Welcome To Scarlette's Room

It only took me nineteen months but welcome to the tour of Miss Scarlette’s room  (in case you want a reminder of how it looked before, here is what it used to look like!) Watch out for board books, spilled cheerios and magic wands, which she’s taken to throwing like ninja stars.

Pink Toddler/Baby Room w/ Target Tulip Bedding
Pink Baby & Toddler Nursery with Target Tulip Bedding
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Pink Baby & Toddler Nursery with Target Tulip Bedding

Mostly I wanted it to be cute, sentimental, not too baby-ish so that it would last us and also not expensive. We didn’t even have the room painted when I went into labor (you can read more about how the color scheme came about here! spoiler alert: my husband picked it) but it was nice to have a project to work on when we weren’t at the hospital. Most this space as everything was either gifted to us, hand-me-downs or re-purposed from things we already owned. Thank you family and friends!

One day when I get caught up on all of the laundry I will show y’all her closet. But that is most definitely NOT today… 😉

The details:

The bedding and curtains are Dwell Studio for Target – I had wanted it originally but it was sold out for months. One day after Scarlette was born my mother and I spotted a set on a clearance endcap and I was so excited. We grabbed some  matching blankets and my friend Jeanette turned them into pillows for me.  The curtain is actually a cloth shower curtain that we cut in half. Once we put it up I realized we need to hem it so that it’s shorter but let’s be honest: it’s taken me a year to get pictures of the room. I’m not going to be hemming those any time soon. And by “me” I mean my mom. Sewing machines hate me.

The bookcase is the Expedit from IKEA (former home of my scrapbook supplies, which are now all on the floor.  I’m a giver, Scarlette. I’m a giver.) The lantern is from our wedding, the dried flowers and framed card are from what people sent when Scarlette was in the hospital. I made the button monogram using this tutorial by Jen Jockish. The stuffed animal storage seat is c/o Boon Inc. My mother’s best friend hand embroidered the clock with Scarlette’s birthday and stats – it’s my favorite thing. Her embroidered tutu is c/o mybabyclothes.com and I leave it hanging on her closet door even though it doesn’t fit her anymore because it’s so stinkin’ cute.

I framed one of her preemie onesies and her very first footprint. It’s less than two inches long! The frames are from Target. Oh, and I hung the mirror by her bed and now she wake up and talks to herself in the morning. This buys me like, 15 more minutes of sleep.

My friend Florica had the blanket crocheted for me and Mr. Fox was a gift from my father, also known as Mr. Fox. We painted the back of her door with chalkboard paint and she likes to scribble on it. I hung a little bulletin board on it where we pin cards and notes from her friends.

The dresser has been in my mother’s family for generations. Also, my mother picked up that chandelier at an auction featured on the Auction Kings show.

On the shelf is a photo of my grandmother Vonne that Scarlette was named for, canvases from Land Of Nod, an Anthropologie flashcard, my mother’s tiara from winning a pageant when she was three (Hello 1960’s Toddlers & Tiaras), a framed decoration from my baby shower, some thrift store monograms and vintage record, a copy of The Secret Garden and Romeo & Juliet.

Thanks for taking a peek!

(Also, I made the graphic using this notecard set from Adrienne Looman. I downloaded them to use in my Project Life album. I have good intentions, y’all. And Scarlette’s headband is from Gracious May)

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  1. says

    I love it! And I’m amazed that she doesn’t yank that clock down on the shelf – my kids wouldn’t be able to keep their hands off it.

  2. says

    If I’d seen just a swatch of that pink paint I’d have thought it was too bright/dark/vibrant… but I LOVE it!!! Especially with that bright white trim – the room is GORGEOUS!

    • says

      I did too – actually I was totally opposed to the whole thing, I wanted the whole room done in pale pinks and turquoises but J really wanted some bright colors and a bright pink wall for her so that is the compromise :)

  3. says

    it’s beautiful! and great foresight in planning a cute nursery that will grow with her :) thanks for sharing…i just love looking at nurseries…even if we are past that stage now!

  4. Rachel W says

    I love her room! It is beautiful but being the mother of a 15 month old who is constantly on the go and into EVERYTHING I have to ask if it always looks so nice and neat. My daughter will systematically go through her room grabbing everything she can and fling it behind her. In a matter of 60 seconds it looks like a tornado has hit! So when I see beautiful Scarlette sitting quietly looking at a book with the baskets of books,toys, and towels(or sheets I can’t really tell?) I feel like there is something wrong with me and my child! So please reassure me that it doesn’t always look so perfect :-)

    • says

      :) I TOTALLY cleaned her room for these photos, normally there are books and shoes all across the floor. It IS typically pretty neat, but that is only because A) She’s still too short to reach most of those baskets, B) she refuses to touch most blankets and stuffed animals because of her sensory issues so she honestly doesn’t really mess with those baskets and C) we keep all of her toys in the living room. That’s really the big reason, hence why there are no living room pictures on my blog! That place is a disaster area! Lol! We are trying to teach her to put away her toys but she has no attention span for that. I’m like “Clean up, clean up everybody everywhere” and she’s ripping all of the tissues out of the box and flinging them around the room :/ You are so not alone here.

  5. Deonne says

    So, so, so cute! You’ve given me so great thoughts about how to use vintage pieces from my scrapbooking in interior decorating!

  6. says

    Hi Mrs. Kayla,
    Just wanted to say I love everything you do! I’ve been looking at this all day now and I love it. As a graphic designer I love that you have a good eye for design, colors and fonts. It’s quirky and fun how you write about your daughter and keep us updated with events. I bet it’ll be fun when she gets older and looks back at what you wrote and have a good laugh. I enjoy this blog very much and I love her room. It’s so chic and fun with pops of color. All this reminds me of that new show Craft Wars on TLC, I think. Anyway it’s great that you’re a crafty lady. It’s fun to pass the time. Thanks for being awesome!
    – Lala

  7. says

    You did a beautiful job – not too baby-ish at all. It will totally grow with her. Finally found my way here via Kelly’s Korner. It’s fun to see how others do up their nurseries. Great to get ideas for my first little one!

  8. Jonna says

    I love how you did her room. It is great how you took so many items that have such special meaning and put them in this room made with love. The curtains are so bold but they work great. Thanks for sharing. As a fellow scrapper/stamper I hope you still get a mama area to do your fun creating.

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