Ziplock Baggie Painting | 1st Art Project

ziplock bag painting toddler art
Thank you so much for all of the suggestions on indoor activities, it is so nice to have new things to add to our routine. Yesterday we did Scarlette’s very first art project and I was so excited!

A few people recommended ziplock baggie painting and I decided to try that first because I had everything on hand for it. And also? It totally validated all those years I spent hoarding 367 bottles of making memories paints.

I had never heard of this but it is genius and turned out to be a super easy project. You just add some drops of paint into a ziplock bag! I figured that I’d want to include it in my Project Life album this week so I slipped a couple of the 3×4 cards in a ziplock bag along with some paint (pink, to celebrate Valentine’s Day!)

I taped the ziplock bag to the tray on the high chair because this is my child we’re dealing with and I’m pretty sure she could figure out how to open a ziplock bag full of paint if given the chance. And since we don’t actually own any washable paint, that seemed like something I might like to avoid.

Apparently we also don’t own any normal tape and that’s why I taped it down with washi tape. This is what happens when you marry a scrapbooker. You are all “honey, where’s the tape?” and that’s how you end up with pink flowers holding together the tear on your tennis bag. He’s a lucky man, my husband.

Needless to say, this project was a total hit. Scarlette laughed and smeared the paint around for at least half an hour. I discovered that taking the paper out early on and then giving the bag back to her with just the paint in it was the best way to keep the paper from getting torn. Thanks so much to those of you who recommended this, it was a bright spot in our cold, foggy day!
no mess ziplock bag painting toddler art
ziplock bag painting toddler art


  1. Lauren Smith says

    What a cute post! Scarlette is so adorable! I’m glad that you tried out this project, because it is one of the ideas that I was interested in that people suggested for you. I actually tried out one of the ideas yesterday too. I did the sensory bin, I filled up Dominic’s little bathtub with a little water and put cups in it. I put a towel underneath the tub and put a bib on him, but he still got water everywhere! He really liked this activity, he would splash the water and throw the cups around the room and at our dogs. :) Just be careful because it can get awfully slippery with all the water on the floor. Have fun!

  2. Mary R says

    love it! I think I might want to try it myself, lol…and really Kayla does she look this cute love her sweet smile!

  3. Laurie J. says

    My girls loved playing in water. I would put out one of those felt-backed plastic picnic table clothes on the floor, set a turkey roaster in the middle of it and fill it with a gallon of water. I’d strip them down to a diaper and they would climb in and out of it, splash it, make a total mess. Major fun on a cold winter’s day. Give her a bunch of plastic cups to scoop with, too.

  4. jeana says

    my preschool class did this activity last year. and because they were only a toddler class, we put paper in the bag, when they were done painting we cut heart shapes from their art work and they made valentines for their moms and dads. no fuss clean up is the best. and my god, if she is not the cutest little thing, and she kind of had a smirk to her smile, almost saying” Yeah, i could so open this bag it if wanted to”.

  5. says

    This is BRILLIANT!! Paint and glitter paint and baby activities and project life cards. This is a must do. I was racking my brains all day yesterday trying to think of suggestions and failed, but instead you have given me a great idea….Thank you.

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