What I’m Watching: There’s More Than Meets The Eye #StreamTeam

So I watched Blue Like Jazz, being that it’s one of my favorite books, and was sorely disappointed. While it had some interesting moments, it was slow and didn’t capture the heart of the book at all. Boo, I was hoping for so much more.

Then I watched Blackfish, on the recommendation of several friends. I asked Jeff if he wanted to watch it, because we’re a documentary-loving type of couple, but he said no and so I settled in on the couch by myself. About a quarter of the way into it he walked through the den to grab a drink and then stood behind the couch making commentary until he broke and sat down. Men. Anyhow, it is a fascinating documentary on killer whales in captivity. It was not at all what I expected but it was very, very well done and definitely worth watching.

Oh, and I watched The Host because I actually really liked that book. It was a post-Twilight Stephenie Meyer sci-fi and the movie was actually not terrible. Honestly, had the main actress been better I would have liked the movie a lot. If you liked the book, you’ll probably enjoy the movie.

And this month I introduced Scarlette to The Land Before Time! I worried it might be a little too scary for her but she loves dinosaurs and didn’t seem scared of it at all. Actually, she keeps leaping out at me from behind doorways and roaring, then running off laughing yelling “I’m a T-Rex!” so there’s that. I got a little bit weepy, actually, when Petrie came on the screen because when Scarlette was born I called her ‘Petrie” because she looked like a tiny little purple pterodactyl. I realize that is a weird thing to say about your newborn baby but it’s true.

The only slight problem with that movie is that now whenever I return from having left her somewhere (like, at her grandparents. I don’t just leave my child random places.) she throws herself at me screaming “MOMMY! YOU CAME BACK FOR ME! I THOUGHT I LOST YOU!” and I feel as though that might be a side effect of Littlefoot.

Fun fact: I logged into our Netflix account to see what all I had watched this month, because sometimes the days run together since it’s a bit CABIN FEVER over here, and I saw this:
netflixApparently I’m not the only one in this house who decided to have a marathon viewing of their favorite childhood shows.

*I’m a member of the Netflix Stream Team, which means that once a month I share what I watched here on the blog and they comp the streaming service that I was previously paying for. It also means that I spend a lot of time talking about The Baby Sitter’s Club. Dibbly Fresh.


  1. C Smith says

    We love Land Before Time. We have them all on VHS from when my oldest sons were little. When my daughter was born she had huge feet and we called her Little Bigfoot. It eventually got shortened to Littlefoot. When she saw TLBT for the first time around 3 yrs. old she turned to me and said, “you named me after a dinosaur”? Awesome!

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