Wine Bottle Soap Dispenser (Or: That Time I Was In All You Magazine!)

Exclamation points in the title because this is EXCITING NEWS, Y’ALL!

A few months ago All You, which happens to be one of my favorite magazines ever, contacted me and asked if I would like to make a craft to be featured in their March issue. (Here is a video of my reaction.) I said yes, even though I was slightly hesitant because I’ve seen their craft feature and they normally feature insanely talented craft bloggers. I am not one of those. I am a slightly neurotic blogger who sometimes does crafts that may or may not be cute. To say I was honored to be asked is an understatement.

(Plus, they asked me to make a craft out of a wine bottle, which meant that I had a very legitimate reason to drink a bottle of Moscato.)

I haven’t even seen the issue in person yet, Jill sent me a facebook message and said “I SEE YOU IN MY ALL YOU MAGAZINE!” and so I promptly begged her to take a picture for me because I am awkward and unashamed. She was kind enough to do so and so here is my wine bottle dish soap dispenser and here is the picture of it IN ALL YOU MAGAZINE.
wine bottle soap dispenser, all you magazine take this make thatAnyhow, the premise of the feature is that they feature two crafts made by two different bloggers and then ask their magazine readers to vote for their favorite. If you’d like to vote, you can do that here on All You’s facebook page: vote!

Don’t feel like you have to vote for me, although that would make me feel real special. Because turns out, the person I was supposed to originally be in the magazine with bowed out at the last minute and so I recommended my friend Chaney for the spot, who you’ll recognize from her awesome DIY projects that I’ve featured  here in the past. So it was extra fun for me to get to be in the magazine alongside her, even if I did probably set myself up for losing the vote since, you know, the whole reason I asked her to be a contributor here is that she is better at DIY projects than I am. 

I’ll share some fun behind-the-scenes scoop on working with the magazine (including a few versions of my wine-bottle crafts that didn’t make the cut) soon but for now I just wanted to share my excitement at being featured in one of my favorite publications!


  1. Fee K. says

    I think putting my jewelry on your soap dispenser would be awesome when washing dishes..if I didn’t forget and grab more soap and them dump my jewelry in the sink. Never mind….

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