
    ~Erin (I found you from BBC’s Feb. board.)

  19. says

    the first time i tried greek yogurt i felt like i might as well as have been eating sour milk. but now i love the chobani greek yogurt. once i mix the fruit it, it’s not bad at all and quite yummy :)

  20. Jan C. says

    LOL! I thought I was obligated to like Greek yogurt because everyone else (on the commercials) seems to, and it’s the “in” thing. But I tried some, and even with fruit in it, it tasted gross. I was keeping that to myself so I wouldn’t seem all uncool, but if you’re going to come out of the closet about it, I will too.

  21. Becca says

    That is a beautiful photo of the two of you.
    Try some Chobani flavored greek yogurt. Peach, pineapple and black cherry are my favorites.
    Becca :)

  22. says

    She’s so cute! What KIND was it? I’ve had some seriously bad stuff…but I really like Chobani, which has already been suggested. 😉

  23. says

    she is too stinkin cute! also? greek yogurt sounds awful. which is probably why i don’t want to try it.
    ps. i’m not sure you remember, but i’m a bio teacher. and i try my best to not think about live, active, squirmy things every day. blech.

  24. Chelle says

    Now that is a precious photo! I had the same thoughts on Greek yogurt, but then my MIL introduced me to Chobani greek yogurt. It is good! So if you ever have the chance to get a good deal on the Chobani don’t pass it up.
    Yay for you doing Southern Savers! I’m using her as well. I’ve been doing great with my couponing.

  25. says

    I never tried flavor greek yougurt but i do use greek yougurt to cook indian food all the time, and it does a wonderful job of it… but i would not want to eat it otherwise… so i laugh so much when i read this post.
    Love the picture of your daughter and you. Best wishes

  26. kim smart says

    i agree! the greek yogurt is gag-worthy! and i’m a big yogurt lover, go figure. the picture of you and scarlette is simply beautiful!! God bless y’all!!

  27. says

    I’m usually not much of a yogurt person but my kids love it. Since I started couponing we’ve tried ALL sorts since it’s so often free at Publix. My favorite is the Yoplait YoPlus.
    It’s awesome.
    The Yoplait Fiber One, however is not. Steer clear.
    Cute cute pic of you two!!

  28. says

    Firstly what a gorgeous picture of you & your sweet Scarlette. You both look so settled & happy together.
    All yogurt is disgusting if you ask me. But I liked your story – made me smile. Thanks xoxoxoxo

  29. says

    I LOVE Greek yogurt. I bought some plain accidentally at Trader Joe’s when I was trying to reproduce McDonalds Apple/Walnut/Yogurt snack. I thought it was vanilla. Turns out? It’s delish. Smooth and creamy, with a mild flavor that is fantastic with chopped apples and walnuts in it. I even had it on my homemade chicken tacos last night. Fabulous!!! And the honey flavor and apricot flavor at Trader Joe’s are excellent also. I’ve tried some other Greek yogurts at the regular grocery, and they are yucky. If you have a Trader Joe’s, try theirs.
    And like previous commenters, I keep waiting for you to take that beautiful baby home….

  30. KimS says

    Have to disagree on the yogurt front, I love greek and plain yogurt, but then I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and like sour, salty and bitter things. Give me nuts, or pickles, or cheese or whatever over chocolate any day (except that new dark Lindt with Sea Salt crystals – that’s mind blowingly delicious).
    And you and Scarlette do indeed look very beautiful in that photo.

  31. pam says

    Fage with real honey. Oh my…I’m in heaven when I have it!
    Praying, praying, praying for Scarlette’s digestive system to continue developing and protection from any more complications.

  32. says

    Mmm, you’ve made me want some potato soup now! I’m not too keen on the Greek yogurt though! Haha.
    I love Scarlette’s hairband, it’s so lovely. I am debating sending something to you for her via our mutual friend Cherany~I hope that is ok xx

  33. says

    You are both so beautiful. Fantastic photo. You are the second person THIS week I have heard say they don’t like Greek yogurt! Craziness!

  34. Martha says

    I went through every brand of Greek yogurt before finally discovering Fage….sooooo good and even though it has a paste-like consistency it does not taste paste-y at all.
    Love the picture, you 2 are super cute in your fun hair accessories!

  35. Janet says

    Hi Kayla,
    I haven’t commented for a while but I do read your blog every day and am so happy that things are going so well! It seems to me that all new moms feel overwhelmed – and that’s without all the special care procedures! Scarlette is darling and that photo is great. Thanks for sharing it.
    Love, Janet in North Van

  36. says

    Love this Photo! We pray for Scarlette everyday; for her health and we pray for your strength to move forward each day.
    I like the blueberry greek yogurt but I try not to “think” about it too much. It had me sold on the protein aspect. It is pretty thick though…thanks for the paste images!

  37. anna says

    I know what you mean about the yogurt – I don’t like it by itself but I like to use the plain in place of sour cream or mayo, especially for chicken salad with some curry powder mixed in. It makes a decent dip too.

  38. Amanda V says

    I love reading your blog (been reading since before your marriage!) and just randomly came upon it via a google search!
    I am a dietitian and am researching greek yogurt use in hospitals, as a supplement for some patients who need extra protein. As I was looking through the first page of google results, I saw this blog post!
    This picture of Scarlette made me smile because I know how well she is doing now

    • says

      That is so awesome. That is one of the funniest things ever. I feel so badly for people who want real advice on greek yogurt and end up on this space. Except maybe not THAT bad because that is a cute picture of my baby! lol!

  39. Nicole Young says

    Yes, greek yogurt is nasty…unless you get the dannon greek yogurt. Other kinds don’t put enough flavoring in the greek yogurt for some reason. It is more expensive, but if you get a kind that tastes good, it’s worth it. YUM!

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