What I Love | April 2012

1) A Kelly Moore camera bag. I am obsessed with it. I mean, it’s a yellow hobo bag for your camera. Who isn’t obessed with this, that’s the real question. Apparently everyone because it is on backorder. I think this would look great with everything, more specifically I think that it would look really good wrapped in birthday paper and sitting next to my birthday cake. #notsosubtlehint #ijusthashtaggedthisblogpost

2)  Y’all know how I feel about framed graphic prints. I love this one from Baby Bird & Bub Bub and my mailman brought me two of them this week, one to go in the still-in-progress playroom/craftroom and one is a prize for one of our walkers on Team Scarlette!

3) I am in love with these new stamps from Elise Joy. I’ve been anxiously awaiting them since I saw the sneak peaks on twitter. I ordered the Today Is stamp because I foresee that one getting married to my smash date stamp and living happily ever after in my project life album. I also like how Elise writes little words in the box, like “today is: magic.”

4) Drag any image into this tool and it will give you the corresponding paint chip colors. Um, that is awesome. I love technology, always and forever.

5) I keep seeing this pin* on Pinterest and while it is really beautiful, all I can think when I look at it is “FIRE! HAZARD!” And that is why Scarlette doesn’t have a fairy light fort. Because of all my neurosis.

6) This is what my swagbucks are currently going towards. I am incredibly passionate about encouraging a love of literature in Scarlette so baby board books of the classics? Obviously she needs them. Also, these are really cute. And also, I am really tired of reading “Moo, Baa, La La La.” Board books by BabyLit. Image via FudgeBananaSwirl.

*I can not find said pin anywhere now. If you have the source, please link me up! Some affiliate links included.
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  1. Sonja says

    The cow says “moo”, the sheep says “bah”, three singing pigs say “la, la, la”. I should order some of those books too.

  2. Melissa D says

    KA, that camera bag is *awesome*! I have the grey/purple one!!!

    Before the baby was born, it was perfect for using as my carry-all–DLSR in one section, “purse” stuff in one section, and a spare diaper/wipes/snacks for the toddler in the third section.

    You will LOVE it. :)

    • says

      Oh yay! Thanks so much for the input, I’m so happy to hear from someone who has that one! I was hoping I might be able to pack it all in like that so now I am even more excited!

  3. says

    What a great love list! ;) I’m honored my little shop is included! Thank you!
    So glad the prints arrived and happy to help! I LOVE that camera bag! Oh and those stamps of Elise – um – LOVE them! That date stamp is calling my name!! Happy Friday, KA!! :-D

  4. robin troxell says

    check out the kid books by Amy Krause Rosenthal (sp? – google ‘the beckoning of lovely” – that is her) – they are not classics, but hilarious!

    ….the moon is high, the sea is deep….they rock and rock and rock to sleep….. ;-)

  5. says

    Love, love, love the stamps! I can’t think of a thousands ways to use them. Which of course means it’s time to buy at least a couple.

  6. says

    I LOVE what you Love. Especially that camera bag and those baby lit books (and I ain’t even a mama). Gotta say that my hubby would give me the stank eye if #2 showed up on my porch in a delivery package. LOVELY as it is (and I love me some tyopgraphic art) he would eye the hallway art…where I cut out one billion and two letters by hand because I don’t have a silhoutte and one look at that print and say “I thought you used to be a scrapbooker?” To which I would admire the artwork in our hallway right next to him and respond “this ruined me.”

    All said, simply gorgeous choice for #2. Gotta find a way to win something like that. Right after I win a Silhoutte.

    Just saying.

  7. says

    ENABLER! I now have two stamps (This and You Are Here) on the way. Unfortunately, I live overseas right now, so it will be a while before they arrive. Fortunately, by then I will have almost forgotten about them so it will be a surprise, then happiness!

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