Weekend Links I Love: Favorite Posts & Finds

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Here are a few of my favorite things around the web this week: (This post contains some affiliate links, which means that if you purchase anything after clicking it benefits my family and I am grateful for your support of my site!) I love following the facebook page Humans Of New York. Part of it is the sociology major in me, I am so interested in community and culture. And part of it is that I am always moved by how the simple act of sharing a life story, even a small part of it, creates such a large portion of the human connection. This one, in particular, left me completely undone. . I love this Mother + Daughter series by Elise. … [Read more...]

A Few Of My Favorite Things: May 2014

Favorite Things May 2014

Last week I decided to play around with my long-neglected youtube channel and so I filmed a short video of a few things that I am loving lately. Like Trader Joe's Watermelon Cucumber cooler. I know it sounds completely weird but it is amazing and I can not get enough of it. Seriously, try it rat nao. (That is southern talk for RIGHT NOW.) So here is a look at a few of my current favorite things plus the one thing I totally regret buying. Learn from me, grasshopper. And if you happen to know of a less expensive duplicate for my favorite hair straightening product, I would love to hear it! Items mentioned, some affiliate links included, … [Read more...]

Saturday Snapshot: Link Love Lately

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A look at my favorite posts + finds around the web lately.  (*some links are affiliates, thank you!) What I’m Reading When Her Bitter Isn't Just Bitter Anymore by Sara Hagerty – some beautiful thoughts on the verse from Proverbs that says to a hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet. (Proverbs 27:7 ) Balanced: Finding Center As A Work At Home Mom by Tricia Goyer – I like Tricia's novels, this seemed relevant and it was only $2.99 on Amazon ;) This Quote by Mother Theresa – that I keep seeing pop up all around the internet and think "amen" every time A Sneak Peek of Suprised by Motherhood by Lisa-Jo Baker – because I like supporting my … [Read more...]

Saturday Snapshot: My favorite links/loves this week

favorite blog posts

A few bloggers that I read do a weekly wrap-up featuring their favorite posts + finds from around the web that week. I put it on my to-do list for 2014 because I am so encouraged and inspired by the time I spend online and I want to pass that along. Here’s what I think you should check out this week (*some links are affiliates, thank you!) What I’m Reading Gracelaced - my BFF introduced me to this blog and I'm smitten with it. "When Haste Makes Waste" via Jessica Turner– I just liked everything about this. "Moving On From 20" via Andrea Levendusky - I sat in one of Andrea's sessions on writing at a conference this year and just liked … [Read more...]

Saturday Snapshot: My favorite links this week

favorite blog posts

A few bloggers that I read do a weekly wrap-up featuring their favorite posts + finds from around the web that week. I put it on my to-do list for 2014 because I am so encouraged and inspired by the time I spend online and I want to pass that along. Here's what I think you should check out this week: What I'm Reading "In Which I Disagree With Candace Cameron Bure About Biblical Marriage" via Sarah Bessey - I loved this. I sent it to my three best girlfriends, which sparked a flurry of intense discussion over email, and then my husband and I engaged in a long conversation about it. (That basically means I talked a lot about ALL THE FEELINGS.) … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Mud Puddle Hunting Day


A publishing company graciously offered to send us this copy of the new book Mud Puddle Hunting Day and I accepted because Scarlette is obsessed with books and with her rain boots so I thought she would like it. I was totally right. She felt the need to put on her rain boots and hat and "go shtomp stomp wike da shtory" immediately after our first read through. It hadn't rained here lately so we made fake rain puddles with the garden hose. She's pretty easy to please, that one. She's also super cute. (Yes, that IS my 99 cent garden hose. Holla!) I liked the book, I thought it was sweet and a cute twist on how God created all things, even … [Read more...]

What I Love | Stuff In My Fridge

refrigerator organization

So I don't know if you read I Heart Organizing but I do and I've been following along with her monthly organizing challenges. I totally overhauled our pantry/cabinets with the intent of linking up to her monthly kitchen organization challenge. Back in January. That's how long it took for me to give the inside of our refrigerator a face-lift. (Note: if you want to work with me, I am a way better worker than housekeeper. Amen.) But really it took so long because I wanted to transition to a lot of glass pieces. I noticed that if I can't see things, I forget about them and then they go bad and nothing gets me in a tizzy more than wasted … [Read more...]

What I Love | Current Beauty Favorites: Morning Routine Edition

my favorite beauty products, favorite beauty products

One of the things several of y'all requested to see on the reader survey were more of my favorite products and...my beauty routine. Which made me laugh because have y'all ever seen those beauty routine videos on youtube where the girl shows herself getting out of the shower and putting on her makeup? I can not even do that on the internet. I look like a hot mess without makeup on. But here is what I'm loving in the mornings right now: Favorite Makeup: 1) Sonia Kashuk Super Sheer Liquid Tint Blush in Poppy - I was on a girls trip recently and my friend Harriet had this blush, which I discovered because I completely forgot my entire toiletry … [Read more...]

Worldless Wednesday: Making Muffins With Mommy

peach pecan muffins, peach pecan muffin recipe

Okay so a few words because I'm very verbose, y'all. We had a bunch of fresh peaches from the farmers market (I mean, we ARE Georgia girls) and so we tried this recipe for Peach Pecan Muffins that I found on Positively Splendid. And they were. Past tense because they are long gone. Muffins don't last long in this house. Scarlette loves to cook with me and (shameless mommy gushing ahead) all I did here was measure and cut. She did all of the mixing and pouring and even scooped out the batter. It takes at least forty-five minutes longer to cook with her as my helper, what with all the cleanup and such, and they weren't the most beautiful … [Read more...]

But, it was 99 cents (bag it!) | Talking The Target Toy Sale, Markdown Calendar & Other Tips

target markdown calendar, target toy sale, target 90% off sale

I've been a pretty enthusiastic Target shopper for awhile now. I mean, I can get cute shoes and the latest Taylor Swift cd AND dog food in the same store. Yes, I still buy CDs. I am a child of the 90's.  Over the past year I've picked up some great tips for finding the best deals at Target and one thing I learned is that after each big holiday the holiday and seasonally themed items get marked to 90% off. For example, my Target just marked certain summer items 90% off. See those hoses? They were $9.99 marked down to 99 cents. NINETY NINE CENTS, Y'ALL. I picked up a few to tuck into some housewarming gifts because who doesn't need a garden … [Read more...]